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    Michael Voris is back in Manila &

    another CFC-FFL engagement!


    P6Understand our theme

    for 2012 through a pictoryof Deuteronomy 30:15-20





    CONGRESS 2012



    VOLUME 6 ISSUE NO. 1 FEB2012


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    under theFIG TREE

    Our community is happy to wel-

    come back Michael Voris, media

    personality, Pro-Life speaker, de-

    fender of the Catholic faith. He

    spoke at the Live Pure Movements

    Truth and Dare Forum last Febru-

    ary 2011, which was attended by

    students, youth and single profes-

    sionals in and out of the commu-

    nity, as part of the activities of last

    years Pro-Life month. We were

    also privileged to have him as a re-

    source speaker in one of our gen-

    eral assemblies.

    His presence here in the Philippines

    and involvement in our community

    paved the way for members of our

    very own Family and Life Quad Me-

    dia (FLiQ Media), to intern with

    him and his team at RealCatholic- and St. Michaels Media in

    Michigan, USA last May 2011. The

    interns sent, brought home rich ex-

    periences and a deeper conviction

    to bring the truth of Catholicism to


    Another opportunity to hear him

    and learn from him came for our

    entire CFC FFL delegation of young

    lay missionaries when he spoke at

    one of the youth-directed activities

    that coincided with the celebration

    of the World Youth Day in Madrid,

    August of last year. Many youth

    welcomed his remarks on the chal-

    lenges on the faith with the onset

    of modernity, and the prevalence of

    evil in the decisions of leaders and

    those with inluence. The youth

    are not exempted from the conse-

    quences of these hence Voris talk

    awakened many in the audience to

    the realities of the time.

    This time, Michael is back in the

    Philippines for engagements in

    Cebu and Bacolod, still in line with

    our celebration of Pro-Life month.

    CFC FFL is very fortunate to have

    him back as a resource speaker for

    our General Assembly this Febru-

    ary. He comes back with the same

    fervor and objective, to shed light

    on the harsh realities faced in the

    world today, and provides an exam-

    ple of how we, as Catholics, should

    equip ourselves for the battle

    against evil that lies ahead.

    The New Evangelization

    Popes John Paul II and BenedictXVI have called for a New Evan-

    gelization. What is the New Evan-gelization? Well, first of all, thereis nothing new about evangeli-zation. It is 2,000 years old. Jesushimself commanded his disciplesto go into the whole world andproclaim the good news to all.This is the very same call to us to-day.

    The call actually has to do withthe reality that the world is fac-ing a new paganism, in the verynations that are supposed to beChristian. It is a call to re-evange-lization, to reach the many nomi-nal Christians who are no longerinvolved in the Church. It is meantto reach baptized pagans.

    It is an even more urgent call to-day, because we are now in theend times. There has to be a con-certed effort to prepare the brideof Christ for his imminent coming.

    The New Evangelization is not just about continuing formationfor those already active in the

    Church, but more importantly,a focus on bringing in the manylapsed and nominal Catholicswho are outside the Church.In other words, it is not aboutpreaching to the choir.

    It necessitates harnessing thelaity, the sleeping giant of theChurch. As it is, most laypeoplehave nothing to do with the mis-sion of the Church. New Evange-lization is about mainstreamingCatholic lay evangelization. It isabout a concerted, deliberate,insistent, persistent, committedwork of getting Catholics to meetChrist, live Christ and share Christ.It is aimed at making an evan-gelistic lifestyle and a missionaryspirit as a normal part of the life ofa Catholic.

    The New Evangelization is urgent,prophetic and revolutionary. Itcalls on re-focusing and re-di-recting the Churchs priorities, tocommitting all of the Churchsenergies. It will involve new ardor,

    methods and expressions.

    We in CFC-FFL have been wellprepared to be a part of the NewEvangelization.


    Michael Voris:

    The Messengerof the Hard Truth

    for Catholics


    A story is often narrated about how

    a village idiot claimed his way to

    fame in an old frontier town in the

    old West. What always catches the

    attention of visitors about this town

    is the way all the structures seemedto be peppered with holes and bulls-

    eyes drawn around them. One day,

    a notorious gunslinger dropped by

    this town and he was amazed by

    this phenomenon that littered the

    whole town. Out of curiosity and

    perhaps goaded by some envy, he

    said, somewhere in this town is

    also an outstanding crackshot and

    expert marksman because he never

    seemed to miss hitting his targets

    right at the center. I should search

    for him and ind out the reason for

    his 100% shooting accuracy. It

    was not that dificult inding the guy

    who was then sharing a drink at the

    towns only saloon. The gunslinger

    approached the guy and popped the

    question, what is the secret behind

    your 100% shooting accuracy? Mat-

    ter of factly and without batting an

    eyelash, the village idiot replied, its

    fairly simple. First you shoot andthen you draw the target around it.


    I guess this narrative fairly describes

    how we go about both our individ-

    ual lives and our collective lives as a

    nation. In the impeachment trial of

    the CJ, the haste with which the im-

    peachment was carried out was done

    in record time by the Lower House.

    Never mind if we have enough goods

    to convict the guy for as long as he is

    irst impeached. Shoot and aim for

    the impeachment irst regardless

    of how crass and crude the articles

    were hastily crafted. Then we pat

    ourselves on the back for hitting the

    bullseye and feel good about what is

    now turning out to be a short-lived

    phyrric victory.

    The trial is now on its 8th day and

    slowly, the lack of preparedness andthe ineptness of the prosecution nev-

    er fails to draw rebukes from the er-

    udite Senators who know their law.

    The irst kuryente was really in the

    articles of impeach-

    ment. The basis for

    proving ill-gotten

    wealth has all been

    lumped up under the

    prosecution claim

    that the CJ failed to

    declared his SALN.

    The disconnect is a

    monumental iasco

    of presenting os-

    tensible evidences

    when the basis for

    the complaint is

    completely alien to

    the proofs being pre-sented. Too date, the

    CJ is said to secure

    a loan from a mori-

    bund company and

    is said to have paid

    for it but the pros-

    ecution team seems

    Speaking about bulleyes , our collective

    lives as a nation seemingly run along par-allel runs. Shoot irst and draw the targetsaround them later. The sequel can very

    well take care of itself. So far, what wehave done is turn in anger on the names ofthose who took the money and plundered.

    Arrest them . People should be indignant.Put them in jail. And as the Chief of Stateturns Chief of Police coming with hammer

    and tongs on the former President and theCJ, either the evidences get warped up by

    ill-prepared maneuvers and documenta-tion and the rest can wait because she de-serves more humane treatment because

    of a lingering sickness. Let the evidence

    gather cobwebs irst because the convic-tion of the present target leads the path

    to the benefactor. Shoot irst, get the me-dia behind you to be part of the team of

    marksmen and lets draw our bullseyeslater.

    In the meantime, the BIR still gives youthe runaround with the hope that you endup so frustrated that you give up and fork

    over the grease. The Customs continue to ply its trade literally behind your back

    as the frustrated importer hands overthe pork using another agent as a bodyshield to cover up the transaction. And

    how about those who have piles of caseswith the PCGG and continue to strut theirwealth in high society with nary a trace of

    remorse or guilt?

    Pretty soon, the fun and games will beover. Another circus comes to town. Thechickens will come to roost . And preety

    scrawny chickens they could be. The mir-rors of our collective selves because wehave allowed ourselves to be gullible, as

    those who have chosen to be critical re-main to be voices in the wilderness. Let us

    face it. We share the guilt of what we havebecome.a nation of believers who choseto believe in the secret of the village idiot.



    photo from

    to be far removed from the reality

    that even dissolved companies could

    technically operate to secure pay-

    ments from its bo