structured slack in scrum teams

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Post on 16-Jul-2015




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  • Grace period

  • Chaotic beginners

    Producers Performers

    Tooling, Coaching


  • Kick ass performers

  • Trust is always a main factor eachother the business management architecture

    Do it ALWAYS deliver on cadence reach commitment Show team evolving progress give time for change

  • Do it The team plan strech objectives Automate at the end Refactoring timeboxes

  • Do it Simplest possible solution leaves ideas Capture them Daily evaluation of innovations Sprint surprises

  • Do it Force RAP in to our sprint Plan big changes that takes time Pull inter-team changes

  • Do it Put inter-team needs on your board Deliver together as a whole and build together in the end Running ambassadors

  • Do it Time-box learnings Mentor tasks Inter/Intra team sessions

  • Do it Leaders visualizes central needs We all prioritize and give value Create a team-pull mentality

  • Do it Brainstorm at a retrospective Dotvote on focus areas Pick a few