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<ul><li>1. Quality Policy Usha Electronics An introduction</li></ul> <p>2. QUALITY POLICYUsha Electronics Systems is committedtowards the goal of achieving total Customersatisfaction by assessing the actual need andrequirement of the Customer, resorting toPrompt Delivery of Quality Streetlight fittingsand Continual Improvement of the QualityManagement System PROPRIETOR 3. Usha electronics an ISO 9001-2008certified company was started in 2000Prime concern is product developmentand production of energy conservationproducts;For the past 11 years we have beendesigning, developing and Marketingseveral energy conservation productsthat reaching around 100000 CFL roadlighting luminaries in India. 4. Energy Efficiency &amp; Incandescent Light Compact Fluorescents Energy CostsBulbs (CFLs)Life Time 1,200 hours8,000 hours Light Output for 1 Watt 8-10 Lumens30-45 Lumens Watts of electricity used(Equivalent to 60 watt60 watts 13-15 wattsbulb)Kilo-watts of Electricity used 3285 KWh/yr. 767 KWh/yr.(30 Incandescent Bulbs peryear equivalent) 5. EnvironmentalIncandescent CompactImpact Light Bulbs Fluorescents Lamp (CFLs)Carbon Dioxide Emissions(30 bulbs per year) Lower energy consumption4500 pounds/year 1051 pounds/yeardecreases: CO2 emissions Durability Not Durable -glass or Not Durable -glass canfilament can break easilybreak easily Heat Emitted 85 btus/hour30 btus/hour 6. CFL components are4 Pin lampInjection molded light fixtureHighly Efficient Electronic BallastMounting Brackets and fasteners 7. ElectronicsPlasticcircuitsMountingmolded+and sub+ brackets partsassemblies 8. Replacement of presently used incandescentbulbsand fluorescent tubes CFL 11W/22W series can light up rural roads with adequate light at low voltage. The technical features of CFL 11W/22W series are unique and open upnew dimensionsinroad lighting. 9. Constant output light intensity outputwith voltage ranging from of 90 voltsto 270 volts. Optional facility of automatic operationwith light sensors 10. The 4 pin CFL by Usha street Lamps have performance period of 8,000 hours and the light efficiency is as high as 80 lumens/Watt. 11. (how much and compare with ordinary lamps) T he power factor of an ACelect ric power system is defined asthe ratio of the real power flowingto the load to the apparentpower, and is a dimensionlessnumber between 0 and 1 12. Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)(How much and compare with ordinary lamps in %) The total har monic d i s t o r t i o n , o r T H D, o f a s i g n a l i s a m e a s u re m e n t o f t h e h a r m o n i c d i s t o r t i o n p re s e n t a n d i s d e fi n e d a s t h e r a t i o o f t h e s u m o f t h e p owe r s o f a l l har monic components to the p owe r o f t h e f u n d a m e n t a l f re q u e n c y. 13. Lightning protection With MOVEMI separation with inductor FilterSurge protection with NTCOverload protectionLamp pre heating with PTC 14. The electronic ballast used in Usha streetlamps are designed for Best performance Maximum durability Assembled with high quality imported components Surge protection and Preheating. 15. Input unitL A MOutput unitP Lightning protection Out putLamp prePFC Inverter heatingAcRectificationEMISectionsupplycorrection separation filtering Surge protection L Control unitA M P Automatic Over load protection 16. T he Injection moldedEngineering plastic canopyof ABS is specially designedfor out door applicationwith jet black color for UVstability 17. Non yellowingAcrylic light diffuserwith a hightransparency rate of99% with UVproper ties 18. The Impor tedAnodized aluminumreflector will enhancethe light efficacy ofthe light unit by 20% 19. T he Nylon Fasteners usedin Usha streetlight withBrass inser tion willeliminate any possibility ofr usting due to bad weatherconditions 20. T he 3 mm Silicon Oringprovided in the canopywill provide An intact fixing for light fixtures Adhere to weather conditions, Insect proof And water proof design 21. Also of fers op tiona l fa c ilityof au tomatic operation withrespect to the variations ofsu n light.High qu ality light sensorswith increased sensitivitywhich will help the light toswitch on in the eveningand switch of f in themor ning 22. Fuse junction box isan additional protectiondevice used as aprotector, againstlightning and overvoltage with a replaceablefast blow glass car tridgefuse 23. Mobile servicing Mobile service unit is a uniqueservice facility to give all ourcustomers with 100 % customersatisfactionMSU will visit all our customersonce in 25 days to provide aftersales service and will sign on theservice request register afterservicing the defective light fittingsi f a n y. 24. Our other products 25. CustomersOur major customers include state nodal agenciesOEMsCorporate bodies, and retail customers (Mention names and places, with contact details) 26. The basic precept on which we function is theconcept of energy conservation, We firmlybelieve that our success is directly linked tohow much we contribute to helping you toachieve your energy objectives today and inthe future. We are very much focused on ourbusiness objective of propagation of Energyconservation 27. Thank You </p>