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Check out what's new with Street Hope Victoria, a Threshold Ministries Outreach Project.


  • Two lively StreetHope visitors

    October 2012 Hello! We write this newsletter to you with thankful hearts for God's continued grace and provision to us, as StreetHope volunteers, and to those that visit with us in the StreetHope RV. In this newsletter we would like to share with you what we are thankful for as well as some perceptions of working with StreetHope.

    Thankful for God's grace and care to those on the streets of Victoria

    Your Faithful Support

    StreetHope could not continue without your faithful prayers and support. We continue to be amazed at the generosity of individuals and churches as we receive notes of encouragement, prayers, shoeboxes, blankets, hats and mitts, granola bars, financial gifts, visits to the RV, and the list goes on.... Thank you! In return, we would like to invite you to an afternoon tea to express our thanks and meet you personally. We would appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about StreetHope, and to introduce you to our national organization, Threshold Ministries. You may even get a chance to climb into our RV and see where we meet with folks. Here are the details:

    Where: St. Philip Anglican Church, 2928 Eastdowne Rd., Victoria, BC When: Saturday, October 27, 1:30 3:00pmRSVP: Barbara Stoeckel 250-384-7782 or

    Ongoing Connections

    This summer, Erick, our regular driver, was away for two months. One of our other volunteers bravely took on the challenge of learning to drive the RV, and we were able to maintain a semi-regular presence on the street. We are finding that a few people who visit with us in the StreetHope RV are struggling with severe illness, and so we are thankful that we were able to maintain a connection with them and provide ongoing support. We are now back to our regular schedule of being out on the street on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.Des, one of our volunteers, chats with a StreetHope visitor

    You are invited to an afternoon tea

    We would like to express our appreciation for your

    ongoing support and interestin StreetHope Victoria

  • Faithful Volunteers

    Rob is the volunteer that has been with StreetHope the longest! He first met Rick Sandberg (who started StreetHope) at St. Philip Anglican church in 1993. The two of them used to meet together to pray for the ministry and for Rick. Soon Rick asked him to lead a support committee for StreetHope (called Shoebox Place at the time). Over the years, Rob has had varied responsibilities, and currently he is in charge of the StreetHope finances, and he is the main liaison with our umbrella organization, Threshold. Rob appreciates that StreetHope is so simple and direct - practical support involves just showing up, pouring the soup, and being available to people, and financial support goes directly to where it is needed. Weare so thankful for the experience that Rob brings and his ongoing commitment.

    Diversity and Encouragement

    We are a motley crew of StreetHope volunteers, with varied gifts and experience, and so we are thankful that each of us, in our own unique way, is able to develop meaningful connections with different folks.Sometimes some of us wonder if we are going about this work in the right way - if we are really connecting people with Christ. We are thankful we can support each other through these questions, and share with each other the wisdom that God has given us. A visitor who came to help one night recently encouraged us with these words: to continue to give and love in Jesus' name when there is little hope of much change... just because it is the loving thing to do. Giving acceptance and 'friendship' and a listening ear, providing a safe atmosphere for interaction: so much being given in such a little space! We continue to trust in the God that provides lasting transformation through the work of his Spirit. Please continue to pray that folks would open their hearts to Christ`s love and that we would find meaningful ways to express that love to them.

    A poem written by Mark Idczak, who regularly visits the StreetHope RV

    Fall into God's Splendour

    Praise God my soul singsThe seasons are changing

    God is rearranging the seasons of the earth

    Jesus the lover of all soulsIs the reason for all seasons

    Because He is the official weather man

    The big summer meltdown is goingTo be God's colourful showdown.The leaves turn brown as God is

    coating the trees with a rustic gown.The poor little kiddies are starting to

    frownAs they are in school and can't stop

    bawling.As the leaves are mysteriously

    fallingThe farmers are getting ready for the

    big fall hoedownBut stop and thank God for painting this tapestry

    of exuberant and spectacular colours and hues in the autumn showdown

    So let Jesus shake away your bluesAs you participate in his fall colouring book of love and

    bask in his glory with his glorious fall story

    Information on Financial Support

    StreetHope remains entirely dependent on generous partners like yourself. Online donations can be made through CanadaHelps. There is a link on our website ( which allows you to make a one time donation or set up scheduled on-going donations. OR Send a cheque to Threshold Ministries, ensuring that you enclose a note stating that it is for StreetHope Victoria. Thank you!

    StreetHope Contact Information T. 250-418-0065 E. W. www.streethope.orgAddress: Apt. #402 2533 Dowler Place, Victoria, BC V8T 4H7

    We Need You!

    We have a great crew of committed regular volunteers, but we could use some additional volunteers who can fill in occasionally when one of us is unavailable. If you live in the Victoria area, and are interested in seeing if this would be a fit for you, why don't you come and join us one evening in the StreetHope RV? Our contact information is to the right.


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