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  • Street Cred for Urban Clothing

  • The next time you see a great outfit on a popular rap artist or hip hop dancer, you may not realize you are looking at some pretty cool history. The rap and hip hop music craze started well before the lines of clothing came out, and have captured the hearts and eyes of quite a few generations in between. The music that came out of rap, with the effects of scratching records and disc jockeys mixing sounds, has become an icon in North American music and beyond.

  • The iconic, mostly imported, sounds from Jamaican influences were started in the Bronx in 1975, and the industry has grown and flourished, with rap being at it's height in the 80s and the formation of hip hop and urban music following through the 90s and into the 2000s. The influence of rap and hip hop artists on music is profound, but the influence of these stars on clothing can also be seen as having a huge impact.

  • The Urban Clothing movement has taken off in stores, but now that the Internet has become our main shopping venue, the trend for online clothing sales has become exceedingly popular. The trend for urban clothing that stems from seeing music videos by the popular hip hop and rap artists and their back up dancers has created a following, making the demand for the clothing increasingly high. Rappers and hip hop artists such as P Diddy or Wu Tang Clan have taken this high trend in fashion and created styles of clothing lines that follow the rappers and hip hop artists' style. Followers of this music can now emulate the great wear in the music videos, and go out to clubs to listen to the songs they love, looking stylish and on trend.

  • The Internet has become the shopping mall of the times, and we can find anything do to with urban clothing online on it. The most popular clothing lines will come up on any search, with ease. The popularity of these lines of clothing are made available to most anyone, at more affordable prices than most boutique stores. People who want to emulate the stars they admire can copy their clothing, by buying the clothing lines directly manufactured by the rap and hip hop artists themselves, or if the artists are partial to another brand (Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor come to mind), then their fans may also wish to copy those fashion trends. Seeing your favorite rap artist wearing a trendy, name brand pair of shoes or a t-shirt in a video often makes us want to head out and carry on that trend in our own nights out at the club.

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