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  • Strategy & Planning Workshop Output

    29th July 2014

  • **********************************************************

    Information shared on the call today is still work

    in progress and we need to ensure

    confidentiality is respected amongst this group.

    The wrong discussions amongst the wider

    UKOUG membership have the potential to

    cause reputational damage and impact our

    relationship with Oracle. A full communications

    plan will form part of this work

    We ask you work with the UKOUG team as we

    move the discussions forwards during January


    10/7/2014 Page 2 Strategy & Planning Workshop Output

  • Strategy Workshop Output

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 3

    Author: Fiona Martin, Member Chair


  • Strategy Workshop invitees

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 4

    Alison Adams, Adam Financial Services Ltd Hyperion

    Alan Bell, MBDA Primavera

    Azad Breporta, Mizuno JD Edwards

    Ruby Cameron, Atos CRM

    Carl Dudley, University of Wolverhampton Technology

    Jeremy Duggan, JemKa Consulting Limited - Technology

    Julian Dyke, - Technology

    Stephanie Haines, Kier Group - Taleo

    Simon Holt, ESB Networks - Ireland

    Paul James, ODA E-Business Suite

    Ganesh Kamble, K21 Technologies - E-Business Suite

    Costina Knudsen, Ricoh Hyperion

    Jason Lester, Capgemini Technology

    Punit Mehta, McKesson Information Systems Technology

    Jason Moore, Mapflow Ireland

    Simon Nicholls, Beoley Mill JD Edwards

    Naran Patel, IBM Technology

    Toby Price, Claremont - E-Business Suite

    Peter Robson, British Geological Survey Scotland

    Nicola Sandoli, Iconsulting - Technology

    Jerry Seagar, NGA Human Resources - E-Business Suite

    Graham Spicer, Enrich - E-Business Suite

    Mark Thomas, Hays Specialist Recruitment - PeopleSoft


  • Strategy Workshop invitees

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 5

    All SIG committee members have also been invited to take part in our

    strategy & planning project for 2015

    SIG Planning is a key input

    SIG committee volunteers are some of our most active. They are well

    connected with the community members and understand best their

    community needs


  • Objectives for Strategy Project

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 6

    Review UKOUG Products and Services and produce strategic plan and

    recommendations for 2015 UKOUG

    Products and Services in 2015 which defines

    shape and direction

    gives guidance to volunteers

    gives guidance to UKOUG team

    is used by Director of Operations and his team to produce 2015 business plan and


    The review is based on member & community input

    2015 SIG planning

    2014 post-event reviews

    Strategy working group


  • Strategy Project

    10/7/2014 Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 7

    2015 SIG Planning

    Elected SIG


    2014 Post Event

    Review Process

    Event Project Teams

    2015 Strategy &


    Led by Elected Member

    Advocate Chair

    2015 Strategy


    Version 1

    REVIEW Volunteer Strategy Project Team

    Elected SIG


    UKOUG Board (Elected

    & Operational

    members) 2015 Strategy



  • Project Timeline

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 8

    Input from post event review process for special events

    June/July 2014: SIG planning completed by all communities

    August 2014: Draft produced by core team as discussion document

    September 2014: Review, feedback and update loop involving

    Strategy project volunteer team

    SIG Committees

    UKOUG management team

    September 2014: Final version agreed

    October 2014: Publish to members

    October 2014: Operational plan and budget produced

    January 2015: Review against Conference 2014 feedback loop


  • What is the role of volunteers as part of the

    Strategy project team?

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 9 10/7/2014

    Represent UKOUG members and communities

    Review Products and Services DRAFT

    Provide relevant feedback

    Work with the team led by Karen McCormack on any areas which

    require further development

    (This may be an iterative process as draft is updated before final


    Be an advocate for the process and final output within your

    community and peer group

  • What does this project cover?

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 10



    Conference & Exhibitions

    Special Events

    Wider Oracle community


    Appointments Group


    Publications / Communications


  • Whats working in 2014 brainstorm

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 11

    Relationship with Oracle

    Peer to Peer relationship mapping

    with Oracle

    Independent Partners

    Partner forum Oracle engagement

    Special event delivery

    Project teams format

    Tech14 committee


    Project comms

    Initiatives WIT, Next Gen

    Apps Transformation After Action


    Oracle Scene

    Webinars are improving

    Some SIGs



    Governance changes

    Comms volunteers, board, governance,



    Processes improving

    Staff empowerment improving


  • What areas need improving brainstorm?

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 12

    Some SIGs

    Special Event commercial results

    Project team make-up eg. OSSE

    Engagement with the entire EBS community


    Volunteer engagement

    Appointments Group

    Comms amount and format

    Rolling Call for Content

    Online Content



  • Product Lifecycle

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 13 10/7/2014

  • Product Lifecycles UKOUG Strategy

    considerations Remaining relevant: Impact on content, speakers and community definitions

    Oracle Product With a new product or

    release Oracle are keen to promote, members want to see it and understand how do you get there and who has implemented it

    User Adoption Cycle Can be as much as 3-5

    years behind what is available (especially in Apps communities) i.e. release 12 of EBS has been out 5 years and only about 65% have upgraded. Oracle and recognised SMEs have early experience, not so many end user case studies

    Sales growth, (for us this means possible new members) Are Oracle growing the

    market eg. Cloud (Fusion)?Alternatively has it been removed from price list eg. Discoverer? In this case customers will continue to use for many years and the replacement product (OBIEE) still fits into same SIG (BIRT) in other cases we may need a refreshed UKOUG offering

    The SIG itself, the community, New enthusiastic, good

    volunteers growing, mature, staid, numbers falling, dying without the right knowledgeable, dedicated and honest volunteers with the time and right values a SIG will always struggle to remain relevant

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 14 10/7/2014

  • Initiatives not communities

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 15

    When reviewing products and services in 2013 we included

    Applications Transformation as a Special Event

    Next Generation as a Special Event

    Women in IT as roundtables at out Conferences

    All these are much wider than a single product and service

    These pillars are all relevant to multiple communities and are not time


    Strategy 2015 defines these as initiatives which:

    are a strategic program with defined objectives and goals

    may consist of a number of connected tasks/ projects


  • UKOUG Initiatives 2015 High Level Definition

    Strategy & Planning Workshop Output Page 16











    (renamed from Transformation)

    UKOUG need to address the requirement from all our applications community members to :

    understand their options moving forwards

    better enable them to take the next step on their applications journey

    All existing communities have a thirst for Fusion (Cloud) Application knowledge and there is a significant content and speaker overlap in many areas so our Apps Innovation initiative will help all communities access the content they need







    The UK IT and Telecommunications industry is growing at twice the UK average meaning it needs 129,000 new people a year with 8% of this growth forecast to come from school leavers and graduates (e-skills UK). Employers struggle to find candidates with the appropriate skills set and entry level job-seekers find it hard to work out the right path for them and how to take the first step onto the career ladder. UKOUG Next Gen initiative will: