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<ul><li><p> maruays@hotmail.com16 2558</p></li><li><p>by Ken Favaro with Kasturi Rangan and Evan Hirsh</p></li><li><p>: Ken Favaro with Kasturi Rangan and Evan Hirsh </p></li><li><p>? "?" </p><p> (It is the result of choices executives make, on where to play and how to win, to maximize long-term value.)</p></li><li><p> (Where to play) </p><p> Southwest Lloyds </p></li><li><p>Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines Southwest ( A B )</p></li><li><p>Lloyds TSB Sir Brian Pitman Lloyds TSB </p><p> Sir Brian Lloyds </p></li><li><p> "" (How to win) (the value </p><p>proposition) (target customers) (capabilities) </p></li><li><p> "" (capabilities stretch) </p></li><li><p> "" (maximize long-term value) (economic value) </p></li><li><p> " ?" </p><p> "" (higher-value options)</p></li><li><p> "" (maximizing long-term value) </p><p> "" (maximizing share price) "" (maximizing shareholder value) </p><p> (Economic value) </p></li><li><p> :</p><p> 1. ? (Who is the target customer?) 2. ? (What is the value proposition </p><p>to that customer?) 3. ? (What are </p><p>the essential capabilities needed to deliver that value proposition?)</p></li><li><p>Dr. Stephen Covey</p></li></ul>


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