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<p>Strategies of visual learners</p> <p>Visual learners</p> <p>There are three types of learning styles: Kinesthetic, auditory and visual. The last type is ours. It is known that visual people learn in a better way by watching, they see to understand. They are characterized for being quiet, careful, neat, organized and observant people. This kind of learners tend to remember images better than words, and to be usually daydreaming. In addition, they dont feel comfortable talking in public; however, they often make facial expressions while speaking. They like painting and doodling, hence they enjoy gazing all sorts of artwork and knowing its meaning as well as planning activities in advance. Phrases such as Do you see? or Show me! and Look at this! are commonly used by them.</p> <p>In order to improve their learning skills here there are some strategies:</p> <p>First of all, its a good idea to include visual materials such as pictures, charts, maps, graphs as well as multi-media tools like films, videos, power points, etc. in the classes. It can also be useful to highlight texts with colors and the important information on their notes. Another strategy could be skim-reading the texts they have to study before summarizing them in their own words. Making outlines could be another good strategy too. Its necessary not to stay near from visual disturbances like working with the TV switched on or a window they can see through. Nevertheless, its better for them to study a textbook full of colors, illustrations, drawings, painting and so on. In addition, its helpful to make lists with all the tasks they have to do in order to have their mind organized. Finally, its easier for this kind of learners to memorize and understand the lectures if they have a clear view of the teacher and visual contact with him/her.</p>


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