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Innovation & Design


  • 1. lets talkdugri* *
  • 2. Gain insight into your firms profit drivers, cost traps & capability gaps for future challenges Interview managerial & professional stakeholders Diagnose resources & capabilities Identify performance gaps & bottlenecks for meeting future outlook Research evolving external technological market & user trends Map new business opportunities
  • 3. Form a framework to understand risk & reward options & to focus in on paths of action Create solution alternatives & their service/product mixes that apply to opportunity identified. a framework for balancing value, costs, risks & implications Define criteria for success Formulate KPIs Focused profitable opportunity areas
  • 4. designs & value propositions, int egrated into a comprehensive business plan Explore user experience & user interactions, for products & services concepts Systems / Functional / Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design concepts Internal Innovation process Scout external technologies Identify strategic advantage &sustainable growth paths Financial feasibility & required resources mapping
  • 5. product & service offerings to ready for market Implement in detail per technology & prototype Test & validate with users Beta batch production or deployment execution Manage execution to cost Secure incentives & funding on time for NRE & launch investment deliver on brand, on quality, on budget & on schedule keeping risk to a reasonable minimum.
  • 6. Launch in market & measure KPIs to max Marketing and R&D ROI Monitor & improve product & business performance over revenues & profits Assess qualitative market impact on brand equity Validate key strategic assumptions Plan to extend key competitive advantages by capability building
  • 7. Strauss Group announces Launch in market the closing of the acquisition of 100% of & measure KPIs Tana Industries Ltd. to max Marketing (Tami 4) shares and R&D ROI through the group subsidiary H2Q Water Industries Ltd. Monitor & improve product Press Release October 1st & business performance 2009 over revenues & profits Assess qualitative market impact on brand equity Validate key strategicAltec Lansing Synerons eMatrix assumptionsiM500 v4 Addresses GlobalSpeaker for Demand for treating Plan to extend keyiPod nano all skin tones competitive advantages by capability building
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