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Stran DNA (UK) Limited. Installation Guidelines. Agenda. Housekeeping Current Conventional Chain Solution: Chain Reaction DNA Benefits Installation Guidelines Paperwork Questions and Answers Test. Current Conventional Chain. Entry Forced. Current Conventional Chain. Solution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


StranDNA (UK) Limited

StranDNA (UK) LimitedInstallation Guidelines

1AgendaHousekeepingCurrent Conventional ChainSolution: Chain Reaction DNABenefitsInstallation GuidelinesPaperworkQuestions and AnswersTest

2Current Conventional Chain



Entry Forced

If the entry is forced, then something like the following video can happen4Current Conventional Chain

Play video. I leave it your imagination what happens next. theft of goods especially the car, etc.5

SolutionThe Solution . Chain Reaction Advanced Intruder Deterrent6Chain Reaction DNA

So lets see how it works. Play Video7

Examples of InstallationsCan be fitted either to left or right opening doors.Heres some examples They can be fitted to either left or right opening doors..8Installations

Composite Doors


.. And to any type of material door..9

Choice of Brass or Chrome FittingsChoice of Non DNA (Silver Can) andDNA Trace (Gold Can)Installations

.. Choice of brass or Chrome fittings Choice Non Dna with silver canChoice of DNA Trace with a gold canWere mostly concentrating on the DNA version which will be more beneficial to the customer and you as a prospect. As you can benefit from the service of the unit.10ChAin ReAction DNADesigned to ease the fear associated with doorstep crimes.DNA Trace Technology unique DNA code for each can.Robust security chain with high decibel alarm .Easy Installation and simple to use.Sold Secure Accreditation by The Locksmiths Assoc.Manufactured in association with ERA Security.


Read off the screen11DNA Trace Under UV Light

Under Normal Light conditionsUnder Ultra Violet lightDNA Trace Useful informationNo DNA Trace code is the same. There are billions of different codes available for the DNA substance. So many, that for every person in the world there are ten codes available to them.When its installed, the unique DNA Trace code is registered to that specific entrance. The DNA substance and UV marker can stay on the person and clothing for up three months. (Dependant and washing and exfoliation) It is totally safe and non-toxic.UV Suites are being installed in more police stations across the UK and police are now being issued with UV torches to use on their beat to detect UV traces.If the device is deployed and the burglar apprehended,this evidence can assist the Police in securing a conviction.

13Installation GuidelinesSo heres the Installation Guidlines14Installation Pack

DNA Trace Alarm.Security Chain.Canister Housing.Cover.Screws and Fixings (for UPVC and Wood)Blanking Plate. Security Screws.Installation Paperwork.Warning Stickers.Job sheet.Return envelope.Smart Water Can Security ChainWall FixingCoverScrews and Fixings (for UPVC and Wood)Blank Plate Security ScrewsInstallation PaperworkWarning Sticker

15Tools RequiredDrill (Battery or Electric) with 3mm Drill Bit.Permanent Marker (Sharpie).Torx T10 screwdriver (Security Type)Pencil.Phillips Screwdriver.

So theres the tools required.16

Step 1. Complete a full survey of where you intend to install the unit, both on the door and frame. Make sure that it does not obstruct any hidden levers. The unit needs to installed be between 1100 mm from the bottom of the unit and 1500mm from the top of the unit. Take into consideration the level of the spray exit and height of the main user.Step 2.Measure up and mark up holes on the wall.

Step 1. The unit needs to installed be between 1100 mm from the bottom of the unit and 1500mm from the top of the unitStep 2.Measure up and mark up holes on the wall

This so that a good coverage of the water all over the person17

3. Carefully drill the holes for the casing.2. Carefully drill the holes for the casing


4. Install the screws supplied in the top 4 holes only.

* With a UPVC frame, install the UPVC fixings first. (Drill holes for those sizes if necessary)

5. Fix the chain in the bottom section of casing using the larger screws supplied

6. Before installing the canister, Check that the DNA code sticker in the white cap, on the DNA TRACE canister, is the same as the one on the can. Apply this sticker to the Job sheet at this pint.Remove the white spacer from the canister. 7. Apply the siren to the canister. **Take care not to push it on too hard as this may set off the canister.

8. Install the canister facing the door.Write your fitter I.D. number and date on the anti-tamper label with a permanent marker.

9. Apply the anti-tamper sticker, taking care not to remove the centre part as this will stop the deployment of the alarm, DNA TRACE system.

Install the blanking plate on the opposite side of the casing to the opening of the siren.

10. Install the cover carefully.Install the anti-tamper screws at the base of the cover.

11. Install the clasp as shown in line with the base of the main unit, and 10mm from the edge of the door.

11. Fix the clasp with the screws supplied.

12. Apply the 2 stickers. Install one near front door/window and one to affix at rear of the property.Make sure this is visible as a good deterrent.Apply the sticker . Make sure this is visible as a good deterrent.28

Fill in the paperwork.This is the single most important partof the installation.

The Jobsheet MUST be fully completedwith DNA code sticker affixed and CJD completed and signed.The address and DNA code details MUSTbe rung through to StranDNA at the timeof installation completion.We will issue you with a reference number to be written in the top right of the job sheet.This is a registration document and job sheet combined.Once completed correctly, it is a Legal document that removes the need for the you to attend court should you be called as a witness as the installer of the device.The Jobsheet MUST be returned to StranDNA within 48 hours in the envelope providedFinallythe most important part..Finally.

Fill in the paperwork.This is the single most important part of the installation.The chain of evidence needs to be clear.. If this paperwork is not completed correctly, this effect the chain of evidence in a criminal case. This is the backup of the evidence shall we say as an example, if a sample cannot be taken from the door or sorroundings or say the criminal notices what he has done and takes the can, this will back up the evidence against them.

Anyone know what CJD stands for CJD stands for Criminal Justice Declaration


So heres the finished product.30StranDNA (UK) LimitedCHAIN REACTIOn DNAA Crime REDUCTIOn Product

Thank you for your time31


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