storytelling: simple tips for developing high impact content for increased audience engagement

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Storytelling: Simple Tips for Developing High Impact Content for Increased Audience Engagement.


  • 1. Lisa DuBois LowDirector of Communications & MultimediaTexas Tech Alumni Association@ldlow | #prdisruptionStorytelling: Simple Tipsfor Developing High ImpactContent for IncreasedAudience Engagement.

2. 1DONTWRITE COPY,#PRDISRUPTION1 3. Make an EMOTIONALconnection with theiraudience. ENGAGE their listeners. Are exceptional talkers, buteven better LISTENERS. 4. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH 5. 3CONTENTMATTERSClearConciseCompellingConsistentCall to ActionWhats the story? 6. HELPTHEMWHAT YOUARE2 7. SEE what I mean? Shorter sentences in fewer paragraphs Heads, subheads, call-outs, cutlines Bullet points Plain English Walk not ambulate No shop talk 8. GREAT Storytellersknow who their audience is.3 9. and they KNOW 4 10. Put it throughtheFUNNEL 11. 5BREAKING BAD[the RULES]#PRDISRUPTION 12. Before you BREAK the rules,you must LEARN them.There is NO excuse forsloppy writing or speech UNLESSyou are breaking the rules onPURPOSE. 13. Save me!PASSIVE VOICEKITTEZ#PRDISRUPTION 14. HEY!IM TALKING TO YOU! Make it personal you andI and we are preferred inthe right context.#PRDISRUPTION 15. SEE what I mean? Use emotional language The first sentence in a paragraph Can stand alone Should capture attention Can be only one sentence! Subheads should be Action words, compelling, motivating Sentence fragments are OK Really! For variety! For emphasis! Use slang at your peril 16. LISTEN.BE TONE DEAF4 17. IF STORYTELLINGIS KING,MEASUREMENTIS QUEEN5 18. READANDTWEET 19. @ldlowlisa.low@ttu.eduUse #PRDisruption and share YOUR disruptive ideas!


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