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Story, Storytelling, Digital Story, & Storytelling

Story, Storytelling, Digital Story, & StorytellingWhat is not Story?No plot or experience, stats or numbersIncomplete thoughts/phrases (no point)Something undefined, no themeNon-narrativeSimple factsWhy do you like Story?You can use your imaginationExpress ideas and be creativeCan add historyThought provoking entertainmentCan make us feel emotionalForm of escapismCan be a learning for certain situations

What makes a good story?Developed characters, writing, settingCreative imagination, details, suspenseBeginning, middle, end (closure). Plot twists with relatable and dynamic charactersBecome immersed, grabs attention, coherentTruthfulness (possibly)PathosKinds of story are there based on your reading?Songs, poems, movies, scripts, music.Fantasy, fiction, nonfiction, digital storytelling, video games.Drama, horror, romance, comedy.Mind/imaginationDance/miming

What is storytelling?Art of communicating to convey meaningExpression of experienceMoral teachingEntertainmentWhat are similarities and differences between story and digital story?Both Accomplish similar goals, convey message, both used in expression and easily spreadDifferences How story is conveyed, digital stories are convenient and less interactive, no human elementWhat makes a good storyteller?Coveys emotionCaptures attentionIs enthusiastic when speakingUse complexionHas charisma and personalityUses good body language

What would be your challenges to develop a digital story?Getting viewers to read the storyMaking personal connectionsPreparationKnowing how to operate the programs usedShowing emotionsGetting access to the tools


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