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Presentation given by Alan Wylie at the 2013 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.


<ul><li> 1. Impacts of Rotary Youth Exchange Alan Wylie </li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction Howdy ! Right proud to be here Happy today to share impact of RYE RI presidents Parents Host Parents Rotary Districts Inbound Exchange Students Outbound Exchange Students Reminders why we love this program 3. Past RI President Ray Klingensmith 200 SCRYE Rotary exchange students conducted opening ceremony at New Orleans Flag Ceremony Singing songs: We are Calling Out Across World, Come Join Us Thank you for this Chance We Are the World, We Are the Children Happy Trails to You Long standing ovation from 25,000 Rotarians, many with tears in their eyes See video at RYE booth in House of Friendship 4. Opening Ceremony at 2011 Rotary International Convention 5. Past RI President Carl Wilhelm Stanhammer Not only a past RI president, but also a former Rotary Youth Exchange Officer Gave presentation at RYE conference prior to RI convention Gave an often quoted statement If every high school student was RYE student, we would have no more wars 6. Reflections of a Host Family Bernie and Patricia Satterwhite hosted Marie Kornek from Germany Bernie was tremendously impacted by students saying thank you at host family appreciation banquet He was motivated to write a beautiful letter which I often share 7. Host Fathers Thoughts Special bond between Marie, Patricia, and Bernie Patricia and Bernies joy from Maries experiences Carrying German flag at district banquet attended by RI President Having picture taken with RI President Successes on soccer field Parents pride in Maries dedication to school work Hearing Maries gratitude and love expressed at host family appreciation banquet Final Comment (Reason for Letter): Host families have special opportunity to shape young peoples lives and are richly rewarded by the experience 8. Rotary District in Australia Thankfully tragedy seldom happens, but Kristal Quinn while in Australia went into cardiac arrest 3 times Was in intensive care in Australia for 3 months Rolf from Ecuador Well keep a candle lit in the window for her Was lovingly cared for by Rotarians, especially by host mother and wife of Rotary counselor Eventually sent back to Houston and recovered after months in hospital 9. Australia, Continued Later our district sent Group Study Exchange team to Australian district Australia allowed our district to surprise Australian host mother and wife of counselor with Paul Harris Fellow awards at district conference Second surprise -- Krystal came out and presented the awards Not a dry eye in the house 10. Esteban Castano to Thailand Esteban rated extremely high at district interviews Wanted to make a difference Immersed himself in culture of Thailand Experienced amazing year Built video to music which RI shared on RI web site (to be shown at RYE booth) 11. After Estebans Year Motivated 15 students to apply for RYE Following graduation, awarded scholarship to Dartmouth University Later selected to attend School of Economics in London Served as lead trainer at outbound camp for past 2 years Eventually will be amazing Rotarian Classic example the more you give, the more you receive 12. Charlotte Thorntons Dream Classroom Project 13. Charlotte Thornton in Paraguay Wanted to improve the education at her high school in Coronel Oviedo No textbooks; teacher recited; students copied Not good way to learn Approached principal about Rotary donating laptops, projectors, screens for the 3 classrooms Principals face instantaneously lit up with joy at idea of anything being donated 14. Charlotte In Paraguay Charlotte put together project plan costs, installation, maintenance, security, and approached West U Rotary for support Club quickly approved project Local club supported as well 15. Charlotte in Paraguay Equipment purchased in town 3 hours away Big day when equipment presented to school Television Guest speakers Charlotte with Rotarys help has revoluntionalized way of learning in Coronel Oviedo for years to come 16. New Rotarians Active in RYE Ralph Gonsoulin daughter to Sweden, son to Turkey John Thornton daughter to Paraguay Jay Taylor daughter to France Roseline Curran daughter to France Kim Scofield daughter to Poland Brazilians sons and daughters to everywhere 17. RYE Impact on Rotarian My friend Kathy Meurin once said: The overhead with RYE is huge with all of the paperwork now required No amount of paperwork will ever drive me away from this program 18. RYE Impact on Students As said by Aleksandra Szczepanek from Poland : How RYE has impacted me: I`m a Rotary Exchange Student so I`m the luckiest person in the world. Im a much better person RYE is something that Ill never forget How RYE impacts the world Youth Exchange is a wonderful way of providing peace in the world. </p>