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How did you use technologies to create your product? Digital camera Tripod Slideshare Youtube

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  • 1. Digital cameraTripodSlideshareYoutube

2. This allowed me to take pictures of the stop motion also being able to zoom in andout, using a flash or non flash depending on if I wanted effects or not.I could use different camera shots such as long shots, medium shots, close ups, extremeclose ups etc.Also by using a digital camera rather than a disposable it gives a better high qualitymaking the products look more life like. 3. By using a tripod it enabled the camera to be held in different positions and steadyangles helping the stop motion to be created at heights or widths and makes the stopmotion easier to use by monovering the stick giving me an easier choice to move thedigital camera around to various positions.The adjustable stands mean that I can adjust the camera held onto different heights. Menovering stickAdjustable stands 4. Slide share allowed me to upload my stop motion onto a video from a power pointpresentation. I could also add different effects onto my products. Slide share also makes iteasier to upload the video created stop motion onto my blog.This was mucheasier thanwindows movieI uploaded my video by pressing maker becauseupload publicly and clicking the file it saves a lot ofwhere my stop motion was saved. time andediting time. 5. I used YouTube to look at different stop motion videos for further inspiration on ideas. Italso gave me ideas on which camera angle look best and how to use the tripod to my fulladvantage 6. Building narrativeI didnt find this difficult because there wasnt much to it. I planned it a few times andused the narrative to what suited best as I went along. Also used a white piece ofpaper which I used to reflect the daylight onto to absorb the best form of light. 7. Drafting- how many ideas did you have?Overall I have four ideas which were:Lego in blocks moving as some sort of charactertoothbrushes inspired by old toothpaste stop motion animation advertisementsdrawings as a character movingcoloured pencils stacking them in different orders I planned them each on a piece of paper and decided which one would look themost effective and creative so in the end I decided upon creating the drawingbecause it is creative and has various options open as to what to do or weather tochange what youre drawing, can easily be fixed. 8. How did you decide what to use?I decided what to use by looking at a few stop motion videos on YouTube and shortclips on animation drawings which gave me the idea to use drawings as a stopmotion animation.Searched stop motion for different ideas. I chose a stopmotion whichlooked morecreative thanthe othersI also looked atdifferent videos tolook at differentaspects of camerashots using thetripods to use to myfull advantage. 9. Did you work with someone? I worked alone because I personally thought it would be easier by getting it donequicker and doesnt really involve using more than one person if involving adrawing as a stop motion animation.However working with someone may have influenced more ideas onto each otherto create points from different angles, shots and positions also gaining creativeskills and helping each other to overcome a problem of say for example location/time management, if there was no tripod the other person you were working withcould help control the camera as you move the object(s). 10. Were there any limits in terms of resources, time, location?In some cases yes because I had a certain amount of time as I used the light fromthe kitchen onto the table because it gave off the best source of daylight and sodaylight was limited. I didnt run out of resources but sometimes Id start again on a new piece of paperif something went wrong or a pencil snapped etc, the location was suitable becauseof the ideal light and no problems really occurred.However sometimes the light was a problem as the sun came in and out refelctingthe light as dark and light on the pictures so therefore I decided I would re-do thepictures which looked darker than others.