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  • 1. Group Disability Management Claims Stop, Review, Take your Blood Pressure July 26, 2005 GDMS Process Improvement Project Weekly Leaders Obstacles vsSolutions Pow Wow Remember the Mission

2. Begin with the End in Minds covey

  • Basic Habit of Effectiveness
  • Mental creation precedes physical creation
  • 1 stcreate the mental thought for desired results
  • 2 ndthe physical production of desired resultswere writing the program now
  • Create and applypersonal and organizational mission statements as constitutions for daily living
  • Envision the desired results and important values to guide activities or endeavors

3. Synergize ala Stephen Covey

  • Results-oriented, positive synergy
  • Examining, exploring, seeking diverse perspectives openly enough to alter or complete your paradigm*
  • Cooperate
  • Having a mutually agreed-upon end in mind
  • Worth the effort and highly effective
  • A process

4. Paradigm ala Stephen Covey

  • The way an individual perceives, understands, and interprets the surrounding worldour strongly reinforced mental map
  • Paradigm Shift: If we want significant change we must change our paradigms

5. Changing our Paradigms

  • We can service anything that is sold without adding to staff
  • We can cover vacations without special planning (up to 8 out at a time)
  • We can prepare for growth without incurring expense
  • Incurring expense exposes us to risk
  • We can prepare for growth without taking any risk
  • We can manage by responding to claim analyst percolating noise
  • We can manage without a strategic plan
  • We can balance our work by playing the 5 day Float

6. Effectiveness ala Stephen Covey

  • Production: the desired results produced (golden eggs)
  • Production Capability: maintaining, preserving and enhancing the resources that produce the desired results (the goose)
  • Effectiveness is the balance of the two

7. Our Mission

  • To create a production, claim analysis and service capability
  • That will meet the sales growth plan for the next 3 years

8. Henry David Thoreau

  • For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root

9. Todays Obstacles to strikingat the Root

  • Earned Vacation Time
  • Early work schedules
  • Untrained new hires
  • Unhired new customer service reps
  • Time for new role orientation for analysts and team leaders
  • Snowball-impact of backlog; double, triple, quadruple the calls
  • Increased volume of new claims
  • Completion of Training modules
  • PCA Training (mentoring on the floor)
  • Removing the case load from the Team Leader so they can mentor and coach and do re-audits
  • Morale/Attitude
  • Unloaded PCA Comments

10. Put First Things First-s. covey

  • Focus on the truly important and say no to the unimportant
  • Plan weekly and implement daily
  • Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. Goethe

11. HOLD ON! alas. brenner

  • What are we trying to do here?
  • Solutions should be in sync with the Mission and our Goals:

12. Best Practices: Time Service

  • 2 day turnaround on STD
  • 5 day turnaround on LTD
  • STD new claim decision in 5-7 working days, 10 calendar days
  • LTD new claim decision in 21 calendar days
  • Return calls and e-mails SAME DAY
  • STD AND LTD 24 hours in clerical, on analysts desk in


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