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  • 1. By Michael McCauley

2. The main message is to put Virgin Airlines up other from different Airlines, so being very bias. On of the messages is the fact Virgin Airlines since 1984 were still hot up to now and are the best Airline and so reliable this is highlighted through techniques to promote the campaign. Also the campaign wants to show to the audience that they are always smiling and are just perfect to be honest. 3. The target audience of the campaign apply on all genders, Males are shown as a target audience as the campaign focuses on having hot workers and also the media do attract men by having women to be a sex appeal. This is similar to Women as they are highlighted to have a sex appeal towards the hot men workers, so the primary audience is both men and woman. 4. Also old people and children are shown to be a target audience for Virgin Airlines as both are in the videos to promote the campaign. In the video they have a little girl running after the Virgin staffs to highlight attraction upon that audience and old people also have a sex appeal towards the staff. On the next page there are screen shots from the video to highlight the target audience. 5. The strategy of the campaign was to show to the audience only the good things about Virgin Airlines, because as you can see in the techniques no bad things are highlighted. Methods used was to attract the audience and how they done this was to persuade the audience to join their airlines and so by doing this they had to make their Airline stand out being the best and number one. 6. The campaign did raise awareness around theworld that Virgin Airlines is the best airline,however not sure to name it the best airlinepublic doesnt really bother on does things.Also the campaign did achieve attracting theiraudience as Virgin Airlines did get morepopular, although when people went to VirginAirlines it was nothing like they promised. 7. The video attracts the audience by making the Virgin Airline staff seem unremarkable attractive and basically the best. The techniques used to this was the sex appeal colour red to connote to the Virgin staff being hot. The camera shots are from head to toe to show sex appeal again, also close range camera shots to show the beautiful virgin airline staff and to emphases peoples reactions. =endscreen&v=gIqwUV-qOiU 8. The poster shows sex appeal as the women are wearing red which also connotes to luxury, however the men are portrayed in sassy and sensible suits to highlight that Virgin Airlines are mature. The positioning of the Virgin Airline staff is attractive and well presented, also they are giving eye contact to the audience. Also to have the staff on top of an aeroplane and not be scared can suggest that that campaign wants to show to the public whose in charge and as you can see in the poster they are. 9. On the website they have a blonde hair girl as the background to show sex appeal, however Virgin Airlines are being very stereotypical towards blonde women. This shows the campaigns audience are aiming more on Males rather then women, as women are out down. The tab I went on in the website uses repetition to the word Cheap, as thats the word which attracts the public although aint Virgin media meant to be luxury. Direct address is also shown to engage the audience and emphasis what they need to do, in order to have a good flight.