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  2. 2. About Smart Trade International ____________________________ 3 Our Clients______________________________________________ 4 Your Unique Requirements ________________________________ 6 What We Do ____________________________________________ 7 Coalition Programmes____________________________________ 8 Customised Programmes_________________________________ 10 Marketing Services ______________________________________ 11 Rewards Shop _________________________________________ 12 How Members Spend Their Points ________________________ 13 What Our Partners Say __________________________________ 14 CONTENTS LOYALTY PROGRAMMES GLOBALLY In todays often crowded marketplace it is becoming increasingly difcult for businesses to stand out. To build lasting, protable relationships with customers, businesses are increasingly looking to loyalty programme providers to help them enhance and capitalise on customer relationships. The right loyalty programme provider can help any business successfully drive growth and prots, even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We believe in helping companies craft, implement and operate world-class loyalty marketing solutions. Loyalty programmes should be grounded in the quality of their strategy, execution, management and companion marketing communications. Wherever you are on the globe, to guarantee the success of your loyalty programme you need to nd a provider with an excellent track record of growing businesses. We can help your business create lasting profitable relationships with your customers.
  3. 3. POWERING THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS 3 WE KNOW LOYALTY After many years experience in the marketing arena, the founders of Smart Trade International Ltd (STIL) saw the need to launch and develop an organisation that has at its core a thorough understanding of customers and their needs. At STIL we know loyalty, and as a specialist business-to- business (B2B) loyalty programme provider we understand how to help businesses retain, attract and grow customers. Our integrated end-to-end loyalty and marketing offerings have earned the trust and support of our clients for one simple reason: they work. STIL currently facilitate B2B solutions for over 1200 businesses throughout Australasia including brands such as Toyota, Ford, Meridian, Caltex, Deloitte and Bunnings plus many more small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). STIL was formed in 1997 as a specialist B2B loyalty programme facilitator. With ofces in New Zealand and Australia, we work with blue chip organisations and household brands to enhance customer loyalty and power business growth. Our organisation has specialists in consulting, implementation and account management services. This allows us to deliver leading customised and coalition loyalty programmes, plus a range of marketing solutions optimised for our clients industry, business environment and model. ABOUT SMART TRADE INTERNATIONAL
  4. 4. POWERING THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS 4 Our vast experience has played a pivotal role in helping our clients reach their full potential. With our help, businesses have been able to build lasting relationships with their customers. We are committed to working with our clients to build a winning loyalty solution that: Increases market share in competitive markets Reduces churn and creates customer lock-in beyond the standard value proposition of the product or service Creates the incentive to upsell Identies and extends the lifetime value of our clients most protable customers Enhances the customer experience to create loyalty and brand advocacy OUR CLIENTS
  6. 6. POWERING THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS 6 YOUR UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS Clients of STIL enter into a lasting partnership and experience rst-hand the ingenuity of our services. We work with our clients at length to understand their goals, their customers, challenges and successes. Our ability to understand the detail of your business allows us to deliver a sucessful loyalty solution.
  7. 7. POWERING THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS 7 WHAT WE DOWE PARTNER WITH YOU TO ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING THREE OUTCOMES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. IT IS THESE OUTCOMES THAT WILL CONSISTENTLY REALISE SUSTAINED SUCCESS FROM OUR WORKING PARTNERSHIP. RETAIN CUSTOMERS Our programmes have proven to be a very effective tool in reducing the churn that inevitably happens in all businesses. The two main reasons for this are the quality and exibility of our reward offerings combined with targeted, relevant and personal communications to your customers. Many of our clients received less than 100% of their customers business. They found themselves losing customers and in a situation where customers were putting pressure on them for better pricing. Essentially they had customer behaviours that they would like to change, and customers they wanted to retain, but werent sure how. A well deployed loyalty programme has helped them to improve customer retention and ultimately made their business more successful. WHY DOES IT WORK? Its the law of reciprocity. If you give freely, that person is more inclined to give back. In this way, a loyalty programme creates a deeper sense of customer loyalty than any product or service alone. It costs your customers nothing to participate, so they receive the benets without incurring the costs. Our partnership conclusively provides your business with an edge over the competition, making it less likely that you will lose customers to competitors. Its 5-7 times cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS In todays world it is not enough to just have competitive pricing, quality products and good service. The customer wants to know whats in it for me?. They want something that comes without strings attached and that has real value. Our programmes will create that point of difference. HOW? The ability to give your customer control of the choice of their reward (Dream Rewards) can make all the difference when attracting new customers. Working with STIL to pull together a compelling offer and using our marketing tools to present the offer well has been proven to change buyer behaviour and start customers down the path of trading with your business for value rather than price. This is especially powerful when your offer is viewed as similar in value to other competing offers. STIL has thousands of businesses (who are programme members) on its database which can, where appropriate, be targeted as low hanging fruit to do business with. There is a very real desire from our members to increase their points collection locations, so a well thought-out acquisition policy can have excellent results. Businesses, in partnership with STIL, utilise this tool under strict privacy conditions to target and acquire the right new customers; customers that will continue to trade with you and generate value. As a tool to opening doors in the building industry it has been invaluable. We have seen our business multiply many fold through using the Smart-Trade programme SALES MANAGER, CARPET COURT GROW CUSTOMERS OVERALL Our programmes work like a silent salesperson while you are not in front of your customers. Once a customer has received their reward, studies show changes in behaviour of over 30%. Studies also show that customers purchasing similar products, with the option of where to purchase or what credit card to use, will focus on the reward element in making their purchasing decision. By growing a personal attachment to their reward programmes, customers feel more positive about trading with your business. The programmes integration within the company has grown year by year as we continue to evolve the partnership and utilise a tool in the market that provides us with a key point of difference to our competitors. MANAGING DIRECTOR, TYRELINE DISTRIBUTORS
  8. 8. OUR PROGR COALITION PROGRAMMES HERES AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR COALITION BUSINESSES: We offer both coalition and customised loyalty programmes. We will work with you to understand which programme best suits your businesss needs. Coalition loyalty programmes are highly successful the world over. By entering into a loyalty programme alongside other businesses, your customers can generate rewards from your business and other businesses that they choose to trade with. This village effect has been proven to generate a deep sense of loyalty to the programme and ultimately your business. STILs coalition loyalty experts will help your business build value from one of our existing coalition programmes, and ensure that your point of difference is always protected. SMART-TRADE NEW ZEALAND The Smart-Trade Rewards Programme has experienced resounding success in the New Zealand market utilising multiple preferred suppliers rewarding a community of interest. This type of coalition programme provides signicant cost savings across the board and more comprehensive business intelligence for business communications/marketing. Our shining stars are programmes in the agriculture, building and construction sectors. We have successfully integrated the Smart-Trade programme into these sectors by aligning with quality brands, with strong business processes and ethics. This has enabled both programmes to become an integral part of their marketing solution. The programme provides for preferred suppliers to incentivise their customers with a wide range of rewards tailored to suit the individual. All points earned from the many contributing programme partners are pooled into one account which can then be used to redeem for rewards by requesting any reward that they want*. GETGENUINE NEW ZEALAND GetGenuine provides the automotive industry with a loyalty programme designed specically to reward the purchasing of genuine parts. There are 28 automotive br


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