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Education and Training. BISD


  • 1. Learning aboutLearning Styles Education and TrainingSusan Stevens / BCTAL Audio Video Discover Discovery Who Am I?Quiz

2. Who is this man?

  • Clickherefor the answer.

3. The man on the previous slide is Howard Gardner.Dr. Gardner is best known for his theory of Multiple Intelligence.Create aKWLchart about what youK nowabout Multiple Intelligence, What youW antto learn and at the end of this learning center, write down your thoughts about what youL earnedabout Multiple Intelligences. 4.

  • Clickhereto view the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for this assignment.
  • The purpose of this learning center is for Education and Training students to be introduced to the concept of learning styles.By using this tool students can get a feel for their own learning styles and preferences.
  • After completing this unit students should understand the following basic concepts about Learning Styles:
  • Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences Theories
  • Differentiation in the classroom
  • Learning Preferences
  • Clickhereto view information about Learning Styles

5. 6. Click the speaker icon to listen to an audio clip about Multiple Intelligences and Emotional Intelligence. After you finish listening to the podcast, write three paragraphs reflecting on Multiple intelligences and Emotional Intelligence what do you think is more important, IQ or EQ and why? 7. Whats your learning style?

  • Clickhereto take a quiz on Learning Styles.
  • When youfinish the quiz, print your results.What are your two strongest learning preferences?
  • Describe your favorite lesson ever at school.Why do you think you remember it?Class discussion.

8. Study the visual image on the left.Which images best represent your multiple intelligence preferences? Select your main learning preferences then search the website (linked below) for a suitable activity for your learning preferences.This should be something that would be appropriate for your site school grade level classroom and an activity you could teach your students.Scroll over the link to the Discovery Education website.Citations 9. 10.

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