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Steve Jobs

Steve JobsResearching An Entrepreneur by Helen Mak

Background YouthBorn in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955adopted at birth by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs moved from San Francisco toMountain View, Californiawhen Jobs was five years oldEducationCupertino Junior High andHomestead High SchoolinCupertino, CaliforniaReed CollegeinPortland, Oregon.

Continue BackgroundJob Experienceco-founder, chairman, and CEO ofApple Incco-founded and served as chief executive ofPixar Animation Studiosa member of the board of directors ofThe Walt Disney Companyin 2006introducing theLaserWriter1985, Jobs left Apple and foundedNeXTCEO and majority shareholder to PixarCEO Applea board member atGap Inc.from 1999 to 2002

Idea He started building the blue boxes that phone phreakers used to make free calls all around the nation at a young age. Then he started Apple Inc with his friend; Steve Wozniak. And Woznaik made the first Apple I, but it was Jobs who suggested selling it.

Initial Plans & Financing Before he died, he intended to accommodate more than 12,000 employees in a single, circular building. But sadly, his wish is not yet accomplished to this day.

Company OrganizationInternational Companyan American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, CaliforniaMore than 47,000 employeesEstablished for 38 yearsPersonal CharacteristicsEntrepreneurial characteristicsPassionatefearlessunbelievable imaginationmotivatedStrong VisionStrong leadership

Continue Personal CharacteristicsPersonal Traits-available meansdemanding perfectionistaggressiveruthlessmaturemellow individualcharismatic

Who They Arean Americanentrepreneur, marketerand inventorCreating IPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosh Introduced easy access to internet/application/gameson a travel-size objectWorlds second largest information technology company by revenue after Samsung Electronics, and the worlds third-largest mobile phone maker after Samsung and Nokia

Future ProspectHe diedApple will be replaced by Android in the future

Interesting FactsStevesoriginal aspiration was to become a Buddhist MonkHe began Apple Computers, Inc., in 1976 with Steve Wozniak in his parents garageRonald Wayne was a third memberApple Inc was named after the BeattlesHe is a pescetarianHe dated John BaezHe is dyslexicWas obsessed with type fonts and calligraphysaw hisfirst computer at age 12.owned over 100 pairs of Levi jeanshe was fired from his own company

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