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  • 1. Steve Jobs By: ES Lawrence

2. Background

  • Steve jobs co-founded the company Apple
  • He is also the CEO of the company.
  • He has invented multiple things that have improved the entertainment of many people
  • He lives in Silicon Valley, California

3. Apple Inc.

  • The company introduced the Apple II microcomputer in 1977. A few years later, in 1983, it introduced the Lisa, the first commercial personal computer to employ a graphical user interface which was influenced in part by the Xerox Alto. Lisa was also the first personal computer to have the mouse. In 1984, the Macintosh was introduced, which arguably advanced the concept of a new user-friendly graphical user interface. Apple's success with the Macintosh became a major influence in the development of graphical interfaces elsewhere, with major computer operating systems, such as the Commodore Amiga, and Atari ST, appearing on the market within two years of the introduction of the Macintosh. The headquarters are located in Cupertino California. They have 17,787 employees right now working for them. They started April 1, 1976.

4. Financial Information

  • Revenue US $24.01 Billion
  • The latest news from apple, are its iPhone, iTouch, and iPod nano all came out within the last year
  • Apples biggest competition is dell

5. Products

  • A product that apple has to offer is the all famous iPod. The first type of ipod came out on October 23, 2001. it is a portable music player that can hold a variety and numerous amounts of music. The price of ipods can range from $100-$500.

6. Products

  • Another product manufactured by apple is the iMac. The imac is a desktop Macintosh computer designed and built by apple. It has been a big part of apple and has evolved through three different forms.

7. Honors and highlights

  • 3 highlights of Steve's career are, one when he co-founded apple in 1976.another is when he invented NeXT Computers, and finally when he returned to apple as a CEO
  • Steve is a great communicator because he is not afraid to say anything and he knows what to do.He has had many jobs that involve communicating with others so he has had practice. And he is a very intelligent man.