steve jobs 1955 - 2011 steve jobs 1955 - 2011 a history of vision

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  • Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 A history of vision
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  • Birth. 1955: Steve is born in San Francisco on February 24th and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California.
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  • Atari. 1974: He takes a job at videogame company Atari but leaves after a few months to travel to India.
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  • Building the future. Steve and his friend Steve Wozniack build a prototype computer in Jobs' garage. They call it the Apple I.
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  • Building an empire. 1976: Together with Ronald Wayne the two Steves found Apple Computers to sell their new inventions.
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  • Putting the personal into computing. 1977. Apple launch the Apple II. It is the first mass market personal computer and will continue to be manufactured for the next 16 years.
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  • Always one in every barrel. 1980. The all new Apple III is a failure. It was poorly constructed and damaged the Apple brand name.
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  • Or maybe even two? 1983. The Apple Lisa is the first computer to be controlled by on screen icons that are clicked by a button! It is a commericial failure.
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  • When it rains get a mac. 1984. The Mackintosh is launched to rave reviews but does little to help the company's sales.
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  • Goodbye to all that. 1985. Apple closes half of its factories and 1200 people are made redundant. John Sculley forces Steve Jobs out of the company.
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  • A new hope. 1986. Steve buys the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm.
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  • The next step. 1988. Jobs founds NeXT Computing but its sales are poor with only 50,000 units being sold.
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  • To infinity and...... 1995. Pixar release Toy Story, the full feature length movie to be entirely created by computers. It is a worldwide success.
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  • Back to the core. 1996. Apple buy NeXT Computing and Jobs is back where he started.
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  • The shape of things to come. 1998. Apple launch the iMac and it restores the company fortunes.
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  • A space odyssey. 2001. The first iPod is launched and the way the world listens to music changes forever.
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  • Build it and they will come. 2003. The iTunes music store opens it's virtual doors and the way we buy music changes forever.
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  • Sent from my...... 2007. The iPhone is launched and the world is flabbergasted yet again!
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  • Hello! 2010. The iPad changes the face of personal computing again.
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  • Goodbye. 2011. Steve Jobs dies at home surrounded by his family. He had suffered from a rare form of pancreatic cancer for some time.

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