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  • Who buys Mercedes S600sSteuben Crystal,Audemars Piguet Watches,Fine Art?

    Who reads The Scarsdale Inquirer?...the same people!

    Upscale, highly educated, with more spendable income than 99% ofour population, Scarsdale is the most affluent community inWestchester, and the 30th wealthiest community in the United States.Scarsdales average annual household income is $222,200.*

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    *Worth magazine July/August 1996

    SINCE 1901

    The Scarsdale Inquirer

  • P.O. Box 418; 14 Harwood Court, Suite 510; Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-725-2500 Fax 914-725-1552

    Location really is everything. And Scarsdale, with its gracious Tudors, manicuredlawns, and one of the best public school systems in the country, is the most afflu-ent community in Westchester County. Reaching 90 percent of the households inScarsdale, were the community newspaper these income households turn to each Friday.Because of our commitment to local news and events, the superior penetration of our cir-culation, the shelf-life of our weekly, paid subscriptions and our reasonable ad rates, weare positioned to reach those who are most likely to buy your product or service.

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    The Scarsdale Inquirer




    Pound Ridge

    The Scarsdale Inquirer

    RECORD REVIEWThe Bedford Pound Ridge


    Published every Friday. Advertising closing is Tuesday, 5 p.m. Deadline forads running in combination with The Rivertowns Enterprise is Monday, 5p.m. We will not accept cancellations or insertions after closing.

    7,000 copies are circulated every week. The Scarsdale Inquirer ismailed directly to the homes of subscribers and sold at newsstandsand other retail outlets throughout the community. A one-year sub-scription costs $39, single copies are sold at $1.00. The Inquirer cov-ers the town of Scarsdale and the Edgemont and Hartsdale sectionsof the town of Greenburgh.

    Size of page: Broadsheet: 14-1/16 x 21 (84.5 x 126 picas) 193 column inches per page Column width 1-1/2 (8.5 picas); 1.25 pica gutter 9 columns per page, 21 inches per column Halftones: 85 line screen Ads 19 deep and over will be charged as 21 Minimum ad size: 6 column inches (unless under 52x contract) Printed offset

    Quality standards have been set by the Publisher. The advertisingcontent, mechanics, subject matter, size and form are subject toapproval or rejection by the Publisher. The acceptance of advertisingcopy by the newspaper(s), in any one issue shall not affect the rightof the newspaper(s) to reject any further advertising. Advertiserand/or ad agency will indemnify and hold harmless. The ScarsdaleInquirer, and/or The Rivertowns Enterprise and/or The Record-Review, its officers, agents, employees and contractors for all con-tents supplied to publisher, including text, representations and illus-trations of advertisements including, but not limited to, defamation,invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and, in thecase of pre-printed inserts, deficient postage.

    When available, position can be guaranteed by payment of a 20% premi-um. Minimum size ad requirement is 21 column inches. Paid position isavailable on a first come-first served basis. No credit or allowance will begiven for position. We will make every effort to honor position requests,depending on page make-up and space available.






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    The Scarsdale Inquirer, The Rivertowns Enterprise and The Record-Review assume no liability for errors in advertisements beyond thecost of the space in which the error first appeared, and is responsiblefor only one incorrect insertion for any advertisement. Errors must bereported within five business days of publication. No allowance shallbe made where the advertiser has provided incorrect information orsubstandard artwork. The newspapers shall not be responsible foromissions, or liable for failure, for any cause, to insert an advertise-ment. Typographical or other errors that do not materially affect thevalue of the advertisement will not be subject to an adjustment.

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    The Scarsdale Inquirer