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  • 1. S Stereotypes of Women Tina Hartnell

2. The dumb Blonde This stereotype is that women with blonde hair are unintelligent and dumb. Blonde Dumb Unintelligent Attractive Appearance conscious Vein Revealing clothing 3. The business Women This stereotype says that business women only care about making money and power. Opinionated Uncaring Motivated Money orientated Power hungry Smart dressed/suits No children Clever Selfish High standards In control 4. Maternal Women This stereotype states that women are only there to be mothers and have not many other interests. Motherly Caring Protective Family orientated Housewives Comfort clothing 5. Grandmother Caring Kind Loving Old Wrinkly False teeth Head scarf Wise Grey hair Walking Talk a lot Tell storys Over protective 6. Old lady Snappy Aggressive Against young people Moody Rude Grey hair Smell Glasses Slow Grumpy Bowls bingo 7. WAG Wife and Girlfriend of footballer. Spoilt Money orientated Vein Conceited Designer clothing Fashionable Famous by association Plastic surgery Live off husband Well dressed 8. A Lady Posh High class Snobby Wear posh expensive clothing Think they are better than everyone Conceited Rich by marriage Come from a high class family 9. A model Beautiful Slim/skinny Perfect Flawless Long perfect hair Rich because of there bodys Sluty Selfish Divarish 10. Sports women Fit Motivated Strict Slim Strong Mucsley Only interested in one thing Fast


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