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  1. 1. Stephen Divito, Chiropractor Graduated From New York Chiropractic College in 1998
  2. 2. Stephen Divito, Chiropractor, Graduated From New YorkChiropractic College in 1998 Stephen Divito, Chiropractor, is based in Rochester NY. Aftercompleting his Bachelor of science from University of Buffalo in1995, he graduated from the New York Chiropractic College in1998.With nearly 13 years in practice, he has been treating patientswho come to him a variety of ailments, such as back pain,sciatica ,neck pain ,shoulder problems,poor posture,headaches and, preventive health care. Stephen Divito is a chiropractor based in Rochester, NY. He has13 years in practice in the Rochester area. He has helped manypeople deal with low back pain, neck pain, and acute and chronicpain management.
  3. 3. Stephen Divito Rochester NY HasMore Than Decade of Experience asa Chiropractor Stephen Divito is a Rochester NY based chiropractor. Hecompleted his Bachelor of Science from University of Buffalo in1995. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1998.He graduated cum laude and was on Deans List for 3 semesters.He has 13 years in practice in the Rochester area for treating lowback pain, neck pain, disc degeneration and more. He has been helping patients from various age groups to healand get better. Dermy Roman, a patient, said, Ive been coming toyou for 6 months and thanks to you have been getting better andbetter. You are a very funny man. The first time I came here I wasnervous and worried that you wouldnt be able to help me like somany other chiropractors that I had been to. Soon I became happyto be your patient, I am turning 46 soon and feel great! Thank youDr. Divito!
  4. 4. Stephen DivitoChiropractor GraduatedCum Laude from New YorkChiropractic CollegeKellie Wright, a patient of Stephen Divitochiropractor said, I am so impressed bythe DRX 9000 that I would like to share itwith everyone! In 1988 I had my secondchild, 8 weeks later I started to get backto exercising again, Im not exactly surewhat I did but I could hardly walkafterwards,I had this sharp pain shooting down theback of my leg and couldnt put anyweight on it at all, it lasted for about aweek then it went away.
  5. 5. Well every year after that the pain becamemore frequent, when I exercised certainways, when I stood to long, when Iphysically over worked myself my back andsometimes leg would hurt for a few daysand then go away. Over time the painincreasingly worsened, I did go to a fewdifferent chiropractors and then anacupuncturist it was only temporary reliefand came right back. I invested in 2expensive beds hoping that would help itonly made it worse for me. My husbandsaw a commercial on TV for the DRX 9000so I researched about it online and foundDr. Divito. I called and my husband and Iwent in for a consultation. I went fortreatments for about 6 months and I amhappy to report that Im pain free most ofthe time. Ive gone from feeling thisstabbing aching pain 24 hours a day to zeropain most of the time! I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!
  6. 6. Contact StephenDivitoHealthQuest Chiropractic & ProgressiveRehab884 E. Ridge Rd.Rochester, NY 14621Phone: 585-598-0140Fax:
  7. 7. Thank You!