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step by step photoshop


  • Step by step Photoshop..

    ..Photoshopping the images for my music magazine.

  • The original photograph, ready on Photoshop to be changed to look good as a front cover main image of my music magazine..

  • I made the teeth whiter. I made the skin clearer.I got rid of the bags under her eyes, but undid it because she didnt look right with no definition under her eyes. I got rid of small pieces of hair on her forehead to make her skin look clearer.Changes Ive made to her face..I made her eyes bigger using the liquefy tool, but changed it back to normal because it didnt look right.

  • Using the brightness/contrast tool in image then adjustments.I changed the contrast to 52, which is considerably higher than the original contrasting, I think this has made the photo a lot more appealable for the front cover of a magazine. I changed the brightness to 89, which is a very large difference from the brightness of the previous picture, I think it makes the photo look like its more of a summer day which fits in with my theme of indie.

  • Using the liquefy tool, I made her mouth wider creating a smiley effect, I also made her lips slightly bigger with the same tool.

  • I added in the title Im using for the front cover, but I will have to adjust it slightly because there is a faint white line all the way round the edge of the lettering. Although the faint white outline is not too obvious, but if noticed, which Im sure it could be, it would spoil the effectiveness of the front cover.

  • Then I added the name of the artist (Jess Murray) but because if the angle of the photo and where the tree is, the writing was not visible as you can see in this screen I moved the name to a brighter place so it would stand out more (bottom right hand corner).I also added the bar code, date of the magazine and the price of the magazine.i changed the background to make the title stand out more, I made the contrast more ibvious so the field on the background is brighter.

  • Then I added the slogan discover music.I am happy with the outcome of the front cover. Although I have broken many of the codes and conventions of a normal music magazine, but I like that it takes a more simplistic, effective approach to a magazine.

  • I started out with this image of Jess, and gradually made it lighter so the writing would be more visible. Original.

  • I then added more pictures on the left hand side, but I wasnt happy with the way it was turning out, so Ive swapped photos to see what it would look like...i changed the image to this one, and changed the contrast and brightness so it was misty/faded looking.

  • I changed things like the photo from the Ed Sheeran gig, to a more mellow colour (blue)I changed some of the photos to other photos I had taken because I thought they fitted better with the indie theme.

  • i added lines such as indie: feeling free and they page numbers. I then added the contents title, and all the fake articles, in a way I thought would be effective.

  • My finished contents page.

  • I started my dps, with the images and then added a simple name.

  • I then added some white boxes but they were too bold for the look I was going for so I used the opacity tool and made them look slightly faded. I then added all the text in from my questionnaire I read to Jess.

  • Scanned in a gig ticket ad changed the name from the original artist to Jess Murray, and then advertised a competition.

  • Final dps.


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