STEM Journey II: Ocean Discovery~Great White Sharks to Deep Ocean Exploration

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<p>STEM Journey II: Ocean Discovery</p> <p>Great White Sharks to Deep Ocean Exploration STEM Journey II: Ocean DiscoveryDr. Jack Driscoll &amp; Jennifer MaclachlanMarch 28, 2015, Cape Cod Community College 12-4 PM</p> <p>STEM Journey II1 STEM Journey I: Spacelab to Zero G-The first STEM Journey was March 29, 2014We had 750 people attend this free event which was a great success-The title was STEM Journey: Space Lab to Zero G-Our keynote speakers were two astronauts: Dr. Byron Lichtenberg and Captain Dan Burbank-Scout badges in Chemistry &amp; Space Exploration-We had a hands interactive science caf, a planetarium, Lego Lab, shooting rockets </p> <p>STEM Journey II2 Comments from Parents about STEM Journey IA Boy Scout parent remarked that this kind of event makes you wish you were in 7th grade again, with a blank slate, where you feel like anything is possible and you can BE anything that you want.Many parents said that they were happy to see theextensive facilities at the College. Several parents asked if Cape Cod Community College was becoming the STEM Center- It appears that the answer to this is YES with the recent formation of the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network</p> <p>STEM Journey II3</p> <p>Photos from STEM Journey I STEM Journey II4</p> <p>STEM Journey II5OrganizersSponsorsCape &amp; Islands Council of the Boy Scouts of AmericaNortheastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS)Cape Cod Community CollegePID Analyzers, LLC Cape Cod Regional STEM NetworkCape Cod 5PID Analyzers, LLCNESACSEnvironmental Div. of the American Chemical SocietyTeledyne Marine SystemsCape Cod Healthcare</p> <p>STEM Journey II</p> <p>STEM Journey II6</p> <p>Who should come to this event?Students from K-12, parents &amp; TeachersWalk inside a 60 Right Whale and hear lectures about this amazing creature- all agesHands on interactive science caf-all ages &amp; TeachersFree science kits for Teachers from the American Chemical SocietyBadges for cub scouts (Grades to 5) and boy scouts (Grades 6+) in Chemistry and OceanographyGrades K-12 Lego lab, Squishy circuits (creating circuits &amp; exploring electronics)-all agesROVs- remote operated exploration vehicles- all agesSTEM Jobs Lectures (Grades 8-12 &amp; guidance counselors) by largest STEM employer on Cape Cod- Cape Cod Healthcare</p> <p>STEM Journey II7Why is this event important?STEM Journey II8STEM Journey has become the largest STEM outreach program in SE MA in a very short time!Over the past decade, many manufacturing jobs have been shifted overseas because of lower costs in Asian countries (wages $1,000-2,000 /year). These jobs will never return to the USA!One solution is high technology jobs The problem is that many students are lost to science because its importance is not emphasized enough in elementary school and the students become afraid of science &amp; math in secondary schoolScience outreach is a spark to introduce all students (K-12) to the wonders of science and the ACS (worlds largest scientific organization with 165,000 members) emphasizes science outreach &amp; STEMI got my start in chemistry because of a wonderful 10th grade chemistry teacher and I still enjoy it today</p> <p>Miscellaneous ItemsSTEM Journey II9Community College is a good and less expensive way to start a STEM career; you can always transfer to a more expensive 4 year school after you graduate!The unemployment rate among people with science degrees is about 2.5% compared to 5.7% in the general population in Jan. 2015Cape Cod Community College will begin work on a new science building this yearWho is interested in going to STEM Journey II and bringing students? Hands!! Questions?? See you there!</p>


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