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  • 1. The magazine of workplace research, insight, and trends Issue 59 360steelcase.comJune 2010 Harder Working Spaces The workplace just got smarter. Q&A with Roger Martin 14Trends360 17 Sustainability Spotlight 19 Finding the Holy Grail in NeoCon 2010 Special Edition 20 business today: innovation Atoms & Bits 56

2. ABOUT THIS ISSUE: The workplace has never had to work so hard. On the cover, our mind map (a brainstorming technique used by our colleagues at IDEO to support design thinking) illustrates how the workplace has to maximize use of real estate, attract and engage workers, communicate company brand and culture, and foster collaboration and innovation. To help make this idea a reality, we offer insights from designers, architects, and Steelcase research- ers on how to plan these harder working spaces, and show companies that have pulled it off. Next, noted business author Roger Martin discusses design thinking and how it can help foster innovation. In our special NeoCon 2010 section, we feature the Steelcase family of showrooms and new products that can help create harder working spaces. Working harder just got easier. 3. j u n e 2010 FEATuRE NEOCON 2010 SpECiAl SECTiON2Harder Working Spaces20 Come See us People are working harder A guide to all the good stuff than ever. So should theirNeoCon 2010 happening in the Steelcase space. See how leadingfamily of brands this year. companies are reducing real estate, building brand, fostering collaboration,21 Dont Miss This and engaging employees. From inspiring speakers to great parties, theres a lot to see and do while youre in Chicago.DEpARTMENTS14 Q&A22Steelcase Showroom Map Roger Martin, one of the most 36Turnstone Showroom Map insightful business thinkers and writers around, answers 37Details Showroom Map questions about innovation 38Nurture Showroom Map and how companies can get better at it. 39Coalesse Showroom Map17 Trends36040 New at NeoCon Insightful signposts wereThe showrooms are packed seeing about business,with insightful new products work, and the workplace.and thoughtful enhancements from Steelcase companies. A quick look starts here. 19 Sustainability Spotlight David Berger has a brilliant idea for bringing light to off-the-grid parts of the world.56 Atoms & Bits Things to check out in person or online. Threesixty is published bimonthly by Steelcase Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2010. Material in this publication may not be reproduced in any form unless you really want to help people love how they work just ask us first, okay? Contact us at Harder Working Spaces 1 4. j u n e 2010Workers at Accentures Houstonoffices use media:scape to collaborateusing extensive digital information. 2 Harder Working Spaces 5. j u n e 2010 Harder Working Spaces The workplace just got it possible to compress real estate and shrink individual footprints while at the same time helping people to collaborate and create more effectively? Yes.As companies work their way out of theSeveral leading companies show how it recession, they often feel a tug-of-war can be done. Consulting giant Accenture between two seemingly contradictory goals:developed a work environment strategy the need to stay lean and efficient yet, at called Workplace 2.0 that it piloted in its the same time, become more flexible and newly relocated Houston office. When creative. Businesses are more efficient now,most organizations pull a workplace strategy having cut their biggest expenses realtogether, it really has a real estate focus. estate and people. Companies need We aligned our overall business strategy, our every part of the operation, especially the human capital, real estate, and technology workplace, to work harder than ever. notstrategies very closely and pulled all of those just individual workspaces, but the entiretogether into a comprehensive strategy, says office. every. Square. Foot. We dont have Dan johnson, Accentures global director, a client who isnt asking for their real estate workplace. The results are impressive in and workplace solutions to work harder, toterms of real estate compression alone: do more, says Lauri Lampson, principal withTheir office went from three floors and Houston-based planning Design Research66,000 square feet down to one floor of (pDR), expressing the experiences of25,000 square feet, while still supporting designers and architects everywhere.more than 800 people.In a world of 24/7 competition, project A leader in alternative work strategies such teams stretch from Midtown to Mumbai, and as hotelling, Accenture prides itself on its business moves at race pace. Companies areefficient use of real estate. But what sets looking to create harder working spaces that: the company apart is how it considers the workplace holistically. Instead of simply maximize real estate utilization using smaller workstation footprints and foster and support collaborationsimilar approaches to increase density, help attract and engage talentthe workplace is both smaller and harder working, using a combination of business reinforce the culture and build the brand strategies in ways that work best for the of the organization. organization. The company also insists Can space really work that hard? Is itits workplace meet high standards for possible to compress real estate and shrink what it terms The Four es of efficiency, individual footprints while helping peopleeffectiveness, engagement, and environ- collaborate and create more effectively?ment, with collaboration as a baseline. To inspire workers and help them feel moreLike a lot of companies, Accenture found connected to company culture and brand? that many workstations were empty for How can you simultaneously combine lean,long periods of time because workers were innovative, and effective?collaborating in team spaces, project rooms, Harder Working Spaces 3 6. j u n e 2010 or offsite. The briefcase, the PC, and the coat had one of the best views in town, says Bill Mearse, Houston location managing director. The company realized that its staff was working differently, so its workplace had to reflect and support those new ways of working. The integrated work strategies and the Four es strategy address these changes.Mobile telecom leader Vodafone also applied an integrated strategy for the companys new netherlands headquarters in Amsterdam. The company was not only moving its office from another city, but also consolidating staff from three different sites at the new Vodafones new netherlands headquarters (top photos) in Amsterdam and Accentures location. We needed to make a big step new Houston offices (bottom photos) share much in common: unassigned workspaces, forward in our workspace to break out from benching applications, and plenty of room for collaborative work in both open and traditional offices to something fresh, new, closed spaces. Both companies reduced real estate substantially with these new even heretical, says jens Schulte-Bockum, workplace strategies. CeO of Vodafone netherlands. To support mobile and collaborative knowledge work,every Vodafone staffer from leadership tion; the former use calls for some small and to demonstrate the company brand, to the newest worker operates from the privacy screens and space for portable tools, Vodafones workplace has a very open layout same workspaces. Much like Accentures while the latter needs more work surface, with no assigned workspaces combined with office, Vodafones workplace is colorful,space for more people and no screens at a wide variety of meeting and project spaces. welcoming, and energetic, and uses lessall. Real estate savings realized through real estate than their previous offices. benching should be leveraged for the benefitof all workers for cafs, lounge areas, Benching is a go-to strategy for gainingteam rooms, and other shared spaces. more efficiency in real estate footprints, and, while its been used in europe forAccenture and Vodafone made sure their many years, its a growing phenomenon in benching workspaces were augmented north America. Benching is an applicationby shared spaces, a move that pays real approach for supporting workers with paralleldividends. Theres a lot more informal work surfaces along a spine. Typically there communication going on in the office, says are no space-defining panels and little or noVodafones Bockum. People are closer to dedicated storage and privacy. Its definitely one another, its easier to have a quick chat Smaller and efficient approach: Research conductedabout issues. People are communicating Accentures Houston office didnt by Steelcase WorkSpace Futures in europe more than in previous environments and just get smaller, it got smarter, and north America shows space savingsI think that adds to productivity. Mission- more open, and more collaborative of 22-26% in benching applications versescritical information is passed between people to better support its 800 workers. individual workstations, and an initial cost more easily and people have the feeling FROM:TO: savings of 10-15%. But theres a risk as well: that theres more information sharing going 3 floors 1 floorcramming more desks into less space to on, that theyre on the inside rather than 66,000 sq. ft. 25,000 sq. ft. save money can affect the performance of struggling to keep up with whats going on. private offices unassigned the workplace and staff. Benching should beThe flow of information and ideas is critical& dedicatedworkspaces &tailored to the work being done. For example,workstations collaborationto collaboration, the de facto protocol for project team members might use a bench for spaces knowledge work today. Its also the standard individual work or as a place for collabora-embraced in the new offices of the Housing,4 Harder Working Spaces 7. j u n