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    MARCH 2-4


    Renaissance Hotel | Schaumburg, IL

    Statewide Conference for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Educators


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  • In order to receive credit for Professional Develop- ment Hours, you will need to: 1. Sign in each morning at the Sign-In table with

    your name and IEIN number. 2. Complete the Evaluation form for each day. 3. Return the Evaluation form to the Sign-In table

    at the end of the day to receive your Evidence of Completion form.

    The Sign-In Table will be at the East end of the hallway outside Schaumburg Ballroom East. Professional Development Hours avail- able for Wednesday and Thursday evening events.

    Yummy Coupons may be used all day at any of

    the food stations set up in the hallways, the Market Place Cof- fee shop (2nd floor), the Gather Bar/Lounge, or Sam and Har-

    ry’s Restaurant. The cou- pons cannot be used

    for gratuities.

    If you are interested in exchanging your tick-

    eted sessions for other ses- sions that may be available, check with the “Ticket

    Swap” at the conference registration table.

    Bring your mobile devices! Free WiFi will

    be available in all meeting rooms, ballrooms, and the ex- hibition floor. Please note that there is a charge for WiFi use

    in individual hotel rooms.

    Wireless Access

    We greatly appreciate Kaplan Early Learning

    Company for again provid- ing the Kindergarten Con- ference tote bags. Please

    visit their exhibit booths 201 and

    3 0 0 .

    Ticket Swap


    Tote Bags

    See the proposal form on pages 13-14 for

    the 2016 Illinois ASCD Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten Educators to be held March 1-3, 2017 at the Renais-

    sance Schaumburg or visit

    Plan to visit the ex- hibitors. The Explora-

    tion Hall will be open from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Thurs- day, March 3 and from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    on Friday, March 4.

    Get up to 3 hours of graduate credit for your

    attendance at the 2016 Con- ference through St. Francis University. A representative will be near the registration

    area outside Schaum- burg East/West.


    Coupons Be a Presenter

    Graduate CreditSpecial Sessions An Evening with Jack Hartmann “Cool

    Beats to Help Children Read” Wednesday 6-8 p.m.

    Books That Nourish the Needs of the Whole Child: Kathy Brown & Sarah Martino

    Thursday 6-8 p.m.

    Conference Information

    Professional Development Hours 1. Lunch will be available to all attendees from

    9:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. 2. Yummy Coupons can only be used on the day

    printed on the coupon. Blue coupons will be ac- cepted on Thursday and green coupons on Friday.

    3. If you need to use a credit card for lunch, you can go to any of the locations above except for the food stations set up in the halls or East of the Schaumburg Ballrooms. The hotel cannot take credit cards at food stations.

    4. No cash refunds are available for unspent por- tions of Yummy Coupons.

    Please Note


    Visit http://app.resultsathand. com/ilascd#context/51/home, click the Events button and select Kindergarten Conference

  • Keynote Speaker - Tonya Ward Singer

    A1 Set Your Sights on Sounds Deb Bible, Barb Malinger Utopia A A2 Read It – Write it – and – Create It! Kim Jordano Utopia B A3 Brain Breaks Shari Sloane Utopia C A4 Assessment Deedee Wills Utopia D A5 The Listening Center, Your New Best Friend! Kurt Schwengel Euphoria A6 Rhyming, Reading, and Learning Kathy Griffin Nirvana A A8 Growth Mindset! Developing Possibilities with that Tiny Word “Yet” Christy Moore Nirvana B A9 Literacy that Works Tina Theis, Gina Livingston Nirvana C A10 Support for Pre-K and Kindergarten Students From a Strong... Janice Fortmann, Sarah Crawley Imagination A11 Empowering Little Writers Sarah Howe Innovation A12 What Vocabulary is Most Worthy? Valerie Brosius Knowledge A13 Books! Vickie Dolk Epiphany A14 Exploring Faces with Young Children Irene Sufrin Prosperity A15 Respecting Cultural Diversity in Our Programs Molly Babu Serenity A16 September through November...Morning Meetings to Remember Mary Pat LaRocca, Joy Conrady Schaum. West A/B A19 Shuffling into Math with Card Games Jane Felling Schaum. East F A20 Character and Social Emotional Development for Young Children... Laura Beltchenko Schaum. East G A21 Ideas for Guided Centers Karen Higginson Schaum. East H A22 No More Hand Raising! Increasing Student Engagement Donna Whyte Schaumburg West A23 Make It Count: DI Your Small Groups for Number Instruction Kim Adsit Schaumburg East

    ID# Session C 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Presenter(s) Location C2 Read It – Write it – and – Create It! Kim Jordano Utopia B C3 Differentiating Reading Instruction: Guided Reading in Kindergarten Melissa Leach Utopia C C4 Assessment Deedee Wills Utopia D C5 The Listening Center, Your New Best Friend Kurt Schwengel Euphoria C6 Teaching with Rigor and Urgency without Teaching to the Test Jen Jones Nirvana A C7/D7 Double Session — Standards Success: It’s As Easy As ABC! Kathy Brown, Sarah Martino Nirvana B C8 Let Them Do the Work! Steve Oertle Imagination C9 Engaging Strategies for Building Number Sense Lauren Putze Connection C10 Make Center Time Work More Like Sesame Street and Less Like Jerry... Kelly Honneger Nirvana C C11 Reading, Thinking, and Talking Jill Henning Innovation C12 Focus on the Fundamentals Barbara Dahly Knowledge C13 Singing Games & Dances from Around the world Brigid Finucane, Carey Goldenberg Epiphany C14 Extension and Enrichment Activities Created by You! Molly Babu, Carrie Rafalski Prosperity C15/D15 Double Session — Starting Small Megan Fuciarelli Serenity C16 December through February…Morning Meeting Ideas That Vary Mary Pat LaRocca, Joy Conrady Schaum. West A/B C17 STEAM Powered Classrooms Katie Feldmann, Anna Dunskus Schaum. West C C18 Supporting the Implementation of KIDS Mary Kay Dunne, Mary Ellen Wodzisz Schaum. West D C19 Using STEM, Science and the Practices of Scientists and Engineers... Terry Talley, Ashley Mathis Schaum. East F C20 Get Em Up, Moving & Learning Carrie Flint Schaum. East G C21 My Top 30 from 30 exciting years in Kindergarten! Karen Graber Schaum. East H C22 No More Hand Raising! Increasing Student Engagement Donna Whyte Schaumburg West C23 Ready, Set, READ! Deanna Jump Schaumburg East C24 Dancing Feet! Pattern and Sequence for Early Literacy Skills! Carole Stephens Expo Stage

    ID# Session A 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Presenter(s) Location Session Information: Thursday, March 3rd

    Courageous Learning Schaumburg East/West

    Session B: 8:45 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.


  • D1 Brain Breaks Shari Sloane Utopia A D2 Rhyming, Reading, and Learning Kathy Griffin Utopia B D3 Differentiating Reading Instruction: Guided Reading in Kindergarten Melissa Leach Utopia C D6 Teaching with Rigor and Urgency without Teaching to the Test Jen Jones Nirvana A D8 Inquiry! Literacy Learning Through Noticing and Naming Christy Moore Knowledge D9 Delivering “Winning” Family/Parent Events Bev Schumacher Connection D10 Environmental Education Full STEAM Ahead Becky Lambert, Val Sage Prosperity D11 Literacy Link- Finding Science and Engineering in Books Jennifer VanDerMolen, Laura McCoy Innovation D12 Writing in Kindergarten: What Are You Waiting For? Kerry Fitzgerald, Leanne Jebens Nirvana C D13 Using Visual Work Task Systems within the Classroom Environment Shanna Rufener, Rebecca Leskowich Schaum. East F D14 A Multi-Sensory Introduction to Sight Words through Songs LaDonna Wicklund Imagination D16 Building a Reading Brain in PreK-1st Grade Jane Vallin Schaum. West A/B D17 Appy Hour Trevor Steinbach Schaum. West C D18 Early Childhood Professional Learning Communities Sue Mayernick, Vanessa Upton Schaum. West D D19 Problem Solving in Mathematics Jennie Winters, Kim William Epiphany D20 An Overview of KIDS Mary Ellen Wodzisz, Ruthann Ryan Schaum. East G D21 Social-Emotional Learning, Yoga and Mindfulness: A Strategic... Carla Tantillo Schaum. East H D22 Prop up your Centers Kim Adsit Schaumburg West D23 Ready, Set, READ! Deanna Jump Schaumburg East D24 Drawing Children Into Reading collaborates with High Scope... Wendy Halperin Expo Stage

    E1 Dynamic Conversations – Advancing Language through Student Talk Tonya Ward-Singer Utopia A E2 Move Over! Here Comes the MATH WALL! Kim Jordano Utopia B E4 Engaging Word Work and Interventions Deedee Wills Utopia D E5 Rock and Roll Kindergarten! Kurt Schwengel Euphoria E6 Transitions as Learning Opportunities Shawn Brown Nirvana A E9 Say Yes to the Mess! Bringing Literature to Life Through Art, Science... Lora Taylor, Becky Nau Schaum. West D E11 Interdisciplinary Units and Children’s Literature Melody Murphy Innovation E12 Families are a Part of Pre-K Environment Too! Kathy Young Knowledge E13 Cognitive Stages of Development Isnedy Escobar, Barbara Ayers Epiphany E14 Let’s SALSA and Accelerate English and Spanish Oral Language Skills Gloria Rojas Prosperity E15 Christmas Around the World Mikesell, Trummer-Imlah, Passfield Serenity E16 Practical Best Practices Strategies for Teaching & Relationship Building Maureen Collins Schaum. West A/B E17 Easy as 1-2-3: Developing Early Numeracy Skills to Parallel Early Literac


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