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    Title of your assignment: An Action Plan to enhance the learning of Geometry among the students of grade 9 of Murlidhar High School, Rajkot.

    Your name and the name of your institution: Dr. Atul Vyas

    Murlidhar High School, Rajkot (Gujarat) I N D I A.

    The name of your mentor: Dr.K.Pushpanadham

    The date: 23, NOVEMBER, 2012

    How many students will your action research project have an impact on? 50

    Statement of Originality

    I hereby declare that the action research project entitled An Action Plan to enhance

    The learning of Geometry among the students of grade 9 of Murlidhar High School,

    Rajkot. Presented in this submission to the British Council for GTA (Global Teacher

    Accreditation) is entirely my own and all the work is original. To the best of my knowledge

    no work of this type has been reported on the above subject, since I have discovered new

    Relation of facts, this work can be considered to be contributory to the advancement of

    Knowledge in the field of teaching mathematics.

    Place: RAJKOT-I N D I A

    Date: 25th May 2013 (Dr Atul Vyas)




    I am highly obliged and express my gratitude to Dr K. Pushpanandham who guided me for the present Action research. Throughout my research work he has been very generous in extending scholarly help by giving his valuable time. I extend my humble thanks towards British Council for giving me opportunity to take part in GTA-2012. I wish to express my gratitude to my principal Mr Niren Jani and my trustee Mr Darshit Jani for their full support during the time of research. I am also thankful to my colleagues for their support to carry out my activities and experiments. I wish to extend my thanks to Ms Anju Mehta, (Senior Project Manager Schools-Teacher Development British Council) who actively involved herself to document the Action research. Last but not least I am bound to thank my students for their continuous support in every step of the research.



    Section 1: Preparing for your enquiry

    1.1 Briefly describe your working context Rajkot is a capital of saurashtra region part of Gujarat state my school SHRI MURLIDHAR HIGH SCHOOL is a leading grant-in-aid school which is run by local trust and we have mix qualities of students most of the students are from middle class and lower middle class families. Besides these every year we are able to manage better result at 10th grade. I have been working there since 1993 as a mathematics teacher and teaching students of 8 to 10 grades. I am writer and reviewer of Gujarat State Board Text-book of grade 9th and 10th. I have been working as a state key resource person for the in-service training of the maths teachers since 2001. I have done significant work in the field of mathematics in Gujarat state and my work was praised by former president Honourable DR A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM SIR at Ahmadabad in the SSJA programme. I have worked as an expert in Maths Improvement programme [Three years compact] in the Saurashtra and Kutch secondary school Maths improvement and capacity building programme of maths teachers organized by G.C.E.R.T. I have organized first ever MATHS FAIR [ganit mela] for the school students and as well as for the teachers of Gujarat State. It was three day programme held on 20 to 22nd December, 2002 since then the state level and national level MATHS FAIR organized by the All India Ramanujan Maths Club all over the India. I was given best teacher award at national book fair, Rajkot on 12th October, 2003 by DR. Katheriya sir, H’ble HRD minister, NEW DELHI, Central Government of India. I have presented many educational research papers at international, national & state level too. I have participated at 3rd NATIONAL CONVENTION ON QUALITY CIRCLES IN EDUCATION 21-26 August, 2006, at Republic of Mauritius 1.2 Analyse your starting point As I have mentioned I am teaching mathematics for the last 19 years in my long journey in the field of education I found that 8th and 9th grade students are weak in mathematics and particularly weak in Geometry and even I studied that it was general problem around me so I analysis that problem that students are not understand Geometry properly because our teaching method generally based on talk & chalk method so students can't understand proper concepts of Geometry.



    There are many learning difficulties in geometry but mainly I found that when I taught most of the students kept themselves busy in imagine about the concepts because they did not understand concept only with the help of figures which I have drawn on the black- board . It seems that the traditional teaching methods are not appropriate for learning geometry. I have much knowledge to making models of Geometry but I used it only for fun and Maths-fair activities so I have prepared strategies to teach Geometry through special teaching programme which consist models and origami-art of paper folding. For the purpose I select Grade 9th 50 students among the group 25 boys and 25 girls. I will consider their 1st semester (June to October-2012) mathematics marks as the pre-test and then I will apply special teaching programme in the 2nd semester (December-2012 to March-2013) Through Special teaching programme I expect the following points.. * Students can get 3D view of the figures so understand concepts clearly. * Teaching –learning will be more interesting and effective. * Leaning by doing (Kinaesthetic Approach) * Activity Based Learning * we can develop strategy that learning will be done.... Knowledge → Understanding→ Application→ Skill 1.3 What do you hope will change as a result? I hope that after implementation of the special teaching programme students learn more interestingly and also actively participate in the models and origami activities. Students will enjoy the strategies of learning by doing and through special teaching programme they will gain mastery in understanding concepts of Geometry. So teaching –learning process will become more effective and interesting too. Even I hope that learning through activities will be long lasting and more applicable. 1.4 Access to mentoring DR Pushpanandham, Associate Professor in Educational Administration and Member of the Senate at M.S. University, Baroda and also Visiting Professor at Arhus University, Denmark, is my mentor I feel lucky to have mentor like him.



    As personal meeting at Mumbai on 9th October I am quiet impress with DR Pushpanadham Karanam’s knowledge in the field of research. After that I had many conversations with him through e-mail and with his tips and comments I am preparing my proposed action research plan then he suggest me to focus on the problem, find the reasons and prepare strategies. he is very kind and co-operative so he assured me to available on line 24×7. 1.5 What is the focus for your learning? How and why did you decide upon this? What do you already know about this area from accessing the knowledge base including theories or research? What do you hope to learn? Why did you choose this focus e.g. whole-school, faculty or class focus, something you saw in your partner school, personal interest and development, to provide evidence of impact for a funded project? How did discussion with your mentor help you to decide on and sharpen up your learning focus? I will focus on activity based learning and prepare programme of teaching Geometry to 9th grade students in the 2nd semester. For the action research I will select one class of STD 9th after implementation of the programme I will conduct post test and then calculating effectiveness of the new strategies for teaching Geometry. 1.6 Are you aware of any ethical issues which you need to take into account? , I am very much aware for ethical issues in my action research my school is a co- education school so I will choose one class which consist 25 boys and 25 girls. I will take their 1st semester's mathematics marks as a pre-test and will take 2nd semester's mathematics marks as a post-test. I have selected my class without taking consideration of caste and creed. I will take consent from my principal and school management. I will also make the parents aware of the project. 1.7 What diversity / equal opportunities have you identified in relation to e.g. gender, ethnicity, language, or disability? I will provide same activities to the 25 boys & 25 girls in the class-room. I have different kind of students in the class-room some are slow-learner but having skill to making models quickly on the other hand some are fast-learner but having less skill to making models. I will create equal oppo