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No calipers, no scales! Information on body fat assessments using ultrasound technology.


  • Ultrasound-technology bodyfat assessmentS

    How does it work? Ultrasound may sound intimidating, but if youve ever heard an echo youre a long way to understanding how this technology measures accurate fat-tissue thickness. Ultrasound waves

    travel in tissue and then record strong reflections that occur at the boundary of different tissue types, for

    example, fat-muscle and muscle-bone.

    What are the advantages of Ultrasound testing over other methods?

    The Ultrasound System has been found to be more accurate than skin fold calipers and Bio-electrical

    impedance devices (such as electronic scales). Skin fold calipers require extensive user skill, and BIA

    devices are sensitive to hydration, caffeine intake and exercise levels. Ultrasound technology is easy to

    use, non-invasive, and the measurements are not affected by any of the above factors, therefore providing

    consistent results.

    Compared to Skinfold Calipers and Bathroom/electronic scales:

    Calipers measure Skin folds, NOT Fat thickness. Skin fold thickness measurements can be 1.5 3 times the true fat thickness. Unfortunately the scale only gives us half the story. It tells us how much weight is

    being measured but it does not tell us our health, body composition or progress in that single number.

    Ultrasound-technology bodyfat testing is used by Elite Sporting Clubs such as:


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