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<p>Tecnic Photo Album</p> <p>This template can be used as a starter file for a photo album.</p> <p>1New state of the art repairs IntroducingThe ultimate tyre repairing solutionnext2Tyre nomenclature Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1next3</p> <p>Areas and function</p> <p>This rubber provides the interface between the tyre structure and the road. Primary purpose is to provide traction and wearMODULE 1Tread See related topicnext4</p> <p>Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1belt packageBelt plies, especially steel, provide strength to the tyre, stabilize the tread, and protect the air chamber from punctures.nextSee related topic5</p> <p>TREAD &amp; BELT REPLACEMENTS Partial Tread lift Re-grooving Partial belt replacements in the steel belt package under tread area is now possible with the new tecnic repairing sytem and Re-grooved to match the tread pattern .</p> <p>Damaged belt package Tread Area </p> <p>nextBack6</p> <p>Workmanship and materials are essential for professional repairs, why use sub standards on your valuable tyres. Cheap and Poor repairs are the common cause in vehicle downtimes Poor workmanship Sidewall condition : improper repairMost often causeWatch out for this! </p> <p>Failed - injury not removed 16Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1Structural ply The structural ply (body ply), together with the belt plies, contains the air pressure of the tyre. The ply transmits all load, braking, and steering forces between the wheel and the tyre tread.</p> <p>nextSee related topic8</p> <p>Implants allow you to repair the structural plies one by one, conforms, and guarantees flexibility of your tyres without causing heat build up in service as it flexes with the tyre rather than against it Sidewall implant processSteel in uncured rubberBlends in with liner</p> <p>Original steel cables replaced Sidewall Area inner linernextBack9</p> <p>Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1Inner liner A layer of rubber in tubeless tires specially compounded for resistance to air diffusion. The liner in the tubeless tire replaces the innertube of the tube-type tyre. Any damage to this renders it useless from further repairnext10</p> <p>Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1SIDEWALL The sidewall rubber is specially compounded to withstand flexing and weathering while providing protection for the structural ply</p> <p>nextSee related topic7Areas and function</p> <p>MODULE 1Bead reinforcementA ply laid over the structural ply turnup outside of the bead that reinforces and stabilizes the bead-to-sidewall transition zonenextSee related topic12</p> <p>You can now wrap steel on turn-ups to reinforce the damaged areas too close to the beads, which is detrimental to the ply structure</p> <p> Bead wrap process Bead Area Turn-up Steel ply wrapedBead reinforcement ply</p> <p>nextBack</p> <p>you can now repair various extreme sidewall conditions thanks to the unique flexible steel implant as used in the manufacture of new tyresSidewall injurySidewall condition : impact break+14 wires damaged Extending towards Bead </p> <p>Would you throw this? nextBack15</p>