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Gas Turbine, Start up, KAPCO, function charts, Siemens, V 94.2, Combined Cycle, with system drawings


Start-up procedure for GT 1,2Presented by: Fazal-ur-Rehman Babar Principal Engineer KAPCO Technical Training

Start up Step Wait Monit 1 0 10 s Step Wait Monit 2 0 8s CommandsSLC Gen Auxiliaries SLC Oil Pumps SLC Jacking oil pump Emer bear oil pump SLC Turning gear SLC gen cooling water pumps Excitation Synchronizing Turning Gear valve Voltage Controller All above commands feed back Press beh main oil pumps Main lube oil pump-1 Oil vapor extractor fan on on on on off on on off close on ok >min (e.g. 3.5 bar) on on

Ch. backs

Step Wait Monit 3 0 200 s Step Wait Monit 4 0 4s

Commands Ch. back Commands

HSD Shut off valve MBN10AA015 open HSD Shut off valve MBN10AA015 open Lifting sol emerg trip Control oil pump Lube oil cool fans Pr monit 1 trip act Pr governing oil energized on on > min > min

Ch. backs Step Wait Monit 5 4s 4s Commands

Emergency bearing oil pump off SFC Frequency convertor prepare SLC Forw pps (if fuel oil selected) on All above commands feed back ok

Ch. back

Step Wait Monit 6 0 5s Fuel oil selected Step Wait Monit 7 60 s 60 s Fuel gas selected

Commands Ch. backs

Ignition gas sol valve-1 BYP flush valve CCL/CCR Pr ign gas beh sol valve-1 All air bleed/blow off valves HSD forwarding pumps FO Start up pr limit valve FO Recirculation valve Shut down return valve Dosing system FO injection pump FG globe/shut off vv CCL FG globe/shut off vv CCR FG line vent valve All above commands feed back SFC (Breaker Close)

open close >min open on on pos to tank close on on open open close ok on


Step Wait Monit 8 0 20 s

Commands Ch. back

Step Wait Monit 9 0 40 s Fuel oil Fuel gas


Step Wait Monit 10 0 40 s

Commands Ch. back

FO comb globe valve CCL FO comb globe valve CCR All above commands feed back Turbine speed Ignition gas sol valve-2 SLC Turning gear Main lube oil pump-2 pr ign gas sol v-2 All above commands feed back Run-Up unit Solenoid valve FO ESV FO ESV FO return shut off valve Run-Up unit Solenoid valve FG ESV FG ESV

open open ok > 480 rpm open on off >min ok raise open >0% open raise open >0%

Step Wait Monit 11 6s 6s Fuel oil Fuel gas


Ch. back Commands Ch. back

Step Wait Monit 12 0 25 s

Step Wait Monit 13 0 10 s

Commands Ch. back

Step Wait Monit 14 0 12 s Step Wait Monit 15 0 30 s Step Wait Monit 16 0 170 s Step Wait Monit 17 0 50 s Step Wait Monit 18 5 s 5 s

Commands Ch. back Commands Ch. back Commands Ch. back Commands Ch. back Commands

Run-up unit Flame GTRB governor Run-up unit Ign gas sol valves 1&2 Turbine speed Run-up unit Turbine speed SFC Run-up unit Turbine speed Run-up unit Excitation Main lube oil pump-2 Emer bear oil pump Excitation Run-up unit

raise on not fault raise close >900rpm raise >2100 rpm off raise >2850 rpm raise on off off on raise

Ch. back Step Wait Monit 19 0 1s Commands Synchr breaker on

Step Wait Monit 20 0 200 s

Commands Ch. back

Run-up unit Synchronizing Gen cool water fans # 1-4 Synchr breaker Run-up unit Gen cool water fans # 5-8 Run-up unit Unit Auxiliary Speed changer Run-up unit

raise on on on raise on raise change over 100% open

Step Wait Monit 21 2 s 2 s Step Wait Monit 22 2 s 40 s

Commands Commands Ch. back

Step Wait Monit 23 0 0

Start up sequence complete

Lube Oil System

Oil from trip oil system at 9 barHydraulic Governor or Converter Orifice MBX 51 BP 021 Orifice MBX 51 BP 011 MBX 50 BY 001 MBX 51 BY 001

Control System P & I Diagram of Control OilSpeed set point adjustor

Electric Signal from Electric Governor


MBX 61 CP 501


Hydraulic Signal of Secondary Oil

Actuator of Control Valve

Control Valve

MBX 61 AA 501

Turning Gear Rotordiaphragm MBX 51 BY 002 Run Up device MBX 61 CS 001 MBX 52 CP 511

Secondary oil for Fuel Gas

Closing of Follow-up piston

Secondary oil for Fuel Oil

Drain MBV10BB001

Governor Impeller

MBX 26 AA 051

MBX 26 AA 052

Lube oil system To trip oil system at over speed boltMBX 52 AA 512

MBX 21 BB 001 KA 04 MBX 21 BB 001 MBX 21 BB 001 KA 03 MBX 21 AA 051 MBX 20 MBX 20 MBX 20 AA 501 AA 051 BT 001 MBV10 BB001 MBX 21 BP 001 MBX 21 BB 001 KA 01

Nitrogen filling MBX 21 BB 001 KX 01

MBX 25 BP 011

MBX 52 Oil Control BY 011

EHC for Fuel Valve

MBN 53 AA001MBX 52 BP 011

MBX 52 AA 110 MBX 21 CP 011 MBX 21 AA 301 MBX 52 AA 321 MBX 21 CP 511 MBX 21 AA 511

MBX 21 BB 001 KA 02

Drain to lube oil tank

MBX 25 BP 012 Drain MBV10BB001

Fuel oil control valve MBN13 AA001 To FO ESV (See Trip oil drawing)

MBX 21 Control oil / AP 011 Booster oil pump

Trip Oil System

MBX 52 CP 521

MBX 25 BP 021

MBX 52 EHC for Fuel BY 021 Gas Control

MBP 13 AA 002MBX 52 BP 021

Control oil Secondary oil Primary oil Fuel oil return (controlled) Fuel Gas


Opening of Follow-up piston

Drain MBV10BB001

MBX 52 AA 120

MBX 25 BP 022 Drain MBV10BB001

Fuel gas control valve

To Gas ESV (See Trip oil drawing)

MBP13 AA001


Thrust bearing trip

MBA 10 CG 011

GT Rotor

No Flame; Over speed Compressor surging Vibrations > limit Bearing Temperature High Turbine Temperature High Gas Turbine Trip Release oil pressure low Lube Start-up Shut down Program External Criteria Operation: Ignition Fuel Shut-off i.e. Step 54 i.e. Step 9 resp. 12 Closed Open Emergency MBX 41 push button GS 511 Solenoid valve remote trip MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil TankMBX 41 AA 001

Automatic Trip GearMBA 10 AA 010

Overspeed bolts or Emergency governors

MBX 23 AA 001

Pressure gaugeMBX 35 CP 501

MBA 10 CG 001 MBA 10 CG 002

Throttle valve

MBX 22 AA 001

Test system for Overspeed MBX 35 BoltsAX 001

MBV10 BB001

MBX 41 AA 002

MBX 41 GS 501 MBX 41 AA 501

MBX 41 CP 501

Self latch piston

MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil Tank

Change over valve

Hydraulic actuator for ESV

MBN 13 AA 001

MBN 13 CP 401

MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil Tank

MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil TankMBX 41 CP 001


MBX 41 AA 301MBX 41 CP 002


Solenoid valve for ESV

MBX 41 AA 302

Hydraulic actuator for ESV

MBP 13 AA 001

MBP 13 CP 401

MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil Tank

MBP 13 AA 001A



Solenoid valve for ESV


MBP 13

GT 1, 2 Safety & Protective Equipment P & I Diagram Trip Oil

MBV10 BB001 Lube Oil Tank


Left Combustion Chamber

1MBN21 AA001 Glob valve CC left 1MBN21 AA002 Flushing valve 1MBN22 AA002 Flushing valve

Right Combustion Chamber1MBN22 AA001 Glob valve CC right

1MBN51 AA001 Return shut off valve

1MBN13 AA001 (ESV) Emergency/FO Stop ValveM

1MBN13 AA003 FO filling valve 1MBN13 AA031

1MBN53 AA001 Return FO control valve 1MBN20 AA002 Sol valve leakage line

Thermometer Drain to Leak oil tank

1MBN12 AA031 1MBN12 AA021 1MBN01 AP002 Low range pump MBN12AA011 Startup Pressure limit valve 1MBN12 AP011 Fuel injection pump 1MBN73 AA001 Shut down return valve 1MBN11 AA001 Drain to Leak oil tank Open during HSD operation 1MBN03 AP002 High range pump Mixing chamber Opens during flushing or FO operation Pressure relief valveM

1MBN12 AA011 (Purging valve)

1MBN01 AP001 Low range pump Dosing point

1MBN10 AA015 HSD shutoff valve 1MBN03 AP001 High range pump Pressure relief valve 1MBN70 AA017 BFO recirculation valve

1MBN70 AA015 FO shutoff valve

1MBN55 AA001 Fuel recirculation valve 1MBN60 AP001 Leak oil pump

Flow Monitor

Inhibitor dosing incoming from FOTPs

HSD incoming


1EGD50 BR030 To Injection Skid

Fine Filters

1EGD50 BR040 Return Line from Injection Skid

1EGC51 AP001 AT002 AT002 1EGC51 AT001

1EGC52 AP0011EGC52 AT001



1EGD50 BR060 Furnace oil return to treated tanks

1EGD50 BR010 Furnace oil from treated tanks

2.5 bar

7.0 bar


GT 1, 2: FO Forwarding, Injection & Inhibitor Dosing system1MBN60 AP002 Leak oil pump HSD return line 1MBN55 AA003 Fuel oil return valve

1MBN00 BQ001 Inhibitor dosing storage tank

1MBN10 AA022 Isolating valve

Leak oil tank

1EKD20BP001 Gas Scrubber


1EKE10AA004 1EKE10CF001 1EKE10AA007 To GT-1



1EKD10AA002 Pressure reducer 1EKE10AT002 Gas Filter 2EKD20BP001 Gas Scrubber





2EKE10AA004 2EKE10CF001 2EKE10AA007 To GT-2


2EKD10AA002 Pressure reducer 2EKE10AT002 Gas Filter



GT 1,2: Fuel Gas Handling System (Off base) Gas Pressure Reducing, Filtering and Measuring Skid

MBP 15

AA 002 MBP 15

AA 001 MBP 21

AA 002

MBP 21 AA 001

MBP13 CP003

1MBP21 AA001 Glob valve CC left

Left Combustion Chamber


MBP 21

MBP13AA002 Gas Control Valve


AA 003 MBP 22

AA 002

Gas from off base system

Strainer Filter

MBP 22 AA 001MBP 22

MBP13AA001 Emergency Stop Valve




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