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Start Up Start Up THE JOURNEY BEGINS ... A story about starting a small business ... Join me on the road to success!

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The journey begins... A story about starting a small business in South Africa. Translated into all 11 official languages. Read together with Start Up 1 Step-by-Step Workbook. For more information contact Neil Verlaque-Napper ([email protected]).


  • Start UpStart UpTHE JOURN

    EY BEGINS ... A story


    starting a small busi

    ness ...

    Join me on the road to success!

  • Dear Reader

    Welcome! Starting your own small business is a big decision. It takes commitment, creativity and a lot of hard work. But, oh, the rewards! Being your own boss. Being in control of your life. Learning new skills and growing to your full potential. Creating job opportunities. Not to mention making your own money!

    Some of us start small businesses because we have no other way to make money. Or we start our own businesses because we have a passion to work for ourselves. But whoever we are, and whatever our reasons for wanting to start our own businesses, we all need guidance.

    Where do I start? How do I think of a business idea? How do I know if my idea is a good one? What do I need to start my business? How can I make sure Im going to make a profit? How much money do I need to start my business? How do I promote my business? How do I keep control of the money?

    These are all questions you need to ask, and answer, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Helping you to find answers to these questions is the business of the Small Enterprise Development Agency (seda). seda works with small business support organisations throughout the country to bring training and other small business services within everyones reach.

    To promote entrepreneurship and to encourage people to use the services of small business support organisations, seda is sponsoring the distribution of this edition of Start Up. This inspiring story has already motivated and helped thousands of small business people.

    We hope you enjoy the story, and we urge you to contact a local small business support organisation in your area to get your own copy of the Start Up Step-by-Step Guidelines - the next step on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

    Your journey is just beginning... We wish you success and good fortune.

  • Start UpStart Up

    Start Up is published by Junior Achievement South Africa

    ISBN 0 9583890 6 3Copyright 1998-2013

    Junior Achievement & StoryWorks


    ... A story about

    starting a small busi

    ness ...

    Hi! Im Dudu. Come on in! Ive been

    waiting for you.

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    Junior AchievementPO Box 61540,

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    Special thanks to the Eskom Development Foundation for financial assistance towards the development of this resource.

  • 2


    Gogo Langahas two sons: Wilson

    and Wiseman. She lives with Wilsons family.

    MamLangalooks after the family while Wilson is away

    from home.

    Wilson Langahas been away from home for a long time, working in the city.

    Wiseman Langais known to everyone as Uncle Chicken. Dudu is his daughter.

    Leratois 14 years old.

    She is in Grade 9.

    Zakheleis 8 years old.

    He is in Grade 1.Vuyo

    is the Langas first born. He is very practical with

    his hands.

    Duduis a single mother. She is a very determined and creative person.

  • Mama! Gogo! Its Uncle Chicken!

    Hello, Mama. How is your arthritis?

    Oh, its good to see you, my son. You must be tired.

    Come inside.

    Aah, my granddaughter. Shes growing so big!

    Yo, Baba! You know your daughter! Dudu is always busy. Today she is at a Start Your

    Own Business seminar.

    Child, fetch a cold drink for your uncle.

    Tell me, what news of my husband do you bring from

    the city?

    Ma, my news is not good.

    This is news your son Vuyo must hear as well.

    Vuyo! Come here!

    And how is my brothers wife and children? You all look well.

    MamLanga, where is my daughter?



  • 4

    Wilson has lost his job. The company he worked for has


    Hau!This is bad


    Many companies are closing. Many people are

    losing their jobs.

    He sent this money to you, Mama. But there will be no more money until he finds another job.

    He is staying in the city to look for a job. I am


    Oh, Mama, what are we going to

    do? This is terrible news.

    It will be hard, my child but at least we still have

    my pension.

    Meanwhile, Dudu is at a seda Start Your Own Business seminar

    There just arent enough jobs

    Maybe starting a

    businesses is the only way we can earn the money

    we need.

    Okay, lets continue.

    You all remember our definition of business ...

    Business is a process that takes resources and turns them into products that you can sell to

    consumers for a profit.

    But there are so many different types

    of businesses ...

    Yes, there are. But most businesses

    fall into three categories. Can

    anyone think what they are?

  • 5

    Sometimes people make

    things and then sell them...

    err... like food or knitting.

    Yes. Thats what we call a manufacturing


    Some people dont make anything,

    but they do something. Like driving a taxi, or

    washing cars or mending


    Yes, we call that a service


    There is also trading.

    Yes! In a trading business, the entrepreneur

    buys things and then sells them for a profit.

    Back at the Langas yard Son, please have some food before

    you leave.

    Thank you, Mama. I will stay

    for a while.

    How are things with you, Vuyo, my boy?

    Uncle, things are heavy.

    You know, Ive been looking

    for work since I finished matric for more than two years!

    I even did a course in basic

    bookkeeping - but wherever I go:

    Awukho umsebenzi!

    I am very frustrated, Baba.

    Meanwhile, at the seminar ...

    What makes a good entrepreneur?

    He must want to be

    his own boss.

    She must be creative.

    She must have a

    vision for her business.

    She must be able to look after money.

    He must have perseverance ... staying power.

  • 6

    He must conquer his fear and take risks.

    She must work hard. She cant be


    Thats me!I have all these characteristics.

    Everyone can be an entrepreneur. You

    dont have to be born a money-maker. You can become one!

    Take this book. It will help you start and grow your business.

    Come and see me if you need help.

    I could make clothes

    I could start a cleaning service

    I could start my own shop

    I could

    and the childrens school fees! We have to do


    Mama, I dont know where or how, but I

    will find a job.

    Our ancestors will help us!

    Oh, Dudu. Your father was here. He brought us

    bad news

    Later Maybe we should think about starting our own


    Agh, Dudu! We dont know about business!

    That night Dudu stays up late, reading ...

    We can do this!

    But, can I really become an entrepreneur?

  • 2CHAPTERYou slept late, Dudu, my dear.

    I was up half the night reading

    We can do it! I know we can. This book shows us the way.

    Agh, Dudu, you're not a businessman. You and your crazy ideas!

    Okay, were not business people... yet! But we can be! We must start thinking

    like entrepreneurs.

    Start our own business? Im not so sure, Dudu.

    What is it that you want

    us to do?

    The book says the first thing we need to do is to think of a business idea. Think about what people need.

    What they want.

    Tsk, Dudu! Where are you going to find a

    business idea?


  • Well, if anyone wants hot dinner tonight, we need more electricity!

    And I must pay our rates and


    Yo! Yo! Yo! The money just goes!

    Ill come with you, Ma.

    Vuyo, come with us. We can talk more about our

    business idea.

    Ja, sure. Maybe we can start a casino for the unemployed!

    Please, Vuyo, take this seriously!

    Lets give Dudu a chance.

    People need their clothes washed. Maybe we can start a laundry service?

    Its so dusty here. Maybe we can do peoples gardens

    There are all these small businesses I wonder if they need someone to do

    their books?

    Good idea, Vuyo. You see, its not so hard to think of

    business ideas.

    People always need vegetables and fruit. Maybe we can set up a stall in town.

    Gogo and I can weave baskets. People always admire our designs.


    Maybe! Maybe! Maybe! Duduzile, youre wasting my


    Yo! That boy! Hes so bad tempered these days.

    Hes frustrated,


    Well carry on. The book says that once weve

    thought of some business ideas, we need to do a feasibility study.

    A feasi-what?


  • We need to work out if our ideas are feasible,

    Mama. Can they work?

    People do their own laundry here, so there would be no market

    for that service.


    Yes, market - people to buy the services or the

    products we offer.

    And most people are not interested in fancy


    Anyway, we dont have the skills to offer a gardening service.

    And we dont have the resources, like a lawnmower and gardening tools.

    So that leaves your basket idea, Vuyos bookkeeping idea, and my fruit

    and vegetable stall idea.

    Great! Weve got 3 business ideas!

    Tomorrow we need to research our ideas properly. The book says we need to ask three important questions ...

    What questions?

    First: Do we have a market for our product or


    Second: Do we have the skills we need to start the business, or can we get them?

    And third: Do we have the resources we

    need to start the business, or can we get them?

    Yo! Research, resources, markets! Dudu, youre driving

    me crazy! And I suppose you want me to ask Vuyo

    to research his bookkeeping idea,



  • The next day ...

    I dont keep books.

    I dont make

    enough money!

    Only a certificate in basic bookkeeping.

    Sorry, I need someone with more


    Agh, Dudu and her book! Shes driving me crazy!

    Meanwhile People will buy them, Gogo. Everyone loves them. And we have the resources. Theres plenty of grass

    But Im slow, my child. My fingers are


    We can teach people, Gogo. Like you taught me.

    Im going to town. We need to do our market research.

    Hau! Where are we going to

    find a husband for this girl?

    So little!?

    My dear, many people are making these baskets. And I can get them even cheaper

    from Taiwan. Im sorry.

    Its only tourists and people from Gauteng who like this stuff. My customers dont want these

    grassy things!

    Try Bhamjee, dear. He sells anything.

    Ill give you R100 for 50. Thats my best offer.

    But it takes a whole day to make one basket

    Well, theres definitely no market for our

    baskets! I hope Mamas research is more fruitful.


  • MamLanga arrives in town.

    Yo! There are so many people selling fruit and vegetables here!

    Hmm, thats a nice display. Its clear what the prices


    Theyre all selling the same things!

    Thats a nice idea for packaging

    Sisi, these vegetables are good quality. Where do you buy them from?

    Thank you, Sisi. I buy

    from the wholesalers on

    Main Road. Theyre the


    and its fresh every day.

    Everybody knows me for my


    The prices are good But where am I going to sell?

    Later Oh, these bags are so heavy. And my

    poor feet

    I hate carrying all my shopping from town. The

    drivers are so rude!

    You should bring your husband.

    Excuse me, ladies.If you could buy good

    quality fruit and vegetables in the township, would

    that help you?

    Oh, yes. It would help me a lot.

    Yes. But the prices must be good!

    Old Mnisi sells near the rank. But his vegetables are like him: old and

    dried out!


  • I will buy from you.

    Good quality and low price! Then Ill buy from you as well.

    Hmm theres an opportunity here. Mnisi. This is


    Take itor leave it!

    Are you waiting for someone, MamLanga?

    No Ill walk home with you.

    Good luck!

    Mama! How was your day?

    Very, very good, my child.

    Were going to start a fruit and vegetable stall at the taxi rank here in the


    Where is Vuyo?

    Hes playing soccer with his friends ... he came home in

    a very bad mood.

    Shame. Dudu, how was your

    market what?

    Market research. Not good, Mama. There is no market for our baskets.

    Yo! I spoke to so many people! They need a goodfruit and vegetable stall here, so they dont have to carry

    everything from town

    So, we have a market, and we have the skills to buy and sell fruit

    and vegetables

    And with the money Wilson sent, and my small savings,

    we have the money to start.

    Hey! Were going to be business


    But, Mama, we still have a lot of planning to do. The book says

    Oh, my child, not tonight. Im

    too tired.


  • 3CHAPTERHey, Ma!

    Where are you going? You didnt

    tell me

    Im going to town to withdraw all my money from the post office. Im going to buy the fruit and


    All your money? Yes

    See you later.

    Wait, Mama, wait!

    Youre moving too fast, Mama!

    We have to crawl before we can run.

    We have to plan the

    business, like the book says ...

    Tsk! What planning?!

    Seriously, Mama. We have important questions to ask ...

    What more now, Dudu? What questions?

    Well, like where will you buy your


    How much will you buy?

    How much are you going to


    Where will you store your produce? How will you

    transport them?

    Can you answer all these


    I see your point, child.

    Back at home ...

    Okay, Mama, lets work through our Business Plan

    slowly and carefully.

    First question is: Who will your market be?

    Well, well put our stall at the township taxi rank. So, Ill be selling to local people on their

    way to and from work.

    So, youve decided on the local taxi-rank?

    Yes, theres a real need for a stall here in the township.Maybe later I can think of a second stall in town ...

    Now youre thinking like a true business



  • And: What will you be selling?

    Yo! All these questions!Ill sell what people use every

    day: tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cabbage, apples,

    bananas ...

    Okay. Then: What resources will you need?

    You have some money to buy the produce. What else? Youll need a table and chair. And a place

    to store them.

    Good point. Ill use that old table and chair. And Ill speak to Mrs Ndlovu about storing them in her yard. She

    lives very close to the rank.

    About transporting the produce from town I can ask Mr Ramogodi

    to transport it in his taxi.

    We can store the produce here, but how will I get it to the stall

    every day?

    Yo! This is getting complicated! What other resources will my business


    Bags to pack the fruit and vegetables in.

    And, Mama: Where will you buy

    your produce?

    From the wholesalers in town. Their produce is good, but I dont know who has the best prices ...

    We must go and find out.

    We need to know what the produce costs, and what the packaging,

    transport, and storage will cost. Ill come with you, Mama.

    Aish! All these taxis to town are eating my


    Mama, the book says it is very important to do

    good research and to plan carefully.

    We still need more information ...


  • 15

    Your prices are the same as at Mr


    Mrs Langa, if you buy from me, Ill give you free paper bags. And Ill deliver directly to your house for only R10 per delivery. This is a good

    deal. Trust me.

    Hes friendly and he seems


    Yes, hes offering us a good deal. And Ill save on taxi

    fare if he delivers.

    The post office is still open. Im going to withdraw the


    But, Mama, we havent worked out

    our pricing.

    We havent organised storage with

    Mrs Ndlovu yet.

    We havent thought of a way of transporting the

    produce to and from the stall.

    We havent ...

    Ohh, all right, Dudu!

    But all this planning is making me frustrated. When can I start?!

    As soon as we have worked out what everything is going to cost how much you are going to charge and how much

    profit you are going to make.

    There is no point in starting a business if it isnt going to make


    And to do that, I suppose we need more information and more planning. N?


  • Later that evening

    Yo! I dont understand this - expenses and profit and what-what


    This is all new to me, too.

    Vuyo! Can you please help us

    with this?

    Sure. At least someone needs

    my help!

    Lets see ... This is the basic profit formula: Profit equals total income less total expenses.

    Vuyo, the book says profit is the most important word in


    Thats right, sisi. Profit is what business is for.

    The first thing we need to do is to work out

    your expenses.

    Expenses are all the money that you have to pay to run the business. Like rent, transport, and salaries.

    And the margin?

    Dudu, the margin is the amount you add to the cost price of your product to get your selling price.

    Buti, Im still confused. I need to read this chapter

    of our book again.

    Dont worry, sisi. Its really simple. You just need to get used

    to all these new ideas and words.

    I am beginning to think Im too old

    for all this!


  • 4CHAPTERShoo, this is


    Dudus right. Looking at these numbers, this business

    can make a nice profit.

    Thabangs father has a welding machine...

    I wonder if hes awake ... I have an


    Later that morning ...

    Yo! Vuyo has been busy.

    Look at these calculations! Fixed Costs! Start-up Capital!

    Vuyo is going to have to explain all this.

    Morning, Gogo. Morning, Mama. Morning, Dudu.

    You look happy!

    Whats going on?

    I was just at Thabangs house. Hes going to help me to make a cart for Mamas business. Well borrow

    his fathers welding machine.

    Ohh! Youre a darling boy!

    So, Darling Boy, are you going to explain all these numbers to us? Im very

    curious ...


    Vuyo, take me through these numbers slowly. I need to understand everything.

    Okay, Mama. Think of what were doing as telling a story - the story of your business, and how its going to do

    in the future.

    Vuyo, thats great! Were writing our business story!


  • 18

    First we need to talk about expenses. There are fixed expenses and variable


    Fixed expenses stay the same every


    You mean like the R10 a month I will pay to Mrs Ndlovuto store the table and chair?

    Yes, Mama. And your salary, and any other regular

    monthly expenses for the business.

    So, what are the variable expenses?

    Your variable expenses are the expenses that change according to how well the business is doing

    For example, the more fruit and veg you sell, the more you have to buy.

    Hmm, this is fun. Im beginning to


    Sales Income is all the money that comes into the business from selling the

    product or service.

    I like the sound of income better than expenses.I want money to come into the business, not go out!

    Vuyo, what are these Labour Costs they talk about in the


    It is very important that Mama pays herself a salary.

    In any business, whether big or small, its important to

    separate the business money from your own money.

    A good, solid business must be able to pay the people who work

    in it, and still make a profit. If you dont include your labour as an expense, you cant see

    how well the business is doing.

    Oh, my head hurts with all this information. Lets have something

    to eat.




    Salary . . . .

    . R400

    Rent to Mrs

    Ndlovu for

    storing our

    table . . . . . .

    . . .R10

    Telephone (1

    /3 of our

    monthly acc

    ount) . . . . . .

    . . R30

    Electricity (

    1/3 of our

    monthly acc

    ount) . . . . . .

    . . R20

    Rates and S

    ervices (1/3

    of our month

    ly account) .

    . R30

    Transport (

    R10 per deliv


    x 4 deliverie

    s a month) .

    . R40

    TOTAL . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . .

    . R530

  • After eating ...

    So, Vuyo, whats this Cash Flow?

    Imagine the business as a bucket, and the money as water ...

    Oh, Id drink water all

    day long!When you start the business, you put some water in the bucket. Thats your start-up capital.

    When you pay for expenses, like vegetables and

    transport, you have to pour some of the water out.

    But when people buy the veggies from you, new water flows into the bucket. This is


    This in-and-out of income and expenses is called

    Cash Flow.

    I want my bucket full all the time!

    Vuyo. Explain this Start-up Capital?

    Start-up Capital is the money you need before

    you can start the business - to buy the things you will

    use for a long time, like equipment and machinery

    and, of course, the money you need to buy your first lot of produce.

    Well, if allour calculations are correct, this business is going to make


    Now tell me: Can we start? Can I buy my vegetables now?



    Mama, ask Patel to deliver in two days time. The cart will be

    ready by then.

    And Ill need R10 to pay

    Mrs Ndlovu for storage.

    Ill phone Patel.

    Haai, this bucket is getting empty


    And Ill need R50 to buy some materials.


    START-UP CAPITALCart to transport fruit and

    veg from home to stall R50Rent to Mrs Ndlovu . . . R10

    Patels first delivery . . . R10Fruit and veg for first week . . . . . . . . . . R361

    TOTAL START-UP CAPITAL NEEDED . . . . . . . . . . . . R431

  • That afternoon ...

    Okay, I admit. Im feeling

    excited about this business.

    Its easy when you know how to plan.

    Yes, that book of yours really takes a person step-by-step.

    Just think of all the things we can do in the future!

    Well, first things first.

    Thabang and I are starting with the cart this evening ...

    Two days later ...

    ... seven, eight. Thats how many packets we get from one box of


    We packed them carefully so theyll stay nice and firm.

    Ive counted the onions - eight packets. Five packets

    of potatoes. And ten cabbages.

    And twelve apples Make that


    Hey! You cant do that. The book says we must keep very strict control of our stock.

    Okay, sisi. Sorry.

    I wont do it again.

    Lets go!


  • 21

    A packet of tomatoes, one of onions, and a cabbage, please.

    These are good quality onions and tomatoes. Ill have a packet of


    Your prices are reasonable. And its a pleasure to buy from people who smile and greet you.


    Business picked up a little this evening ...

    Yes, but people are still carrying packets of

    veg from town.

    They dont know were here yet.

    I was hoping wed sell


    Well, the book talks about the

    need to promote our business.

    Yes, we need to tell people about

    our stall.

    That evening Hmm, something smells good. Im

    going to help Gogo finish cooking ...

    So, how was your first day?

    I can tell you that your tomatoes are delicious!

    How do you know, Gogo?

    I took a packet from

    Hau, Mamazala! We must keep the business stock separate from our food for the family.

    Mama, you must write down the days


    Yes, we must work out how much money we


    Okay, Mama. Ill help you.

  • 5CHAPTERThe next morning ...

    Mama, Ive got an idea to promote your business ... All I need is a pocket of

    oranges okay?

    Uhh okay, Vuyo.

    Its so good to see Vuyo motivated again Starting

    this business has been good for him.

    Mama. We must remember to write down the cost of those oranges as a promotion expense.

    Heyta, gents! Ive got some fresh oranges for you.

    Compliments of MamLangas Fruit and Veg Stall.

    Please tell your passengers about the new stall. The produce is fresh and very

    good quality.

    Umm, these are good!

    Now, your passengers dont have to carry

    heavy bags all the way from town.

    Yes, Baba, well be here on

    Saturday too. Thatll be R8.00.

    All right, Miriam, you can pay me on Friday ...

    Mama! You know what the book says:

    No credit!

    Hau, Dudu! Ive known her for twenty-five years.

    Oh, this is too heavy for an old man like me ...

    Tata, let me help you carry it home.

    Tata, I was wondering: if we delivered vegetables to your house every week, would you place a regular order

    with us?

    My child, it would be a great help to me.

    Do you think other people would like their fruit and veg delivered on a regular basis?

    Well there are six pensioners in

    my street.

    And there is a man in a wheelchair who lives close by ...


  • 23

    Meanwhile ...

    The taxi-drivers say they will

    promote the stall!Thats


    Vuyo, the tomatoes are ripening too quickly in

    the sun.

    Let me see what I can do Ill put up some shade.

    Thanks, my boy.

    At home Theyre an hour late! This Patel is wasting my


    Tsk! Some of this produce is damaged! Look, these tomatoes are bruised. And

    these onions look old ...

    Later that afternoon

    Dudu, our promotion worked! Some

    customers said they heard about the stall from the taxi-drivers.

    I have a new idea but I still need to do more market research.

    Excuse me, Mfowethu. Im thinking of

    starting a Fruit and Veg Home Delivery Service. Would you use such a service?

    Yes, sisi. It

    would be very

    useful. I wont have

    to carry these bags

    all the way from


    Im not sure. Will it cost


    Yes, especially at weekends!

    You take care of the stall.I have to rush home. Patel is

    delivering ...

  • 24

    That evening

    Im so upset with Mr Patel. His service and the quality of his goods are


    I cant pass this on to my customers. Theyll never buy from me


    Shame, Mama.

    I think you should go and talk to him.

    Good relationships are very

    important in business...

    Go tomorrow, Ma. We will take care of the stall.

    Thats good advice.But now we must

    do our calculations. How full is my bucket?

    Later ... So, what do you think of my idea? A Home Delivery Service!

    Dudu, I think its really good. There are some real

    advantages, but

    Yes! We can get more customers

    and we can buy our fruit and veg cheaper if

    we buy in bulk.

    And we can make more money!

    Yeah, but are you sure you have a


    And what about resources? Youll need some kind of

    delivery vehicle ...

    Yes, Vuyo, youre right. I need to research this idea more.

    Tomorrow Ill go with Gogo to the council office. Its pension day.

  • 25

    The next day ... and Im sure the church would also use

    your service.

    And try the boarding school.

    Meanwhile, in town ...

    Mr Patel, I am not satisfied with your service. And some of the produce you sent was


    Mrs Langa, Im so sorry. It wont happen again.

    Trust me.

    Ill replace all the damaged goods. I

    really want to keepyour business.

    Thank you, Mr Patel.

    You know, the more my business grows, the more yours does too.

    Of course, Mrs Langa. Youre right.

    At the stall ...

    Heyta, bru! So, this is your new

    job, hey?

    Nie, Thabang! This is just temporary. You know me. I want a

    real job.

    But you know, these small businesses have real potential. My mother is beginning to see results,


    I just saw Dudu. She was talking about a delivery bicycle or something!

    She said I should come and speak to


    Yeah, Im glad you came.

    Ive made some drawings

  • That evening ... Mama. Vuyo and I have an idea we want to talk to

    you about.

    Ive done some market research, and people are


    They have said theyll use the


    Excited about what? What service?!

    A Home Delivery Service. Fruit and veg delivered to

    your door!

    Umm, its an interesting idea ...

    What resources would you need?

    Thabang and I will make a delivery vehicle Look, weve designed a bicycle

    with a side cart.

    Well use Vuyos old bicycle that he used to ride to school. Its not too big

    for me...

    You! A young woman on a bicycle?! Im not so sure ...

    Agh, Mama, dont be so old fashioned! This idea is good

    for business.

    Yes, this can really make the businessgrow.

    Im impressed at your creativity. Both

    of you!

    But you know: what people say and what

    they do are two different things!

    You must go and take orders from people. Write them down in front of the people, so they know youre serious.

    As soon as youve got your orders, well start on the bicycle. It wont

    take long


  • 6CHAPTER Three months later ...

    Thanks, Dudu, dear. Oh, these look lovely!

    Please bring an extra box of tomatoes next week.

    This is such a help, Dudu. Thank you.

    Dudu! Did you bring me the apples I ordered?

    Sure, Gogo. Youre making apple pie for your son.

    Hes coming home for the long weekend, right?

    Yes, my girl. Greet your aunt

    for me.

    This is interesting and its well made


    My cousin made it. Here is his name and


    Hey, this could help us

    a lot.

    Hell make whatever you need. He knows that every business has its own individual needs.

    Go and see him!


  • Meanwhile, Vuyoand Thabang ...

    Thabang, this idea for a lock-up cart is great! This is the second

    one weve sold.

    Ja, things are moving fast, man!

    But my father is getting really mad with us for borrowing his welding machine all the time!

    Dont worry, bru. Our Business Plan is almost finished and then well get that loan to buy our own

    welding machine!

    In fact, Ive got an appointment with

    the business advisor at the seda office this afternoon.

    He just needs to check the final details

    and then the loan

    will be ours!

    So, your husband is coming home for the

    long weekend?

    Yes, Im so excited!I havent seen Wilson for

    over six months!

    And so much has changed


    Meanwhile Mam'Langa ...

  • Hello, Mrs Langa. Business is good! This is

    a big deposit.

    Yes, Jabile, it is good. I never knew

    I could do it!

    My business has really grown. Now I am employing someone and Im opening a new stall here

    in town!

    Thats great! I wish you all the


    I wonder what Wilson will think

    Me, a business-woman!

    Hello. I am Mrs Langa. I have come to confirm my stall. And to pay the

    first months rental.

    Yes, Mrs Langa, youre on the list. Yours is stall number eight.

    Here it is on the model.

    Oh! This is wonderful!


  • Later that afternoon

    So, Vuyo. You and Thabang doing okay?

    Great, thanks.The orders are coming in fast!

    Ive brought the Cash Flow Projections

    for the next six months.

    Were anxious to get the

    loan. We really need our

    own welding machine.

    Well, Ive read your Business Plan closely and its very impressive. Youve

    been very thorough.

    Its clear that youve followed the advice in

    the book.

    I can see youre serious about becoming

    an entrepreneur.

    These figures look very positive,


    Im sure your loan application will be successful.

    Good luck!

    Back in the township Try some mangoes,

    Mrs Jack. These are the last ones left.

    Well done, Nozizwe! Youre a fast learner.


  • We did well today. You sold nearly everything!

    Thank you, Dudu.Ive got all the money here, just like Mrs Langa told me.

    And Ive written down all the things that I sold in

    the little book.


    Come, Ill help you pack up.

    That evening ...

    Remember when we used to struggle to work out all

    these sums?

    Yes. A lot has changed Were doing it for ourselves!

    Its been hard work but look at the results!

    You know, I never imagined that an idea could grow into

    a business.

    Were listening to the market. Were making what people want and need!

    Hey, Majita, youre talking like Dudu!

    But seriously, were pumpin.

    And now I can start looking for a girlfriend!

    Add a little salt, my girl ... your Tata loves a thick stew.

    What a feast! Papa will be so surprised!

    What will I find at home ?

    I havent sent money for



  • 32

    The next day ...

    So, Wilson, how do you find things here at home?

    Well, you can imagine my

    surprise! Look what my family has


    I almost cant believe my eyes. I am very proud of all of them.

    Its more than just a business.

    I feel like an entrepreneur.

    The children and I have done something! I feel empowered.And now I have so many dreams for the


    Papa! Its so good to see


    Dudu! You look well.

    Whats this I hear about you riding around on a


    Come, letme get you some

    umqomboti. I have a lot to tell you

  • 33

    ... the top of the cart folds out to make a table, and you can

    lock it too.

    Its cheaper if we fix a second-hand

    bicycle ...

    Later that day ...

    So, Wilson, will you return to the city to look for work again?

    Well, my brother, Im not sure.

    Seeing my family doing so well has made

    me think. Maybe there are opportunities for me here.

    And Dudu has given me this book

    to read

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