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_x0013_Starbucks ON THE GO!

Starbucks ON THE GO!


All of your Starbucks worries, solved by one simple service

The big idea

Convenience for all of our specialty Starbucks lovers, that carry a busy lifestyle

Order a drink by call or click!

Drink delivered to wherever you are!

Year round time frame

Promotions and advertisements through social media

TV, Facebook, Radio

Including our community

Goals of the campaign

Reach out to our fellow Starbucks drinkers

Offer a special service

Selling more products

Make the lives easier for morning Starbucks drinkers

Easy way to promote how great Starbucks truly is

Target audience

Young/Mid-age working class

Men/women: AGE: 25 50

Working class with children

Early morning, busy parents

Research from Google Adwords

Busy lifestyle, limited time in the morning, small children, children to get off to school

Key performance indicators

Terms of Sales

Call/Click online to place order

Social Media tracking

Facebook likes, twitter follows, instagram posts/tags

Blog comments and viewers

Tools & tactics

Promotion via Social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, etc.

Blog experiences posted

TV air time, commercials

Radio time, commercials

App to the Smartphones


$40 Million

Very simple, yet will include many costs

Costs of service:


Storage inside

Gas prices


Stickers and signs for cars

Community involvement

Use of outreach will be implemented

Designing of logos and advertisements by local art students

Competition involved

Winner will be announced

Use of logo on all advertisements

Other art contests for our service

Resume builders for art major students


One-of-a-kind deal

Convenience to the Starbucks drinking world

Great marketing campaign, that will be successful!