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  1. 1. This is an establishing shot. It alerts the audience of the location (outer space) and thenthey can establish the genre. The audience knows that this is a Star Wars film, as the DeathStar is a very well known and associated with Star Wars by many people. We also see theconstruction of the Death Star. This tells us that weve arrived in the middle of something (astory). And this tells us that we need to know the background of this to understand thefilm.
  2. 2. This shot lasts 27 seconds. This helps emphasise the size and importance of this spaceship.The spaceship takes up the majority of the shot. This represents the importance anddanger of the ship. This length of time for a shot is very unconventional, as mostestablishing shots last a few seconds. This gives the audience many questions. Such aswho is in this ship? Why are they so important?
  3. 3. This shot emphasises the size of the ship, the importance of the ship, and possibly the sidethat the ship is on. This is because there is focus on the small ship that we saw emergefrom the larger ship, this suggests that it is carrying a person of great importance. Whichwe find out to be Darth Vader.
  4. 4. This shot shows that whoever these pilots are, they are in the middle of a problem, as theDeath Star is placed between them, which shows that they are on the Dark Side.
  5. 5. This shot emphasises the futuristic setting as it shows off the gadget.
  6. 6. Getting closer to the Death Star, showing the fear in the pilots and the power of the DeathStar.
  7. 7. Grand entrance, shows the importance of the ship and the person in it.
  8. 8. This shot lasts 3 seconds, this is quite a long time to have a shot on a still object, but thisemphasises the person of great importance.
  9. 9. Jerjerrod is showing signs of fear, which leads us to believe that this is actually a Sith Lord,which we find to be true.
  10. 10. Tracking shot
  11. 11. Darth Vader is larger, or seems larger from the low camera angle, this also suggests power.
  12. 12. Looks up to vader
  13. 13. Camera is lower when facing Moff Jerjerrod, showing the unimportance of his presencecompared to Darth Vader.
  14. 14. This is the opening sequence, so to a person who has not seen the trilogy, this shotwould be a perfect example of rank and power, this is because Jerjerrod is looking upat Darth Vader, and he also fears him.
  15. 15. This contrasts with the last shot, as this over the shoulder shot shows the fear inJerjerrods face, but Darth Vader remains emotionless.
  16. 16. Emphasis of the important conversation, which is shown to linger in Jerjerrods mind.


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