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Campaña de escenarios en inglés del Star Wars Imperial Assault.


  • CAMPAIGN GUIDE This book contains 30 missions to be played with Imperial Assault. Many of these missions link together to form the core campaign, but this book also contains numerous side missions that can be played in the core or any future campaign.

    HIDDEN INFDRMATIDN Missions within a campaign of Imperial Assault are played with information hidden from the Re bel players ( often referred to as heroes). Rebel players are not allowed toread any ofthe information found within this Campaign Guide, but they are always allowed to ask the Imperial player to repeat any current or previous rules.

    MAP DIAGRAM The map diagram for each mission indicates assembly for the map, as well as placement of tokens, doors, and figures. It also displays information referenced by mission rules, such as named map tiles or deployment points.

    Figures on the map Deployment Point Door

    Note: Figures shown with gray and black borders both correspond to gray Deployment cards, but belong to different groups.

    DEPLDVMENT AND SETUP Each mission has a "Deployment and Setup" section that provides the list of the Imperial figures that will be present during the mission, as well as other special rules resolved during setup.

    When collecting the listed Deployment cards, figures listed in red text refer to the elite (red) version of the Deployment card, and ali other figures use a regular (gray) version of the Deployment card.

    When choosing open groups, the mission may list specific groups or traits (such as CREATURES) that cannot be chosen. Additionally, the Imperial player cannot choose a unique Deployment card unless it has been rewarded to him as a villain.

    SPECIAL SETUP Many missions have special setup instructions covering rules such as Rebel ally usage or token placement.

    When the rules instruct to randomly place a number of specified tokens, the Imperial player collects the listed tokens, shuffies them together, and places them facedown in the spaces indicated on the map. Until revealed by mission rules, no player is allowed to examine the facedown side of these tokens.

    When the rules instruct to choose and place a number of specified tokens, the Imperial player collects the listed tokens and places them facedown in any of the indicated spaces of his choice. Until revealed by mission rules, Rebel players are not allowed to examine the facedown side of these tokens. After the tokens are placed, they cannot be moved, but the Imperial player can examine them during the mission.



    EVENT SUMMARV Each mission has an "Event Summary" that provides a list of events that will trigger during the mission. This section is used for the Imperial player's reference only and contains abbreviated versions of event triggers. For the ful! timing trigger of each event, see the corresponding event in the mission text.

    The information in the Event Summary is never read aloud.

    MISSIDN EVENTS Events form the initial structure and changing rules of a given mission. A mission can consist of any number of events starting with "Mission Briefing" and concluding with "End of Mission:'

    Each event can contain any combination of story text and additional rules that apply to the mission. When an event is triggered, all of the text and rule information within that section is read aloud and resolved, in arder.

    Mission rules are instant ( ~ ) or ongoing ( + ) effects. An instant effect is resolved immediately and most often no longer needs to be referenced. An ongoing effect applies throughout the mission and often determines special abilities granted to Rebel or Imperial figures.

    In sorne cases, an event will require the Imperial player to choose one of a number of effects, which can be instant or ongoing. When he chooses one, he reads the effect aloud and resolves it, but he


    STDRAGE RaaM e~ 22B )

    Initial Groups: Imperial Officer, Probe Droid, Stormtrooper.

    Reserved Groups: E-Web Engineer, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper.


    ' ' '

    ' ' Arriving at the outpost, you immediately i

    open fire upan the troops standing guard. You suspect they knew you were coming and that you're likely walking into an ambush. Ali the same, with the signa! continuing to broadcast, there Just isn't time for a more subtle approach.

    + A Rebel figure can attack a terminal (Health: 4, Defense: 1 Y). Apply + 1 Y to the terminal's defense results if it is adjacent to 1 or more Imperial figures.

    + Doors are locked to Imperial figures.

    + The mission ends when all terminals are destroyed ( ~ ), at the end of Round 6, or when all heroes are wo11nded.

    LDCKDDWN At the end of the Round in which the

    door opens for the first time:

    The Imperial player chooses 1 of the following:

    + Each terminal has 7 Health instead of 4.

    + The

  • HALLWAY (@ 3DA )


    C@ tse )

    (~ MISSIDN BRIEFING ' ' ' '

    You've been workingfor days on how to open your ce!!, but ali of your equipment, except one well-hidden comlink, is gane. You think it pretty hopeless until the facility shudders and the comlink crack/es. "In ten seconds," a voice comes through, "the door to your cell is going to open. Your equipment is being held just down the hall. Run there ... now!"

    Flip ali heroes' Itero cards facedown. They cannot use facedown cards. The neutral mission token represents the equipment cache. A hero can interact with the equip1nent cache to flip his items faceup. When a hero withdraws, he is incapacitated instead. When activating, he receives only 1 action and can only use that action to perform a move.

    A hero without a weapon can attack an adjacent hostile figure with 1 green and 1 yellow die. Before this attack, the hero tests

    ~. Ifhe passes, the attack gains .N: +2}:(. The doors in the Storage Room and

    Hallway are locked. A

  • -~/ MISSIDN BRIEFING ' ' '



    ' i

    "Hurry up!" Fenn barks, charging through the underbrush. Driven by singular purpose, he curses the shortsighted caution of Rebel High Command. They repeatedly denied support, saying it would be too dangerous. "J guess it's justas well," he says, shaking his head as you continue. 'f\.nyone else they sent would've screwed it up."

    Mission tokens represent explosives. A hero can interact with an explosive ( ~) to disarm and discard it. If the hero is Fenn or is within 3 spaces of Fenn, the figure disarms and retrieves the explosive instead.

    : . If an explosive is dropped, place the token Rebel side up. The explosive remains disarmed, and a Rebel figure can retrieve it.

    A hero carrying an explosive can interact with the AT-ST to place 1 explosive on the AT-ST Deployment card.

    At the end of each round, discard al! explosives from the AT-ST. It suffers 5 ):{ for each token discarded.

    The mission ends when al! explosives have been disarmed ( ~ ), at the end of Round 5, or when ali heroes are wounded.



    SMALL VICTDRY When the AT-ST is defeated:

    The walker's husk slams into the ground with a metallic screech befare detonating


    with a massive explosion. '

    Rol! 2 red dice. Each figure within 2 spaces of the defeated AT-ST suffers ):{ equal to the ):{ results.

    Deploy the reserved Trandoshan Hunter group.

    LAST STAND When 4 explosives have been disarmed:

    Increase by the threat leve!. The Imperial player resolves an optional deployment.

    The Imperial player chooses 1 of the following, if possible:

    Discard 1 explosive that a hero is carrying. That hero suffers 4):(.

    Choose a supply crate and place an explosive in a space adjacent to it.

    DEPLDYMENT AND SETUP Initial Groups: AT-ST, E-Web Engineer, Imperial Officer, Probe Droid.

    Reserved Groups: Trandoshan Hunter.

    Open Groups: 3.

    Special Setup: Increase {> by twice the threat leve! and resolve an optional deployment.

    EVENT SUMMARV Round 5: End of Mission

    AT-ST defeated: Small Victory

    4 explosives disarmed: Last Stand

    All explosives disarmed or all heroes wounded: End of Mission

    END DF MISSIDN When ali explosives have been disarmed:

    With the explosives removed and the advantage of the Empire eroded away, Fenn continues onward. With brutal efficiency, he cuts down any Imperial soldiers foolish enough not to jlee.

    Fenn receives the "Veteran Prowess" Reward card.

    At the end of Round 5 or when ali heroes are wounded:

    Explosions shake the ground, and fires burn ali around. Fenn continues to fight, and seores of enemy soldiers fall. Yet to no avail. The raging fire drives everyone back with unbearable heat and a choking black smoke. Retreating, Fenn can only watch as the place he bled to liberate burns.

    The Imperial player receives 2 influence.

    ADDITIDNAL REWARDS Each player receives 1 XP. Heroes receive

    100 credits per hero. The Imperial player receives 1 influence.

    MAP TILES: ~D2A, D4A. OSA. D6A, D7A. IDA, llA, 12A. 13A. 14A(2). IGA, 17A

  • ' '


    : ' ! ' ' : ' ' ' ' ' '

    HaLa~RaN CHAMBER (@2Be )


    {". --------------, i A heavy mist settles about the forest 1 as you travel in silence. A pained expression cross es Diala's features, more

    than ji1st the sorrow of returning here. There is a darkness here, ali of you can feel it. As you draw near to the place where Diala's master died, ghostly figures, your foes of past and present, rise out of the mist and attack!

    : . ' Rebel mission tokens represent inner

    strength. During ea


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