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    I became interested in computers when I purchased my first desktop back in the

    early ninetys. The information that was available to you with just a click was very

    fascinating. Now they have improved on their capabilities to do more things, I

    decided a job in the field of computer science was the way to go and earn a

    living. I wanted to help in software support field to help others with the skills I

    would learn. Software support has many career pathways to follow, positions in

    Information Technology, Interactive media, Network Systems, Programming and

    Software Development.


    Software Support will help in a lot of areas depending

    on the position a person applies for. A prescribed area

    of support will handle service levels of support in solving

    issues with computers or equipment. Support Technicians

    would make materials with information, that would guide

    people when they had small computer problems.

    Software Support Analyst would analyze, design and

    develop systems. Software Technicians builds, and test

    prototype assemblies, and supports the engineers that

    does the testing.


    IT Support education requirements vary, but

    some college experience is preferred with a

    bachelors degree for information systems,

    computer science or systems engineering. IT-

    related associate degree or technical

    certifications help with jobs as an Microsoft

    Certified Desktop Support Technician. Training

    for on the job can take normally ninety days for

    Help Desk workers. Help Desk Support people

    normally continue with education to keep their

    technical and repair skills sharp.


    Average employees in the lowest 10 to 25 percent

    earn 27,200 to 34,320 annually. Specialists in their

    fields in the top 75 to 90 percent will earn 57,290

    to 72,690 annually. Those in the middle earn an

    average of 44,300 annually, and those in financial

    institutions, natural gas exploration, computer

    equipment and postal services are the highest paid.

    Employees that work for schools, colleges, and

    computer design firms can earn between 43,310 to

    52,470 annually. Benefits, a personal one is being

    able to take care of your own computer, saving

    money on repair costs, and helping your family with

    computer problems. Common ones are insurance

    thats provided by employers, health, and disability.

    Performance bonuses, flexible schedules for parents,

    employee sickness, or doctor visits, and some

    employers even offer a retirement package.

  • Job outlook for computer support specialists is

    projected to grow 17 percent from 2012 to

    2022. More will be needed as organizations

    upgrade computer equipment and software.

    Healthcare industries will grow, with increase in

    information technology (IT) and support services

    too. Clear advancement possibilities for

    computer support specialists are very favorable.


    Computer support people work as customer

    service person maybe years. They can be

    promoted to positions, that help improve the

    design of future products that help computers

    be more efficient. Their time of working on

    computers could help them build designs. The

    people who work in software and hardware

    companies, advance quickly into software

    developers or network and computer systems.


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