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  • Thermal ManagementJanuary 2018

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    Combustion Hybrid Electric Energy

    Whether it's a combustion, hybrid or electric drivetrain, our range of heat exchangers are fully

    customisable to your exacting needs. Furthermore, we are experts in high efficiency heat

    exchangers for fuel cell energy applications.

    Take a look at our range to see some of our innovative solutions.

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    Our key focus for combustion engines is to improve fuel

    efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

    Increasingly strict legislation requires innovative engineering.

    We combine decades of manufacturing expertise with the

    latest technologies to ensure you are always one step ahead.



    Gasoline EGR Diesel EGRIn-line

    Oil Cooler

    Flexible Connectors & Turbo Dampeners

    Gasoline & Diesel Common Rails

    Waste Heat Recovery

    Fluid Transfer & EGR Tubes

    High Pressure Fuel Pipes

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    Demand for mild, full or plug-in technology is on the rise

    globally, driving a requirement for multiple drive architectures.

    Our expertise in a vast array of heat exchanger applications

    gives you the flexibility to develop efficient, market leading

    propulsion technologies to meet this growing demand.



    EGR CoolersWaste Heat Recovery

    Fuel Cell Heat Exchangers

    Battery ThermalManagement

    Flexible Connectors & Turbo Dampeners

    Fluid Transfer & EGR Tubes

    High Pressure Fuel Pipes

    Gasoline & Diesel Common Rails

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    Combined with clean, renewable energy sources, electric

    vehicles could soon make emission-free mobility a reality.

    We are using our wealth of knowledge to implement creative

    solutions, enabling our customers to maximise battery life and

    develop highly efficient range extender technologies.



    Fuel Cell Heat Exchangers

    High EfficiencyGas-Gas HEX

    Battery ThermalManagement

    Fluid Transfer Tubes

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    With an ever-growing global demand for energy, the need for

    clean and efficient sources is greater than ever before.

    We are working with some of the worlds leading companies to

    develop clean, local sources of energy generation, whilst

    dramatically improving efficiency and energy security.



    Fuel Cell Heat Exchangers

    High EfficiencyGas-Gas HEX

    Flexible ConnectorsFluid Transfer Tubes

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    Our Customers

    We work with many of the worlds leading OEMs to supply a range of world class products from our

    global network of companies.

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    Crumlin, UK

    Blois, FRA

    Kassel, GER

    Olomouc, CZE

    Bartlett, USA

    Saltillo, MEX

    Sao Paulo, BRA

    Cape Town, RSA

    New Delhi, IND

    Wuhan & Tianjin, CHN Tokyo, JPN

    Certifications: Ford Q1 / ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14001

    Crumlin UK: Sales & Engineering CentreOn/Off-Highway, Passenger Car & Energy Markets

    Saltillo MEX: ManufacturingFuel Systems, Flexible Tubing, HEX

    Sao Paulo BRA: ManufacturingFlexible Tubing (Exhaust & Engine)

    Blois FRA: Sales & ManufacturingFuel Systems

    Kassel GER: Sales, Engineering & ManufacturingFlexible Tubing (Exhaust & Engine)

    Olomouc CZE: Sales, Engineering & ManufacturingFlexible Tubing, Automotive Feed & Drain Tubing, HEX

    Cape Town RSA: ManufacturingFlexible Tubing, HEX

    New Delhi IND: ManufacturingFlexible Tubing, Fuel Systems, HEX

    Wuhan & Tianjin CHN: ManufacturingFlexible Tubing, Fuel Systems, HEX

    Tokyo JPN: JV Sales & ManufacturingFlexible Tubing, Automotive Feed & Drain Tubing

    Bartlett USA: Sales, Engineering & ManufacturingOn/Off-Highway, Passenger Car, Medical & Energy

    Global Presence

    Our global presence allows us to mirror our customers preferred locations, optimising logistics and minimising costs.

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    Senior offers a fully engineered solution, from design concept through to high volume manufacture.

    Product Development and Engineering Support

    CFD for performance and boiling

    FEA for vibration NRFs

    Rig performance measurement

    Gas side and coolant side pressure pulsation

    Thermal shock

    Shaker vibration durability

    Acceleration data acquisition on customer engine

    Product Validation Capabilities:

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    Whether it's a combustion, hybrid, electric, or fuel cell

    application we have the knowledge, experience and expertise

    to meet our customers precise needs.

    We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to solving

    technical problems, which we have used to develop trusted

    partnerships with customers and suppliers around the world.

    We look forward to opening up discussions and developing

    our relationship with you further.