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1. Losing a loved one is never easy,but learning the stages j of grief and how to cope with your sadness and grief canhelp you through this difficult time. FEELING POWERLESS GOING NUMBYou hide from reality and refuse to believe what is going on.It helps.At the time.You're ooded with emotions,and the only outlet is anger.You direct your anger at your family,friends,or even your deceased loved one. :;73"9i'"719 COULD HAVE A feeling of helplessness overtakes you.Youre trying to figure out what you should have or could have done. EMPTY & LONELY 773P"944i0" 4 Sadness,regret and worry overcome you.Then youre also dealing with how to say goodbye to your loved one.'CCPil HEALING BEGINSYoure calm now,and learning to deal with the grief.Allow the process to happen,youre allowed to be sad.t11rn to family & friends.let yourself move through the Rely on them for support stages and know it will get betterTall:Forgiveto a therapist or grief counselor yourself and the deceased,for and discuss your emotions anything you did or didnt sayepreM Youraegf Take a Breakget creative,create a photo Go on an adventure to help take album to remember them your mind off of the painTake Care Keep a Tioutineof yourself,your mental and try your hardest to keep your physical health routine,but dont overdo itFeel 7lan in duancethese are your emotions,dont let make a plan for old traditions and anyone tell you how to feel how to cope moving forwardThere will be ups & downs throughout this process,but remembering your loved one is one way to cope.Remember them forever,share their story with the m world,create an obituary to keep their memory alive in your heart and the hearts of all their loved ones. SOURCEShttp:p. sV


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