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<p>Staffing Lifecycle by Hemant Prasad (</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Diff. Sources of getting prospective clients</p> <p>New ClientAgreement &amp; Rate Card Sign-up</p> <p>Payment Collection</p> <p>Staffing LifeCycleRequirements Invoicing</p> <p>Candidate Sourcing, Validation &amp; Submittals</p> <p>Time-Sheet Submission / Approval</p> <p>Selection process/coordination with client</p> <p>Request for Work Order from Client</p> <p>Selection confirmation / BG Check</p> <p>Joining / Induction/ Deployment Offer the candidate</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Diff. Sources of getting prospective clients</p> <p>NASSCOM Directory STPI Directory Newspaper / Print / Electronic Media Job Portals On-line Directories Existing clients of other BUs within organization</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Agreement &amp; Rate Card Sign-up</p> <p>Agreement: A general service agreement includes the following1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Name &amp; registered office address of Client &amp; Service Provider Services to be provided Confidentiality Non-hiring / Non-competing Payment terms &amp; conditions Termination / Arbitration Validity &amp; review period</p> <p>Rate Card:1. 2. Per man month rates of contractual work force for different skills sets &amp; exp. Level Validity &amp; review period</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Requirements</p> <p>Manpower Requirement SpecificationsClient request for manpower should include the following:</p> <p>1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.</p> <p>Position Title No. of Positions Technologies / Skillset Exp. Level Educational Qualification Certifications Budget Time-frame to close Location of Work</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Candidate Sourcing, Validation &amp; Submittals</p> <p>Sourcing: Different Sources1. 2. 3. 4. Existing internal Database Job portals Reference / Head-Hunting On-line groups / directories</p> <p>Validation: Few queries for candidate1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Current company details (profile/size/location/website) Current project details (Client name/functionality/Start date/possible end date/reporting/team size) Role &amp; responsibilities in current project Which different domains he/she has worked on? How many projects he/she has executed in his/her core technology area? What kind of opportunity he /she is looking for? Then brief him about your organisation &amp; what can you offer him (work/project)ask for his interest level &amp; any query is he has.. Reason for change/CTC details/Availability</p> <p>Submission to client1. 2. Candidate submission to client Selection/interview process co-ordination</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Selection confirmation / BG Check</p> <p>Selection ConfirmationThere should be a written communication from client confirming the selection of the particular candidate stating his/her full name &amp; technology area.</p> <p>Background Check: Background check information should include the followingAt least Last 2 Employment details / Duration / Role / CTC Details Educational credentials</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Offer the candidate</p> <p>Offer Letter FormatDate of Offer Letter [Candidate Name] [Address] Dear [Candidate Name], We are glad to offer you a position in our organization as [Designation] on an annual CTC of [Salary Package]. The exact break up of this will be given to you at a later date along with the appointment letter. A list of the documents you are required to bring at the time of joining is also herewith attached. We would appreciate your coming on board latest by [Date of Joining] Your confirmation and salary review will be based on your performance and this will be after six months from the date of your joining. Your appointment will come into effect only on production of all documents mentioned in the annexure. With best wishes, Yours truly, for [Company Name] [HR Person Name] [Designation] DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF JOINING: Certificates and mark sheets from matriculation onwards in original/ duplicate Test score sheets and candidate ID No. of any professional certification tests Three passport size photographs. Copy of Appointment letter along with letter of increment / promotion if any from previous company. Letter of relieving / copy of receipt of resignation from the last company. Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner Copy of experience certificate from all previous employers (if previously employed) Copy of last salary slip/ salary certificate (if previously employed) Form 16 or any authorised letter from your previous employer mentioning the tax deducted at source</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Joining / Induction/ Deployment</p> <p>Joining process:Joining report fill-up Documents Submission &amp; verification Appointment Letter</p> <p>Induction:Introduction about company / Management / Vision / Mission / History / HR policies etc.</p> <p>DeploymentIntimation Letter addressing to client for deployment of resource</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Request for Work Order from Client</p> <p>Purchase Order (PO) / Work Order / Statement of Work (SOW)Few necessary details to be furnished in Work OrderPO reference number Name &amp; address of issuer Name &amp; address of Service provider No. of Resources Resource name (If required) Unit Price / Rates Start Date End Date General terms &amp; conditions Payment terms &amp; conditions Deliverables of deployed resources</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Time-Sheet Submission / Approval</p> <p>Time-Sheet must include the following informationResource Name Project Name Reporting Authority Total No. of days worked Leaves Holidays Compensatory Off</p> <p>ApprovalCandidate Signature with date Approving authority Signature with date</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Invoicing</p> <p>Monthly Invoice Few necessary details to be furnished in InvoiceDate &amp; Invoice reference number PO Reference Number Name &amp; address of Client Name &amp; address of Service provider No. of Resources Resource name (If required) Unit Price / Rates No. of working Days Billable Amount Taxes payable Total Amount Payment terms &amp; conditions BD Recruiter HR Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p> <p>Payment Collection</p> <p>Payment Collection MethodsBy Cheque On-Line Transaction</p> <p>Deductions:Client should deduct TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) as per the govt. policy from the total billed amount in Invoice</p> <p>*</p> <p>Service Provider should collect TDS Certificate from Client to claim back the tax paid to Govt.</p> <p>BD</p> <p>Recruiter</p> <p>HR</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Hemant</p>