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1. Spokane Transit Authority By: Stephanie Jordan-ThompsonJanuary 19, 2010Diesel Buses STA Quick FactsSTAs three new diesel-electric hybrid Established 1981 buses produce up to 60 percent fewerAround 500 employees nitrogen oxide emissions and 90 percent 40 bus routes fewer particulate, hydrocarbon and12 Park and Rides carbon dioxide emissions. Over the course of a 15-year service life, eachRidership hybrid coach will reduce CO2 emissions Equal males and females. by 440 tons and use 40,005 gallons less diesel fuel than a standard coach. The majority of riders are Additionally, sound levels produced by a between the ages of 19 and 34. hybrid coach are comparable to those of a typical passenger truck. Most riders use the bus five daysa week and have ridden for threeyears. Our riders: 33% students, 46%employed, 11% unemployed,10% retired or homemakers. Sixty-eight percent of riderswould not have regulartransportation without STA. Trip Planner The online Trip Planner is an internet-based software application that allows you to enter origin and destination points and have our computer system create multiple travel options for you. You can sort the results by trip time, walking distance or by the number of transfers it will take to complete your trip. Each proposed trip has a link to more details about that trip including transfer points and an accompanying map.To use Trip Planner, visit