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  • What Weve Learnedfrom the Mathosphere

    Functionof Others

    Blair Miller &Chris Hunter

    STA ConventionStar Wars Day, 2012

  • The Giant Gummy Bear from John Scammell

  • dy/dan

    Dan Meyer on Real-World Math

  • Introduce the central conflict of your story/task clearly, visually, using as few words as possible.

    Dan Meyers 3 Acts of a Mathematical StoryAct One

  • The protagonist/student overcomes obstacles, looks for resources, and develops new tools.

    Act Two

  • Resolve the conflict and set up a sequel/extension.

    Act Three

  • Coke Activityplanning activity1. show image

    2. directions (q, info, reveal)3. discuss (and show Timons site)

    Act OneAny questions?

    Act TwoWhat do students need to know to solve this?

    Act ThreeHow will an answer be revealed?What is a possible extension?

    Pop Box Design from Timon Piccini

  • Grab a partner.

  • How many squares does the diagonal pass through?

    Develop a rule.

  • lesson ideas


    teaching strategies

  • summarize



    More than resourcesIts about conversations

  • Featured Blogs(in order of appearance)

    John Scammell Zero-Knowledge ProofsDan Meyer dy/dan

    Timon Piccini Mr. Piccs Mathtabulous (And More) SiteKate Nowak f(t)

    Frank Noschese Action-ReactionMimi Yang I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

    Geoff Krall Emergent MathNat Banting Musing MathematicallyShawn Cornally Think Thank Thunk

    Sam Shah Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere

  • Blair Miller@millerblair

    Chris Hunter@ChrisHunter36


  • If nothing has interested you so far

    Mr. Vs Class

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