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ST. LOUIS STREETCAR. Goals and Objectives. Increase population and employment in the corridors Attract new residents and employers and create new jobs Support neighborhoods and connect jobs Catalyze and support future development Increase economic vitality of downtown and the corridor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Alignments and Market Analysis

ST. LOUIS STREETCAR1Goals and ObjectivesIncrease population and employment in the corridorsAttract new residents and employers and create new jobsSupport neighborhoods and connect jobsCatalyze and support future developmentIncrease economic vitality of downtown and the corridorIncrease mixed-use, transit supportive developmentImprove the built environmentCreate walkable, sustainable neighborhoodsIntegrate and complement the existing transit systemProvide connectivity - connect with existing transit, bike and pedestrian facilitiesIncrease ridership within the corridors and system-wideAttract choice riders by providing passenger amenities, technologiesIncrease visibility of the transit systemReduce auto traffic and improve air quality

St. Louis Streetcar

St. Louis Streetcar Analysis Strong transit corridorsEmployment concentrationResidential density

St. Louis Streetcar Potential

New development: $540 million first five years$2.1 billion over 20 yearsSt. Louis Streetcar Streets

Chestnut Street at 7th Street Olive Street at 9th Street

Olive Street at Compton Street New lightingNew trees and landscapingNew technology and wayfinding cameras and signsNew sidewalks and bike pathsSt. Louis Streetcar Next StepsAdopted into East-West Gateway Long Range Plan, April 2013Environmental AssessmentPreliminary Engineering/Final EngineeringConstruction

St. Louis Streetcar