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Lotus Notes Client Family Strategy, Features, and Futures

Jason Dumont

Program Director for Messaging & Collaboration Client Strategy
IBM Collaboration Solutions


Client Strategy

What's New in 8.5.2

What's Planned for 8.5.3

ND Next, IBM Project Vulcan & Beyond


Lotus Notes and Domino software
The flexible and comprehensive collaboration solution

Collaboration foundationE-mail, calendar, contactsCollaboration
in contextSeamless, uninterrupted workflowAdvanced collaborative capabilities Instant messaging, personal content
library, office
productivity toolsOpen application development Fully extensible, standards-basedUniversal accessRemain productive regardless of locationProven, reliable infrastructureSecurity-rich, high availability, simple upgrades


Untitled-4Mobile& Tablet


the client

the server

On-line/Off-lineThe goal of Lotus Notes and Domino is to provide organizations with a flexible and COMPREHENSIVE collaboration solution. This includesA Proven, relative infrastructure built on IBM Lotus Domino. Its security-rich, highly available, and highly scalable. We have customers deploying hundreds of thousands of Lotus Notes seats. We value investment protection with simple upgrades and backwards compatibility. Plus, you have choice and flexibility in HW and SW operation systems to deploy in the environments that make the most sense to you.Collaboration in context: Context is a key differentiator for collaboration tools. Contextual collaboration allows you to access the tools and resources you need within the context of the task at hand so youre presented with the choices and information you need, when you need them. No more flipping between applications. Closing one application before opening another. Less copy & paste. Your workflow become seamless, uninterrupted. It just makes sense. And, it increases your effectiveness.The foundation of an effective collaboration solution, of course, includes e-mail, calendar and contact management. That is a given. The Lotus solution is intuitive, easy to use and feature rich. Version 8 included a major refresh to Lotus Notes UI, while keeping the familiar Lotus Notes format, to provide a modern, Web-like look & feel. Context sensitive toolbars, conversation threads and collaboration history help increase employee efficiency.Advanced collaborative capabilities include capabilities beyond email, and often included with Lotus Notes and Domino at no additional charge. They are plugged-in or integrated in context to provide you with additional tools to increase productivity and effectiveness. Such items include integrated instant messaging and presence awareness, a personal content library, productivity tools for document/spreadsheet and presentation creation, RSS feeds, and widgets to name a few. These tools help you think, and reach, outside of your inbox!Built on an open-standards based platform, Lotus Notes and Domino provides a fully extensible, rapid application development environment. Our customers have thousands of mission critical collab and business apps built on the Lotus Notes and Domino platform. Customers can also create and deploy composite applications, also called business mashups, that integrate content from multiple backend systems into a single, intuitive user interface. Universal access allows your employees to remain as productive as possible regardless of location. Rich client (Notes), browser (DWA), and mobile device (Traveler and BP solutions) client access support provides the flexibility employees need to connect wherever they are. Plus, replication support for offline access allows employees to remain productive even when disconnected.


Solution Delivery Strategy






title_1On Premise / Appliance

premise.pngCloud / Off Premise


Benefits on PremisePerpetual licensing model

Allows for advanced customization

Managed by IT dept/new releases self-managed

All data resides local and inside the firewall

Appliance solution: easy to install & maintain for distributed sites

Benefits On LineSubscription pricing model (ex. per seat per month, per transaction, flat monthly fee)

Software updates applied by provider

Architecture maintained by provider

Multi-tenant or private cloud environment

Multi-tenant: little customization; standard SLAs

Private Cloud: deep customization; negotiated SLAs

Best Use Cases On PremiseWhen customer requires deep customization & integration with other business applications (SAP)

When customer has low bandwidth/highly distributed

When customer requires full functionality

Best Use Cases On LineWhen customer does not want to sustain IT responsibility

When customer can segment user community

When customer needs to deploy quickly


Client Strategy

What's New in 8.5.2

What's Planned for 8.5.3

ND Next, IBM Project Vulcan & Beyond


Easy to use UI

Many new features to increase personal productivity

Instant Messaging (Sametime 8)

LiveText & Widget Integration

Overlay Calendar and iCal Support

Free Lotus Symphony productivity tools integrated

Integration with Lotus Connections social software

Open plug-in model (Eclipse)

Freedom of choice for client platform (Win, Mac, Linux)

Application development based on latest Java platform technologies (XPages)

Significant TCO savings with Domino 8.5.x

Notes 8.5.2 today: Smart & Integrated Collaboration

Examples of key Features

Notes Mail new capabilities

Set a default font for mail

Sort InboxBy type of message (email, calendar, to do)

By Last name, First name

Forward a message from the Trash folderNo need to restore first

Save emails as .eml files

More signature optionsCan now use rich text in addition to plain text and HTML/image

Notes Mail more preferences

Show details in an email

Always get a return receipt

Close an email after forwarding or replying to it

Start with preview pane collapsed

Hide icon pop-up help (works in all Mail, Calendar and Contacts)

Notes Mail usability improvements

Retain folder status (open/closed) when restart Notes client

Easier to find groups when addressing an email

Easier to tell which archive you have open

F4 and Shift+F4 function usageClick F4 to move to the next unread message.

Click Shift+F4 to move to the previous unread message

HTML Size MIME setting fixed at 12Ensures mapping is consistent as text is converted between email format

Notes Calendar New Capabilities

View teamroom calendars on a mobile device

Add private iCal feeds to your Notes calendars

View rooms and resources on your calendar

View calendar entries by category

Notes Calendar Usability Improvements

Retain calendar pane status (open/closed) when restart Notes client

Better handling of Facebook calendar entries

Calendar times change to match OS timezone

Meeting subject changes are reflected in Rooms and Resource reservations

Offline calendars automatically update at midnight

Different options when repeating meeting falls on a weekendUses Days in work week preference (weekend is no longer assumed to be Saturday and Sunday)

Notes Contacts

Switch to Contacts

Make a contact or group private

Send someone a group or location document

Recent Contacts enhancementsDo not add cc or bcc recipients to Recent Contacts

Better management of name/email address changes in Recent Contacts

Ability to block/remove email addresses from Recent Contacts that match a pattern

Other Notes User-focused features

Go to different folder/view but keep the same message selectedHold down the Ctrl key, and click the folder/view you want to open

No interruptions during server failoverCreating a new e-mail, calendar entry, or to do item

Opening a document or a different folder/view in an application

Replying or forwarding with attachments

Sending a message

Deleting single or multiple documents

Replication/synchronization is multi-threaded

Lotus Connections integration invite to network

Examples of more plug-in extension from Partners Manage your opportunitiesCRM where you need itTripIt: Your personal conciergeYou are always organized for your next tripLinkedIn: The professional networkThe power of professional networking on your desktopTungle: What time is good for you?Meetings made simple

Grow the return on investment with increased productivity through plug-ins and applications!

IBM Lotus iNotes - Connect to Domino from Anywhere

Organizations choose the deployment method that best fits their needs:

The Lotus Notes rich client, Lotus iNotes, or both! They're each included with a CAL.

IBM Lotus iNotes

As simple as launching a browser

Connect from any computer

Low-cost deployment

Consistent UI with Lotus Notes

Utilize your existing kiosks, computers and Domino infrastructure

Lotus iNotes Modes - Optimized Access Based on User