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    St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church 27450 N. Bradley Rd . Mettawa Lake Forest , Illinois 60045 5104

    Email: ( Parish Priest: V. Rev. Stavrophor Djuro Krosnjar - (847) 477-1531 cell

    Trustee Chairman (President): Michael Kosanovich Circle of Serbian Sisters: Richelle Arandjelovic

    Choir Director: Nada Savatic Coordinators: Church School: Vasilija Vojcanin; Folklore: Slobodanka Vranjes

    St. Varnava Mens Club: Vladimir Rokvic; Bookstore: Diana Potkonjak and Paul Saniuk Facilities Contact: Matija Peyakovic and Nikola Gabr ic; Weekly Email: Zoran Mihajlovic

    Serbian School: Jelena Visnjevac, Svjetlana Masic and Dunja Vla

    Blessings are Gifts FROM God.

    Stewardship is our Gift TO God. WE CANNOT OUT-

    GIVE GOD! Stewardship is a leg-acy of personal sup-port to maintain a

    church for today and tomorrow.




    Saturday, October 3, 2015

    St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church

    5649 N. Sheridan Rd,

    Chicago, IL.

    Registration: 8:00 AM

    Walk/Run Begins: 9:00 AM

    Breakfast: following the race

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    Adult $20.00; Children 12 and

    under: $10.00

    Day of Race: $25.00


    Thou didst destroy death by Thy Cross, Thou didst open Paradise to the thief. Thou didst change the lamentation of the Myrrh-bearers, and Thou didst command Thine Apostles to proclaim that Thou didst arise, O Christ God, and grandest to the world great mercy TROPARION OF THE FORE-FEAST - Tone 4:

    Mary, the divine Maiden, is born unto us today from the root of Jesse and the loins of David; and all things rejoice and are made new through joy. Rejoice together, O heaven and earth! Praise her, ye lands of the nations! Joachim maketh glad, and Anna holdeth festival, crying aloud: A barren woman giveth birth to the Theotokos, the Nourisher of our Life! TROPARION OF ST. BASIL OF OSTROG - Tone 4:

    From your youth you gave yourself entirely to the Lord, remaining in prayer, labor and fasting, O God-bearing Father. Because you were an example of virtues and good works to your flock, seeing your good work, God established you as a pastor and good hierarch of His Church. And after your repose, He kept your body incor-rupt, O Holy Basil. Therefore, with boldness pray to Christ God to save our souls. TROPARION OF MARTYR SOZON - Tone 4:

    In his suffering, O Lord, Thy martyr Sozon received an imperishable crown from Thee, our God; for, possessed of Thy might, he cast down the tormentors and crushed the feeble audacity of the demons. By the supplications save Thou our souls. Kontakion of the Resurrection - Tone 7:

    No longer will the dominion of death be able to keep men captive; for Christ hath descended, demolishing and destroying the powers thereof. Hades is bound; the Prophets rejoice with one voice, saying: A Savior hath come for them that have faith. Come forth, ye faithful, for the Resurrection. Kontakion of St. Basil of Ostrog - Tone 8:

    Even as a youth, you served the Lord, O Wise one, belaboring your body with prayer and vigil. Because you were shown to be a precious vessel of the Holy Spirit, He established you as a pastor of His Church which you tended well. And as such, you departed to the Lord whom you loved. We pray to you to remember us who keep your memory with faith, that all may shout unto you: Rejoice, O most honorable Basil. GLORY Kontakion of Martyr Sozon - Tone 2:

    Assembling today, with a loud voice let us praise Sozon, the true and divinely wise martyr, the skilled athlete of piety, the initiate of the mysteries of grace, the most generous bestower of healings: for he entreateth Christ God in behalf of us all.. BOTH Kontakion of the Fore-feast - Tone 3:

    Today Mary, the Virgin and Theotokos, the boundless chamber of the heavenly Bridegroom, is born! From a barren woman, by the counsel of God, the chariot of the Word is rightly adorned; for she was foretold as the divine portal and Mother of life.

    V. Rev. Stavrophor Djuro Krosnjar - Home (847) 680-1117 Cell (847) 477-1531 H. Fax (847) 680-1127 - Church Phone (847) 247-0077 - Church FX (847) 247-0088

    S T . B A S I L O F O S T R O G S E R B I A N O R T H O D O X C H U R C H www . s e r b i a n c a t h e d r a l . o r g


    We then, as workers together with Him also plead with you not to receive the grace of God in vain. For He says: In an ac-ceptable time I have hear you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you. Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. We give no offence in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed, but in all things we commend ourselves as minis-ters of God: in much patience, in tribulations, in needs, in dis-tresses, in stripes, in imprison-ments, in fasting; by purity, by knowledge, longsuffering..

    2 Cor. (6, 6-10)

    Tone 7:

    Epistle: 2 Cor. (6, 110)

    Gospel: Mt. (25, 14-30)

    16th Sunday after Pentecost

    Holy martyr Sozon; (Sunday before Exaltation)

    (Fore-feast of the Nativity of Theotokos)

    Saturday and Pre-Feast Vespers 5:00 P.M.

    ~Next Sunday~

    Divine Liturgy at 10:00 A.M.

    Orthodox Study Bible

    Here is an authentic apos-

    tle! His life demonstrates

    the paradox of Gods

    strength of Gods strength

    working in human weak-

    ness, of renouncing the

    world in order to master


    The day of salvation is

    now, always the present

    moment in the period be-

    fore Christs return.

    This passage is read

    on days com-

    memorating fe-

    male martyrs...

    St. Basil of Ostrog

    Serbian Orthodox Church 27450 N. Bradley Rd, Mettawa - Lake Forest, IL. 60045-5104




    Sts. Joachim and Anna took Mary, at the age of three, to the temple to be dedi-cated to the service of the Lord, and presented her to the priest Zechariahs. The parents then, after offering up her sacrifice, left the Virgin with other maidens in the apartments of the temple to be brought up therein. St. Joachim was of the tribe of Judah, and a descendent of King David. St. Anna was the daughter of Matthan the priest, of the tribe of Levi as was Aaron the High Priest. Matthan had three daughters: Mary, Zoia and Anna. Mary was

    married in Bethlehem and bore Salome; Zoia was also married in Bethlehem and bore Eliza-beth, the mother of St. John the Forerunner; and Anna was married in Nazareth to Joachim, and in old age gave birth to the Theotokos. Sts. Joachim and Anna had been married for fifty years, and were barren. They lived devoutly and quietly, using only a third of their income for themselves and giving a third to the poor and a third to the Temple. Joachim had done this since he was 15-years-old, and God multiplied his flocks, so the couple was well provided for. They longed for a child but remained childless into their old age. When they were in Jerusalem to offer sacrifice to God, the High Priest, Issachar, upbraided Joachim, You are not worthy to offer sacrifice with those childless hands. Others who had children jostled Joachim, thrusting him back as unworthy. In despair, he consulted the genealogical records of the tribes of Israel and discovered every righteous man in the nation had been blessed with children, except him. This caused the aged saint great grief, and he and his wife left with heavy hearts. Then the two of them gave themselves to prayer to God that He would work in them the wonder that He had worked in Abraham and Sarah, and give them a child to comfort their old age. St. Joachim took his flock and went to a high mountain, refusing to return home in shame. Meanwhile, St. Anna prayed in her garden. God sent the Archangel Gabriel to each of them, who gave them tidings of the birth of a daughter most blessed, by whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and through whom will come the salvation of the world. Each promised to have their child raised in the temple as a holy vessel of God. The archangel told St. Joachim to return home, where he would find his wife waiting for him in the city gate. St. Anna was told to wait at the gate. When they was one another, they embraced, and this image is the traditional icon of their feast. St. Anna conceived shortly thereafter and gave birth to the Blessed Virgin.

  • tainly were not expecting to have a child at their age. They were very old, certainly past the age of bearing children. They were not expecting a child in return for their faith-fulness. And what happens? A miracle! These two elderly Jews come together and Anna is found to be pregnant. We cannot out-give God. We can try and try, but God will always out-give us. Joachim and Anna gave out of their love for God, with the intent to just give and simply because God was their beloved. Then God gives back, and gives in such a way that it makes their years of sacrifice look feeble.

    They conceive the Ever-


    gin Mary.

    They bear the greatest gift of God to man-kind - the "New Eve". What then occurs? Joachim and Anna attempt to out-give God again, and give up their only child, this


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