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  • 1.The Eagle Eastertide 2009This hanging was commissioned by the family of Sr. Rosemary Anne in memory of her mother. It was designed and sewn by D. Gansand hung behind the altar in the Priory in Edmonton for many years. When the Priory closed, the hanging went to St. Johns Housein St. Lambert where it was also placed behind the altar.Winds of the equinox,Three years in Arabia needed by Paul.sing to the Lord Mary knowing, and pondering deep in her heart.who breathes forth the energies:Let there be light!Thick darkness pervading the solid earth trembling,Fifteen billion years might spell out the age of thatwhile It is accomplished!dayHe handed back his Spirit victorious,so insistent to overcome darkness. drained to the uttermost: the death of creation defeated by Death.Here come the apostles, there go the tribes bearing the burdens, heavy and light Veiled entrance to glory torn open and wide.a Babe in a manger,What is awaiting, poised on the brink of beliefa star in its space, in a happening beyond mortal thought?heavens a-sundered,voices proclaiming,The mountain is moving on this puzzled planet, delight and dissension.the Happening done awaiting fulfilment.Never man spoke like this one. The Spirit says, Come.How does he know that?Only God could reveal this to you, Sr. Helena, SSJD Simon Peter. February 22, 2009 1

2. Sister Frances Joyce, the Reverend Mother of SSJD (1970-1994)Frances Joyce made her Life Profession on November 5th, 1958, and worked in many areas and Branch Houses of theCommunity until her death on March 1, 2000. She took office in 1970 as Mother Superior in a time oftransition. The 1960s had seen dramatic changes. We had begun the revision of our Rule of Life. Our habit was in the processof evolution. We were in the forefront of liturgical renewal. Without losing our primary focus on God, we were exploring thedimensions of interpersonal relationships in new ways. We were seeking a balance between old and new, so as to move forwardwithout leaving anyone behind. She built on the wisdom of Mother Aquila and guided the Community in a way that combinedgrowth and stability, and nourished the monastic values of prayer, community and hospitality. One of her greatest gifts was thegenerous and selfless welcome she gave to all with whom she came in contact. Ecumenical evenings, held annually for many years,including Religious from a variety of Christian traditions, are examples of the hospitality and zealous desire for unity that wereso dear to her heart. During her time as Reverend Mother, we moved into the future as a small but united Community with ahealthy, vigorous and joyful spirit, open to growth and to new insights and forms of ministry, while at the same time groundedin the fundamentals of monastic life. We remember and celebrate her life in thanksgiving for her discipline, cheerfulness,wisdom and caring.Sr. Margaret Mary, SSJD These words from the hymn All Are Welcome seem to summarize Sr. Frances Joyces deepest desires: Let us build a house where hands will reach Beyond the wood and stone To heal and strengthen, serve and teach, And live the Word theyve known. Here the outcast and the stranger Bear the image of Gods face Let us bring an end to fear and danger All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.After Mother Frances Joyce was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity in 1989, the Sisters presented her with Br. Beart dressed appropriately for the occasionDear Associates, Oblates and Friends,together with members of both the Order of the Holy CrossThis is the last of our historical issues for our 125th and the Sisters of the ChurchAnniversary year. In this Eagle were focusing on some of at a supper party organized andour Missions and Branch Houses in various parts of prepared by our Sisters whoCanada from Seaton Village in Toronto to St. Johns House live in Victoria. It was truly ain B.C. wonderful time en famille.We have had several special Since then we have had threeevents since our last issue other very special events. Onbeginning in December February 2nd Sr. Constancewhen everyone except celebrated her 105th birthday. It was a wonderful daySr. Louise was able to be beginning with the visit of the Consul General of thehome for two weeks atChristmas. This allowed usnotonlytoenjoyChristmas together as a family, but also to celebrateSt. Johns Day with a special service at St. ThomasChurch, Huron Street (seeSr. Doreens homily on pp10-11), where the Sistersused to worship in the earlydays of the Community;discuss our mission andministry; have a Eucharistand Epiphany Tea with ourAssociates, and to have fun2 3. United States who came to present Sr. Constance with a world. We would do well to ask for those things on yourcertificate identifying her as the oldest American citizen behalf on this the day of your Life Profession. Andliving in Canada. Sr.yet, maybe, perhaps, Amy, there is much more in store forConstance was in top formyou. Could it be that God not only wants you to produceand chatted to the Consulthe fruits of the Spirit, efforts that will help to transformGeneral, his assistant, andour world but imagines you, Amy Hamilton, to be ato the CityTV reporter. Thevintage wine? We ask to produce fruit; God imagines afirst guests for the Eucharist classic vintage.and dinner started arriving A reception followed in thearound 10:15 a.m. and Refectory. As Sr. Amy has aincluded our Associate, passion for sheep and knitting, aStella George, who is herself friend made her cake anda hundred years old and had decorated it with a large lamb, allmade a great effort to be here. Members of Sr. Constances furry with icing rosettes. Sr. Amyfamily from Toronto and Ottawa also joined us for the displayed a beautiful afghan ofFestal Eucharist for the Feast of the Presentation which was multi-coloured, knitted diamondsfollowed by a delicious dinner including an enormous cake. that she made from wool given to Another CityTV reporter her by friends for her First arrived at 2:00 p.m. to Profession. interview Sr. Constance again On the Feast of the Annunciation to and at recreation we watched Mary by the Angel Gabriel, Sr. Anitra a two minute clip about her celebrated her 25th Profession on the evening news. When Anniversary surrounded by Sisters and asked about the secret of her friends from many areas of her life. It long life, she mentioned was truly a joyous occasion as she serving others. When asked renewed her Profession vows in the about being a coloured presence of Bishop Colin Johnson, woman, she said hearts are recommitting herself to the life of love,hearts, essentially saying there is no colour. prayer and service in SSJD.A week later, on the Feast of Hannah Grier Coome, we had When you receive this newsletter we will be hosting ourthe joy of Sr. Amys Life Profession. At the Eucharist Bp. Gathering of Sisters, Associates and Oblates with Margaret Silf in early May. We look forward to telling you all about it in the next Michaelmas Eagle. Later in May, Sara Lawson will begin as our new Director of Development helping to make SSJD better known. Archbishop George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, in response to a question Id asked about making the Religious Life better known in the Anglican Communion, said that we have to go out and tell our stories. But how are they to call on one in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him? And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent? (Romans 10:14-15) The work of Development is about fundraising and friendraising: making sure more people know about the life of love, prayer and service that the Sisterhood has been faithfully undertaking for the pastColin Johnson, the Communitys Episcopal Visitor,125 years, so that we may continue to serve the people ofreceived her vows in the presence of her Sisters, family,God in the future. With every blessing.Associates and friends. The music was splendid, the chapelYours faithfully,decorated with spring flowers which matched the warm, Sr. Elizabeth Ann, SSJDsunny day. The Rev. Bob Wright challenged Amy in hishomily:Sr. Amy, this day we ask that your life might be graftedinto Christ in order that you might generate fruits of theSpirit . . . This life will nourish you, the Church and the3 4. The Earliest Missions of the SisterhoodSeaton Village Mission began its work around 1891 and was located in the vicinity of JohnsonStreet and Follis Avenue in Toronto, an area consisting of rows of shacks and a few cottages builton undrained and unlighted land. The people were almost exclusively very poor Englishimmigrants. One person who visited Seaton Village Mission described the house as anunpretentious building of wood, very inexpensive in structure just a plain little building fromwhich goes out help and hope, sympathy, encouragement, and much practical assistance to themany poor who live within the wide radius of its walls. Its small chapel provided services for theimmigrants as there was no church in the neighbourhood in the early days.The Good Shepherd window from the Seaton Village chapelThe two mission Sisters operated a free dispensary for advice and medicines, visited the sick and needy, and delivered meals toinvalids in the area. Generous friends and Associates enabled them to provide Christmas treats for the Childrens Sewing Classesand the Mothers Meetings. The Mission House was enlarged in 1909 through the generosity of our Associate, Mrs. Machell.Gradually over the years the extreme poverty declined, and the district became well built with paved and lighted streetsreplacing the former dark muddy lanes.In 1912 it was decided to close the Seaton Village Mission. The Church of St. Cyprian had been built in the area and had a parishhouse where all the work formerly done in the Mission could be continued by the Sisters. The Mission House became therectors residen