ssh key generation (using ), and ssh-key .ssh key generation (using ), and ssh-key login, and le

Download SSH key generation (using ), and ssh-key .SSH key generation (using ), and ssh-key login, and le

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  • SSH key generation (using PuTTYgen.exe), and ssh-keylogin, and le transfer using Filezilla

    March 1, 2013



    1. Check PuTYY.exe and PuTTYgen.exe are installed on your (local) Windows computer.

    2. Installation

    (a) Full installation: visit, and download and installPuTTY (putty_setup.exe). During the downloading process, select Full Installation(depending on version).

    (b) If you are not authorized to run putty_setup.exe, then download individual les: (atleast) PuTYY.exe and PuTTYgen.exe, which are already ready to run.

    Password Login

    1. Start PuTYY.exe by double-clicking it.

    In Host Name, type and click Open.


  • You will see a new PuTTY window.

    On login as: prompt. Type your ID (mpiuserNNN) and enter.

    Your password will be asked. Type/enter your password to login


  • SSH-key generation

    Start PuTTYgen.exe. See left gure below.

    Click Generate and move your mouse in the upper blank area. This will generate a randomkey of your own, based on mouse motion. No duplicate key exists in the world. Files to begenerated will be unique ones, which you have to store in a secure place (your USB only).Do not save or copy these les in any hard drive of any local Windows computer. You willsee one similar to the right gure.

    Type your passphrase and conrm it, which is similar to password. But, this passphrase iswithin the ssh-key and so independent on your user password.

    [Important!] Open Note Pad application, copy and paste a few lines in the Window above,beginning ssh-rsa . . . . . . to the Note Pad. Save the le as your user name followed by .pub,e.g.,, and email the public key le to me:

    Click Save private key and and save the key-le on your USB drive with specic (mean-ingful) name for you, e.g., mpiuserNNN.ppk. The public and private le names cannot besame. Do not overwrite the public key (that you saved rst) by the private key. Private keyscan have extension (.ppk) designated by PuTTY software.


  • SSH-key log in

    Open PuTTY.exe again.

    Type your own session name under Saved Sessions and click Save. Then, the session willbe saved for quick use next time.

    Click Connection and Data. In the right top box, type your fractal user ID (mpiuserNNN).

    Under the same Connection, click SSH and expand sub menus by clicking + symbol besideSSH, and then click Auth. Click browse in the right input box and select your privatekey, which you generated and stored on your USB.


  • Go to Session (on the left top menu). Type under Host Name andclick Save.

    Then, click Open. You might be asked to input your password, if you public keys is notset up by me. Once it is done, you can input your passphrase and login fractal.

    File transfer

    1. Install Filezilla Go to Edit -> Setting -> SFTP.

    2. Add your private key les, located in your USB drive and conrm.

    3. On the main menu bar, input Host, User name, and port=22.

    4. Leave password blank. Click Quick Connect



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