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  • SS. Edward & Lucy Parish Clustered with St. Helen Church


    “The vibrant Catholic community of SS. Edward and Lucy

    teaches, proclaims and lives the Gospel of our

    Lord Jesus Christ. We do so through the

    celebration of the Eucharist, the administration of the

    sacraments and in loving and merciful service

    to all.”

    16280 East High St. Middlefield, Ohio

    16150 Center St. Parkman, Ohio

    Mass Schedule Saturday Vigil: 5:00pm-St. Edward 6:30pm-St. Lucy Sunday: 8:30am-St. Edward 10:30am-St. Lucy

    Confession Schedule Saturday: 4:15-4:45pm-St. Edward 7:15pm-St. Lucy

    Weekday Mass Schedule Monday, 6:00pm-St. Edward Chapel Tuesday - Friday, 8:00am-St. Edward Chapel

    Holy Day Mass Schedule Holydays: Vigil Mass 6:30pm-St. Edward Holyday: 9:00am-St. Edward 6:30pm-St. Lucy

    Mailing Address P.O. Box 709 * 16150 Center St.

    Parkman, Ohio 44080 (440) 548-3812

    Email: [email protected]

    Rev. John T. Burkley, Pastor Karen Thrasher, Business Manager

    Cassie Brumbaugh, Youth Ministry & Director of Religious Ed.

    Sister Rosemary Janezic, Administrative Assistant

    Registration Call the office or download a form at

    March 1, 2020

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    We welcome the important days of Lent. Every last one of us needs to take these forty days to slow down and pay attention to our lives and where they are going. Each Sunday we do this on a week- ly basis. Now we spend a more intense period in- tended to make us better people and together, a better parish community. Who are we becoming. As a parish, what are we becoming. What things have distracted us from our mission to each other and to our neighborhood. How does my life ad- vance the coming of God’s Kingdom here and now? Let’s not be content to do the minimum. The ques- tion Lent asks is not ‘What do I have to do, but

    ‘what can I do?’...You know, we have been going to St. Vincent de Paul in Warren for about sixteen years now. Last Saturday it was really wonderful to see so many people from the parish not just spending four or five hours together working to prepare a great lunch, but also experiencing what it means to be a Christian community. Our parish has a great reputation in Warren and especially at SVDP...We are still working out a safety program for our churches in view of recent attacks at churches across the country. We are grateful for all those who work to keep us safe. More infor- mation will follow...Please remember in your pray- ers Fr. Ron Tomicky, a priest of the diocese and John David Henderson, father of parishioner Luke Henderson who have recently died. May they and all our faithful depart- ed, through the Mercy of God, REST IN PEACE!

    First Sunday of Lent By Grace

    Holy Lord, your Son modeled perfect trust in you

    and did for us what we could not do for ourselves. Through him you recreate the work of your hands.

    With your Spirit as our teacher and guide, help us answer your call to mercy, jus ce, trust, and love.

    We will always struggle to follow the example of your Son, to entrust our lives to you in faith and obedience. Forgive us when we fail to resist the lure of sin.

    Make us quick to forgive others. Humble us when we think we no longer need your grace.

    Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Our Own Deserts Today’s Readings: Genesis 2:7–9; 3:1–7; Psalm 51:3–4, 5–6, 12–13, 17; Romans 5:12–19 or 5:12, 17–19; Ma hew 4:1–11. Each reading today keeps us mindful of our need for God. A er breathing life into human beings, God placed them in a rich, fer le garden where all their needs were met. En ced by the possibility that they might exceed their limita ons, the man and woman seize the chance to decide for themselves what will make them safe and happy. St. Paul discusses how sin spread from the first human beings to each new genera on. Everyone experiences evil in some form, and because all of us sin, we par cipate in and extend the reach of evil. Sin is thus inescapable, as inescapable as its ul mate repercussion, death. Into the midst of our hopeless situa on comes God’s grace, “the gracious gi ” of Jesus Christ. Jesus models perfect trust and obedience. There in the desert he humbly depends upon God’s word rather than his argu- ments as he withstands the devil’s a empts to make him meet his needs, test God’s love, and claim lordship over the world without first laying down his life for it. These tempta ons are par cular to Jesus. We face our trials and tempta ons. The readings remind us that we cannot over- come them by ourselves. Lent is thus a me when we not only try to resist sin, we discover how much we need God to help us.

  • Saturday, February 29 Sunday Vigil 5:00pm Johnny Zigman / mom & Dad 6:30pm Tony Vidmar / Gerry & Linda Fuduric Sunday, March 1 1st Sunday of Lent 8:30am Living & Deceased Parishioners 10:30am Roseagnes & Robert Bastian / M/M J Blakely Monday, March 2 Lenten Weekday 6:00pm Holy Souls Tuesday, March 3 Lenten Weekday 8:00am Janice Schwendeman Jonath / Family Wednesday, March 4 Lenten Weekday 8:00am Martha Burkley Thursday, March 5 Lenten Weekday 8:00am Maria Burkhammer / M/M Nick Frank Friday, March 6 Lenten Weekday 8:00am M/M George Beris / Son Saturday, March 7 Sunday Vigil 5:00pm Irene & Steve Mikolaj / Marcia 6:30pm Tom Roach / wife, Marie Sunday, March 8 2nd Sunday of Lent 8:30am Anna Olson / Windham KofC 10:30am Frank Proch / wife, Patrice

    St. Edward St. Lucy Regular 2019: $3099.42 (107) $2300.00 (61) Regular 2020: $2482.39 (99) $2030.62 (58) Restricted: 305.00 145.00 St. Vincent: 193.00 206.00 Heat: 30.00 .00 Ash Wednesday: 40.00 .00 Religious Education: 20.00 .00 Children: 6.00 (3) 3.00 (1) The next Cleveland Retrouvaille Weekend is scheduled for March 27–29. This is a Lifeline for Troubled Marriages. Has your marriage become unloving or uncaring – your relationship cold, distant – thinking about a separation or divorce? Are you already separated/divorced but both of you want to try again? Then the Retrouvaille program may help. RETROUVAILLE, which means rediscovery, is supported by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, but it is open to couples of all faiths. This program consists of a weekend experience for couples and six follow up sessions. A registration fee of $150 is required to confirm your reservation. For information or to register, please call Marce or Liz Gliha at 440.357.6580 or 1.800.470.2230, or go online to

    Sunday: Children’s Liturgy of the Word The Gatherings E & L 11:30am RCIA & Sisters in Christ Meeting L Weekend: Black & Indian Collection Monday: 10:00am-6:00pm Adoration in Chapel 6:00pm Mass & Rosary in the Chapel Tuesday: 9:45am Briar Hill Bingo Wednesday: 9:45am Rosary Group @ Briar Hill 2:30pm Blossom Hill Mass 6:30pm High School Youth Group E 7:00pm Bible Study E Thursday: 10:00am Bible Study E Shut In Visitations and Communion 1:00-6:00pm Adoration L 2:00pm Divine Mercy Cenacle L 7:00pm Geauga Co. Jail Ministry Friday: 8:00 mass followed by Stations of the Cross E Shut In Visitations and Communion 7:00pm Stations of the Cross L 7:30pm “No Greater Love” Lenten Series L Sunday: Daylight Savings Time Begins 11:30am RCIA L Noon: Generations of Faith L 12:30pm Lenten Penance Service

    “IT’S A MATTER OF LIFE...” The awful end game when a court of men decided 47 years ago to grant property ownership of small, helpless human beings to their mothers so that they may judge them worthy of life or death is upon us. “Legally” dehumanizing these human beings was the beginning of the full-throttle of the barbarism we have now, among which is abortion doctors hoarding the tiny bodies of those they were paid to terminate. And the, unimaginable to decent people, grisly practice of selling the murdered babies or their body parts. For allowing these hideous practices to exist in our nation we beg forgiveness. Individually, we pray for the strength to have the courage to end our apathy and indifference to this evil and to speak up. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We are looking for additional volunteers as Ministers of Communion and Readers of the Word at the 8:30am mass on Sundays at St. Edward. If you are able to help, please email Yvonne at [email protected]