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Healthcare Strategic Planning - SRTMarcus Brauer, CD, CHE


  • 1. Healthcare Strategic Planning SRT Marcus Brauer CD, CHE 1 Strategic Red Team Consulting1 All Rights Reserved

2. Introduction: We are a full-service, strategic-level business consultancypredominantly teamed by professionals from the mostseasoned and senior ranks of the Profession of Arms who havesince moved on to the commercial sector. OUR MISSION is to increase our clients COMPETITIVENESSby amplifying their STRATEGIC RELEVANCE, theirOPERATIONAL RESPONSIVENESS and their TACTICALDECISIVENESS on their CORPORATE BATTLEFIELD. We all are proven strategic planning experts in adversarial and hostile environments and we believethat the business world is just another manifestation of an adversarial environment..... or, at least avery competitive one. We aim to bring those same proven military planning methodologies into the private sector byproviding you an impressive arsenal of expertise, unique products and seasoned practitioners whohave honed their art over the last three decades and more. Strategic Red Team Consulting 2 All Rights Reserved 3. Our Strategic Outlook:Understand your Enable knowledge based Disciplinedstrategic competitive decision making through Testing, Refinement, Rehenvironment!disciplined planning earsal & ExecutionINTELLIGENCEDISCIPLINED STRATEGIC CORPORATEPREPARATION OF YOURPLANNING SERVICESWARGAMINGCORPORATE BATTLEFIELD AND CUSTOMIZEDPRODUCTSRED TEAMING COMPETITIVE BENCHMARKING SURVEY Strategic Red Team Consulting3 All Rights Reserved 4. Intelligence Preparation of the Corporate Battlefield (IPCB) THIS IS A STRATEGIC LEVEL PRODUCT FOR C-SUITEDECISION MAKERS (CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, etc) TOINITIATE AND FOCUS THEIR STRATEGIC PLANNING/ MANAGEMENT PROCESSES. The real question is not so much about what yourstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threatsare. Rather, the truly strategic issue is, what areyour elements of corporate power and influence? We establish your Strengths and Weaknesses in how you SHAPE, UNIFY and OPERATE in a series ofstrategic domains (LEAD, SENSE, ACT, SHIELD, SUSTAIN & GENERATE) that represent thecomprehensive and strategically relevant aspects of your Corporate Battlefield. These issues onlybecome Opportunities or Threats based on the comparative nature of your CorporateBattlefield, your adversarial environment and your competition. You also get one new product from this exercise your Corporate Critical IntelligenceRequirements, or CCIRs. Strategic Red Team Consulting 4 All Rights Reserved 5. Intelligence Preparation of the Corporate Battlefield (IPCB) Strategic Red Team Consulting 5 All Rights Reserved 6. Competitive Benchmarking Survey (CBS) Theres an old saying in the businessworld, nobody knows our business better thanwe do! Thats where the CompetitiveBenchmarking Survey (CBS) comes in. The Competitive Benchmarking Survey (CBS) ismore simplified in terms of construct in order tofacilitate answers by a wider audience beyond C-Suite. All leaders and managers in yourenterprise, regardless of stripe orposition, should be able to answer the questionsin each of the attributes. The CBS is an excellent mechanism of voice foryour enterprise and exercise of discovery foryour leadership by giving you instantaneousfeedback on the collective corporate opinion ofyour competitive potential and vulnerabilities. Strategic Red Team Consulting 6 All Rights Reserved 7. Competitive Benchmarking Survey (CBS) Strategic Red Team Consulting7 All Rights Reserved 8. Strategic Planning Support Our aim is to enable your knowledge based decision making through the provision of focused strategic analysis and disciplined planning. We concentrate on reinforcement, not re-invention. We provide a full suite of customized Strategic Planning Support and client-oriented capacity building from Mission Analysis through to Execution and After Action Review. We dont advocate anything new here; Operational Art; Mission Analysis; Campaign Design; Campaign Planning; Operational Planning Processes; Command-centric Leadership; et al. Why are we rather old school about this? Simple it works and it has stood the test of both time and battle. They are also proven to be integrated, comprehensive, adaptive, networked and their ultimate purpose is to ensure knowledge-based decision making. Strategic Red Team Consulting8 All Rights Reserved 9. Disciplined Testing, Refinement, Rehearsal & Execution If you are in an adversarial and competitive business environment, how doyou evaluate the various courses of action open to you? How do you know whether your strategy is trulycomprehensive, integrated, adaptive and networked? How do you test your plans before you execute them? Who plays the role ofyour adversary, your competition, or your clients? How is your plan put under stress in order to reduce risk in execution? How is the feedback presented to your executive leadership? What separates a great plan from a self-fulfilling prophecy? At SRTC, we believe that intelligence, strategy, planning, and execution, are HUMAN ACTIVITIES and the true testof those things can only be accomplished with human beings in the loop. Ideally, the players should be the verypeople that will have to make critical decisions in the execution of your plan. How did we do it in the military? Simply, we wargamed every course of action before committing to battle and wehave customized this discipline for the commercial sector with our entry-level Corporate Wargaming Exercise andour more advanced Strategic Red Teaming Exercise. Strategic Red Team Consulting9 All Rights Reserved 10. Corporate Wargaming Our Corporate Wargames are disciplined, real-time, action-reaction, role-playing workshops that pit your key real-life decision makers and managers(Blue Team) against real-time competitive adversaries (Red Team). This methodology is also an outstanding risk mitigation exercise, a fantasticconfidence builder, an exercise of discovery for leadership, a mechanism ofvoice for your teams, and an instrument of real-time organizational learningfor all, thereby improving your ability to compete and win in themarketplace. Corporate Wargaming Exercises are extremely flexible in terms of time, effort and participation. These can besimple one day workshops targeted towards examining a particular course of action, staff construct, or businessscenario - to a multi-day event that covers a complete plan or spectrum of events from your competitivebusiness enterprise. You can have a series of one day events (one per competitor) or a multi-day exercise thatpits you against your entire competitive environment. In short, we design each Corporate Wargaming Exercise to be uniquely scaled and customized to your strategicdecision support needs. Strategic Red Team Consulting 10 All Rights Reserved 11. STRATEGIC RED TEAM EXERCISES Our capstone product is the STRATEGIC RED TEAMEXERCISE and it shares similar objectives with our CorporateWargaming Exercise. Both are disciplined, real-time, action-reaction, role-playingworkshops that pit your real-life Blue Team decision-makersmanagers against real-time Red Team adversaries. Both are outstanding risk mitigationexercises, fantastic confidence builders, exercises ofdiscovery for leadership, mechanisms of voice for yourteams, and instruments of real-time organizational learning forall. The STRATEGIC RED TEAM EXERCISE is also executed in theexact same way as our Corporate Wargaming Exercise detailedin the previous page, with one small exception......... NONE OFTHE RED TEAM PLAYERS ARE DRAWN FROM THE CLIENT. Strategic Red Team Consulting 11 All Rights Reserved 12. In summary - Our Strategic Outlook:Understand your Enable knowledge based Disciplinedstrategic competitive decision making through Testing, Refinement, Rehenvironment!disciplined planning earsal & ExecutionINTELLIGENCEDISCIPLINED STRATEGIC CORPORATEPREPARATION OF YOURPLANNING SERVICESWARGAMINGCORPORATE BATTLEFIELD AND CUSTOMIZEDPRODUCTSRED TEAMING COMPETITIVE BENCHMARKING SURVEY Strategic Red Team Consulting12 All Rights Reserved 13. m.brauer@stratredteam.com13 Strategic Red Team Consulting 13 All Rights Reserved