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  • Sri Lanka -Welcome to Unique and Exotic Tours


    1. Cultural Tour. The Cultural Triangle in the centre of the island encompasses wonders of the

    ancient world of an advanced ancient civilization. Anuradhapura Sacred City, Dambulla rock caves

    Sigiriya rock fortress, Pollonnaruwa the ancient royal city lay testament to the ancient sophisticated,

    magnificent, flourishing commerce, agriculture and evidence of a great nation with a Buddhist

    cultural heritage. The architectural brilliance of the ancient Sinhalese and their marvellous

    achievements can impress and fill the tourist with amazement. In addition take the opportunity to

    enjoy delicious cuisine. UNESCO recognized these as architectural and historical world heritage


    Colombo the capital is a vibrant fascinating city of culture, commerce and entertainment.

    Day 01– Arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport, will be graciously greeted by an experienced

    professional tour operator with years of experience in tourism Mr Lakith Nandi D.S. Dharmaratne, or a team

    member who will be the host addressing the needs of the tourists. Places to be visited can be planned and

    customized in accordance with the wishes of visitors.

    Colombo City Tour – To be amended as required.

    Visit Independence Square,

    Old Parliament,

    Dutch Hospital,

    Galle Face Green

    Shopping in Colombo

    Overnight stay in Colombo

  • After breakfast, proceed to Anuradhapura to explore the Great Sacred City of Anuradhapura, a journey through the glorious and magnificent ancient history of the island.

    Day 02- The World Heritage Sacred City of Anuradhapura founded by

    King Pandukabhaya in BC 377.

    A great civilization arose with pious, strong just rulers that understood and treasured Theravada

    Buddhist Principles, humanity, the environment, the natural beauty of forests, waterfalls, wild life,

    vast treasures, gems, minerals, natural assets on land and sea. They built cities, landscaped pleasure

    gardens, complex irrigation and hydraulic systems, eco systems, air cooling systems, reservoirs

    establishing and promoting a thriving economy based on agriculture. These sacred cities, Stupas

    (Buddhist shrines, Dagabos) Vihares and Buddhist monasteries are considered today as architectural

    marvels and engineering feats. Great kings promoted education, literacy, numeracy and a healthy

    balanced lifestyles to all members of the community. They built hospitals, schools, and other

    educational institutions contributing to the emergence of a glorious civilization. Buddhist

    monasteries, temple complexes were built amidst forests promoting Relaxation, Yoga and

    Meditation to soothe the restless and troubled beings seeking solace. Buddhist philosophy, art and

    culture in addition to other aspects of flourished under theses great rulers. The Buddhist Sangha

    Sasanaya is considered the world’s first democratic organisation. Buddhism had a great impact on

    every aspect of the life of the community.

    En route visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

     Dambulla Cave Temple

     Thuparama  Sri Maha Bodhi Ruwanweli Seya

    Abhayagiri Dagaba

     Jethawanaya

    Dinner -a choice of Eastern and Western Cuisine with an overnight stay in Anuradhapura

    Sacred City of Anuradhapura

  • The Great Jetavanaramaya Stupa The Sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

    Built by King Mahasena(276BC)and This holy tree was planted 288BC

    Son King Maghavanna considered the oldest tree in the

    planted in the world.

    The Great Ruwanwelisaya - Stupa One of the World’s Tallest Monuments.

    One of the Greatest of Sinhalese kings, King

    Dutugemunu built this magnificent monastic

    Sacred City in the 4th BC. It is considered the

    birthplace of Buddhism in Sri lanka. The great

    Dagabo is believed to enshrine some relics of the

    enlightened one Thathagatha Gauthama Buddha.

    The legendry iconic king Dutugemunu became the

    ruler of the island defending and protecting the

    country with just rule paving the way for the

    development of a great civilization and a Buddhist

    Cultural Heritage. The Nation lived in peace and

    prosperity. Ruwanwelisaya Stupa this great

    architectural marvel was designed to represent

    the teachings of the Thathagatha and considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. The

    dome represent the enormity of the Buddhist Doctrine, the four facets the Four Noble truth, the

    concentric rings of the Dome signifies the Eight Fold Noble path. The pinnacle signifies the ultimate

    goal of the Buddhists ‘enlightenment’.

    Palaces, hospitals, vast complex ingenious irrigation systems, subterranean channels, ponds and

    gardens were built. The city was the centre of a sophisticated administration and political system.

  • Day 03 - Dambulla Rock Caves A World Heritage Site

    Another World Heritage Site constructed by King Vattagamini or king Walagamba (103BC and 89-

    77BC), the site was the sanctuary of the king who converted

    the caves into Buddhist temples with statues and unique

    impressive art work. Buddhist Sinhala art and culture

    presents innovative techniques of painting and sculpture,

    Buddhist teachings seems ingrained in the art, sculpture,

    lifestyles and minds of the rulers and the ruled

    Enter the world of spirituality and peace of five cave sanctuaries with 153 statues of Lord Buddha

    the Thathagatha depicting his noble life considered the best preserved paintings and images in

    South East Asia. There are also statues of kings Walagamba Abhaya and Nissanka Malla.

  • Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel A World Heritage Site

    Referred to as the eight wonder of the world the ruins of this architectural marvel takes the traveller

    back to the unbelievable magnificence of the Ancient world of the Sinhalese.

    Evidence indicates that Buddhist monasteries were established before King Kasyapa built (477AD)

    his city as a rock fortress. Remains of this ruined city on the rock is a fortress, an example of expert,

    imaginative and stunning urban planning, a great achievement of the Sinhalese, ingenuity of

    mankind including a palace, landscaped terraced pleasure gardens, water gardens, boulder cave

    gardens, ponds, rock sculptures, paintings, royal bathing sites and irrigation systems. Archaeologists

    consider this heritage site as one of the best examples of a sophisticated, exquisite and ingenious

    creation of the Sinhalese, and the ancient world. The visiting architects, the historians or seekers of

    human achievements of ancient civilizations Sigiriya Rock Fortress will be an amazing, pleasurable

    experience. Use of creative technical skills and technologies are considered unique.

    Feet of the stone lion with an entrance Sigiriya rock plateau citadel in harmony with nature

  • Polonnaruwa A Great Ancient Capital A World Heritage Site

    Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites

    in the country, standing testimony to the discipline and greatness of the kingdom's first

    rulers mainly King Parakramabahu the great 1 (12 th

    Century). This city flourished with

    vast classical buildings, parks, museums, sanctuaries, schools and hospitals.

    Parakrama Samudra

    Known as the sea of King Parakrama Bahu is an amazing construction a gigantic reservoir of

    five separate reservoirs connected by narrow channels, ancient remarkable technology and

    irrigation systems. This enabled farmers to cultivate vegetables during all the seasons

    promoting prosperity and healthy lifestyles in the community. It is surrounded by forests, a

    sanctuary for wild elephants. The Angammedilla National Park close by is a sanctuary for

    the animals and a botanist’s paradise with rare flora and fauna. The visitor is transported

    to a wonderful natual environment promoting good health, happiness and well being.

  • Day-04 Sacred City of Kandy –Senkadagalapura UNESCO world Heritage Site

    Early morning visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic

    Breakfast at the